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gab13by13's Journal
gab13by13's Journal
March 31, 2022

I have a tornado warning

Here in central Pa. until 12:35. Going to keep an eye out.

March 30, 2022

Right Wing Talking Points On Cable

I keep pushing how important it is to control the narrative in the MSM. I only watch Nicolle and Chris because I guarantee that just about everyone else will do segments about Hunter Biden. Mushroom Dick makes a statement about Hunter and the right wing MSM knows and heeds his cry. This creates a big distraction away from the coup plotters. DOJ has been investigating Hunter since 2018, if there was something there we would have heard by now.

Wish that Rachel hadn't axed Keith, I could watch 3 news anchors.

March 29, 2022

Burner Phones About To Get Hot,

Michael Cohen claims that a known person was given $400 to purchase 3 burner phones at a CVS, and he/she is about to testify to the select committee. Cohen claims that Mark Meadows is one of the people who was communicated to via burner phone.

I know Raw Story, but this sounds pretty credible.


March 28, 2022

Trump and Eastman likely committed a felony.

That's what a federal judge said. Eastman was claiming attorney/client privilege, was claiming executive authority, and the judge was having none of it. He said no privilege when you and Trump most likely committed a felony.

Fucking eh, Nicolle is back, and she led her show with this.

Frank Figliusi made the point that DOJ better not be waiting for referrals, they should be doing what the select committee has been doing. He said he hopes DOJ has been investigating, but he then said that with this judge putting out such a bold statement, DOJ will have no choice but to investigate Eastman and Trump.

Claire McCaskill just body slammed Merrick Garland into the ground, she sounded just like a lot of people here at DU when she asked Garland, "what is taking so long?"

Welcome back Nicolle, she then went after Clarence and Ginni Thomas.

March 27, 2022

The MSM, Owned and Managed by the Right

is setting the tone, controlling the narrative, to move our great nation from democracy to autocracy.

Truth tellers like Rachel Maddow are gone.

Truth tellers like Thom Hartmann are bashed here at DU.

We have an AG who will not hold the leaders of the shift to autocracy accountable. We have a civil rights division of DOJ that is not doing enough to ensure that we have free and fair elections.

We have the head of the FBI who is a member of the Federalist Society, the very group that is leading the way to our conversion to autocracy. The head of the FBI who did not properly vet his fellow law school student, his fellow Federalist Society member, Brett Kavanaugh.

What do we have, we who want to keep our democracy? We have GOTV which must overcome rigged elections and gerrymandering.

Americans who want to preserve our democracy are not going to be enthused to vote if the leaders of the autocratic movement are never held accountable, why should they be enthused?

The closer we get to the election, the more the MSM is going to push the propaganda that will lead down the path to autocracy. the MSM is going to push the narrative that one of our greatest presidents ever, is weak, that he should have done more in Ukraine. I can see it coming. The only people left on cable news who are capable of flipping this narrative are Chris Hayes and Nicolle Wallace.

GOTV - I do feel good about keeping the Senate, in a fair election.

March 25, 2022

The Overlooked Importance of the Narrative

The right owns and manages the MSM, including MSNBC. This makes it difficult for Democrats and for our democracy.

There were many people 4 or 5 years ago on msnbc who could change the right wing talking points, today, they are all gone except for Nicolle Wallace and Chris Hayes. I even believe that someone got to Rachel. I have no proof at all, it just seems odd to me the way she left, and then she helped axe Keith Olbermann. She was the best.

I wish that people could see why the right's control of the narrative matters so much.

The Alvin Bragg fiasco is done, finished in a couple of days.
The Ginni Thomas expose' won't last a week, if that.
Soon we will see Steve Kornacki with the propaganda polling, and the attempted coup will fade away.

What are the odds that Thom Hartmann will be given Rachel's spot? He is the brightest most articulate defender of our democracy, and we can't have that on cable news, we can't even have Keith Olbermann.

Propaganda works people, heck, we don't even know the difference between a fence and a wall.

March 21, 2022

Well we know a state is investigating Mark Meadows.

Meadows, who helped spread former President Donald Trump's repeatedly debunked voter fraud claims, may have committed voter fraud himself in the 2020 election, The New Yorker reported earlier this month. Trump's former top aide and his wife, Debbie, registered to vote in what has been called a "dive trailer" in a remote rural area. Meadows does not appear to have spent a single night there, according to the report. Local news outlet WRAL later reported that Meadows and his wife had voted via absentee ballots in North Carolina in 2020, sparking a state investigation.

State Attorney General Josh Stein's office asked the State Bureau of Investigation to "investigate alongside the State Board of Elections," spokesperson Nazneen Ahmed told WRAL on Thursday. "At the conclusion of their investigation, we'll review their findings."

RELATED: "GOP finally found some voter fraud": Mark Meadows registered to vote at an N.C. "dive trailer"

The penalty for improperly filling out a voter application is up to a year in prison.

Anyone expect something will come of this? I'm not holding my breath.

Day 96 since the select committee sent the Meadow's criminal referral to DOJ.

March 14, 2022

If Trump had won the 2020 election

If Trump had won the 2020 election, Kyiv would have fallen 2 weeks ago.

Just saying, to those who feel that president Biden isn't doing enough.

March 11, 2022

Our Best Speaker Ever - Speaker Pelosi

She did it once again. Speaker Pelosi managed the passage of the 1.5 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill.

This is amazing; she set aside 13.6 billion dollars in aid for Ukraine. Wait there is more, the bill sets aside 6.5 billion dollars to go directly to Ukraine's defense department. Ukraine currently spends 5.92 billion dollars of defense. Speaker Pelosi just worked a deal to give Ukraine's military more money than its entire yearly budget.

Best Speaker ever.

Enough of the BS that the GQP is spreading that we need to do more.

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