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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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Wow, The FBI Was Looking For Nuclear Documents

Nicolle Wallace just finished a mind blowing show.

The Wa. Post was right about nuclear documents, they were listed in the search warrant, S-FRD. Frank Figliusi said the FBI wouldn't put them on the search warrant if it didn't have reason to believe Trump had them. According to Figliusi those nuclear documents were military related.

Nicolle had on another former intelligence expert who served during the Trump administration, who helped give Trump his daily intelligence briefings. It seemed like Nicolle interviewed her for 20 minutes and what she said scared the shit out of me.

I can't do Nicolle's interview justice, it may be up on line by now, if you want the shit scared out of you check it out. I will see if I can find it. The intelligence lady said that those classified documents in unsecured places is a huge threat to our national security.

So Why Didn't Trump Copy The Documents Then Return Them?

I think I know the answer.

1. I think he did copy them
2. He didn't return them because he is a Narcissist and someone ordered him to do something.
3. One of his idiot lawyers told him the documents were safe ate Mar-el-Loco.
Remember, Trump wanted to work out of Mar-el-Loco instead of the White House. He even called Mar-el-Loco the Southern White House.

Occam's Razor.

Did DOJ Send A Warning To Judge Cannon?

I have been asking whether judge Cannon had jurisdiction to take on this case. DOJ says in its opening that this judge does not have jurisdiction, it then goes on to say that if she decides to issue an opinion in favor of a special master that that would be considered obstruction of justice because it would hamper DOJ's investigation. Also, if there were grounds for a special master, the request for one should have been made with a D.C. judge where jurisdiction resides. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

That is my big takeaway from waking up not being able to sleep.

So I ask my next question, can a federal judge be charged with obstruction of justice?

DOJ is making judge Cannon wait

I was planning on staying up for the DOJ document opposing the special master but I have golfing to do tomorrow morning.

Hoping this just goes away, it's just a Trump stall tactic.

Imagine The Worst From Trump

When analyzing Trump people make the mistake of using a rational thought process.

Trump was ordered to return government property. One doesn't order a mentally ill Narcissist to do anything.

Has Trump already shared classified information with foreign powers and others? Of course he has, we even have proof of that, so why should we assume that Trump hasn't shared his latest Top Secret information?

Has Trump returned everything he stole? Lol. Not only hasn't he returned everything I have no doubt he made copies of the stolen documents of the ones he has returned. Give a plausible explanation why MAL video surveillance showed people moving the stolen documents in and out of the closet if it wasn't being done to copy them?

Instead of Trump being indicted, it is Trump and his Magat cult who are threatening the DOJ, threatening NARA, threatening our intelligence agencies.

Justice delayed is justice denied, heck, they may still appoint a special master just to gum up the works.

Remember There Were Supposed to be Nuclear Related Classified Documents

Remember the Wa. Post reported early on that Trump had stolen nuclear-related classified documents? Not much talk about that being confirmed.

Is it a wild conspiracy theory that those nuclear documents won't be found at Mar-el-Loco because they went to Prince Bone Saw? I imagine that Jared Kushner had access to the storage closet at Mar-el-Loco?

Probably a coincidence that Jared got 2 billion dollars from Prince Bone Saw?

Sorry about being off topic, I realize it's Steve Kornacki time.

Theory On Movement Of Classified Documents

We know that Trump if ordered to do something will do everything in his power to flat out refuse to do it, he is a Narcissist.

Trump was ordered via a subpoena to return all of his government documents at Mar-el-Loco.

There is video surveillance of people moving the boxes of classified documents in and out of the storage area. Some even ended up being stored in different boxes.

Why is it not an obvious assumption to make that Trump made copies of all of the documents?

My guess is that Trump returned the originals (most likely not all of them) but kept copies.

This is why it is important for DOJ to act quickly when serious crimes have been committed.

Wait until the assessment comes back that is being done now by our intelligence agencies regarding the danger to our national security that Trump caused by storing top secret documents at a golf club. Now imagine what the danger level is if Trump still has copies.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Cold Water On The "Ducks In A Row" Argument

"There is enough evidence to indict Trump." Alan Dershowitz.

The problem is not evidence, it is acting upon the evidence, before the election.

Judge Aileen Cannon Question

I know a few things, first of all, it was judge Reinhart who authorized the search warrant. I know that.

I have a question, so Donald Trump wants a special master appointed, why does he not have to make that request with the judge involved in the case, judge Reinhart?

OK, maybe there is a good reason why judge Reinhart couldn't make that decision, but I have seen zero reporting about whether judge Aileen Cannon was the next judge in line to make the special master decision.

Can someone who is a better Googler than me explain how Cannon got involved in Reinhart's case. I know there is a procedure, but was it followed?

Just For People Above the Mason-Dixon Line.

It was too wet to mow my grass so I started my snow blower. It started on the first pull. I added some new gas with some Stabil and ran it around my driveway for a while. Too soon?

Going to run my generator next then the grass will be dry.
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