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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 15,553

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Trump Fucked Up

The easiest case to nail Trump has always been his theft of classified documents. Trump made money from being president, after he lost he needed another money maker, selling classified documents or using them to extort money from people.

Back to the title of my OP. Trump fucked up. Once he was caught he could have copied the documents and returned them all, he fucked up. He kept a lot of them, maybe he didn't have time to copy them? Then he told his lawyer to write a document confirming he had no more classified documents. Trump fucked up, that lawyer, Corcoran, kept notes, maybe even audio of phone calls, Corcoran is not going to prison for Trump like Alan Weisselberg did.

Trump's big fuck up, He Underestimated Merrick Garland. Trump never in a million years imagined that the FBI would search the "Southern White House". The courts involved in the case are not playing his delay games, lawyer Corcoran is going before a grand jury, imminently, and spilling his guts.

Trump has no Roy Cohn, he's dead. Trump has no Bill Barr, he's out of office. Trump has Jack Smith breathing down his neck and try as they might, the traitorous Congressional Magats have no jurisdiction to stop justice from being carried out.

All that Trump has is a cry to his unwashed Magats to save him, but they saw what happened to the last batch of Magats,

Trump is fucked.

Where In The World Is Nicolle Wallace?

I can't take watching these bench warmers. Dammit.

The Donald Family Song

Not the best, but I did smile,

Can You Find Me In This Video

I am actually in this video at the end of it.

Travesty at NCAA wrestling

Email ABC executives, handlers are forcing the winners to shake Trumps hand. They made a sporting event into a political stunt. Fucking shameful to watch, Im booing my ass off.

Terrible News

Im in Tulsa at the college wrestling finals and rumor has it Trump is coming. Tune in to ESPN at 7PM if you want to hear me boo. Being in Oklahoma he will probably get cheered.

I feel sorry for the people in red states, I thought they were mean, never smiled, no healthcare, no teeth.

Adam Schiff - Justice Delayed


Shouldn't E. Jean Carroll Drop Her Defamation Suit Against Trump

I'm talking about her 1st lawsuit when Trump defamed her when he was president. Why can't a sitting president defame whoever the heck he wants to? I'm asking. I know the trial is scheduled for next month but does she have any legal standing to bring this suit?

I agree with her 2nd lawsuit, the sexual assault one that was brought against Trump when he wasn't president.

Is DOJ Going To Investigate Theft of Voting Machine Software

The DOJ hasn't made clear if it intends to investigate reported breaches where Trump allies allegedly copied sensitive information and software and election experts are concerned the stolen data might be used to interfere with next year's presidential election, reported the Los Angeles Times.

Were never going to know what the overall plan here was, said Susan Greenhalgh, senior advisor on election security for the nonprofit Free Speech For People. Dont we need to know that? We dont know what this was all about, and its dangerous to guess or assume that, Oh well, because President [Joe] Biden was inaugurated on [Jan. 20], this no longer poses a threat.


The Alvin Bragg Trump Fraud Investigation

It was over 1 year ago that prosecutors Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne resigned in protest for Alvin Bragg not giving them the go ahead to indict Trump for financial fraud. Pomerantz and Dunne were ready to indict.

Fast forward over a year later, with new prosecutors we are supposed to believe that Bragg found new evidence, had a change of heart, or whatever and a Trump indictment is imminent.

What if Alvin wants to get reelected, and Michael Cohen wants to sell a book?

OK I will Be Happy and Not Worry and believe that an indictment is coming.

Too bad that DOJ didn't indict individual one, the unindicted co-conspirator, since the way the federal law is written it would have been easier to indict Trump than the way the state law is written, and the trial could have happened before the 2024 election.

What do I know, I'm not an insider.
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