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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 10,581

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The War in Ukraine - Democracy v Autocracy

Democracies around the world hinge upon Ukraine not falling to Russia.

On the other hand, autocracies around the world hinge on Putin annexing Ukraine.

I am not being overly dramatic. Look at what the war in Ukraine has done to the far right anti-democratic Republican party, it is cowering away from its praise of Putin, from its praise of Russia and Hungary. Even anti-democratic Fox News understands that supporting an autocracy, right now,is extremely unpopular. If Russia takes over Ukraine they will go right back to supporting autocracy.

If Putin succeeds is taking over Ukraine it will solidify autocracies all over the world, if Ukraine beats back Russia it will bolster democracies all over the world.

I am not being overly dramatic, plans have leaked out that Putin was planning to move right into Moldova (not a NATO member) after Ukraine.

The US and our allies need to do all that we can to see that Ukraine and democracy win out.

Send those Stingers and Javelins, and more arms and ammunition.

60% of Russia's exports are oil and gas.

Shell, yesterday, severed all ties with Gazprom. BP, yesterday, severed ties with Rosneft and divested its 20% stake.

Today Exxon Mobil has dropped out of its oil and gas projects that have been going on since 2005. Exxon Mobil also declared to not be involved in future Russian projects. Exxon Mobil pulled its 1,000 US employees out of Russia.

The nightmare continues for Putin. His only friends are China, India, Belarus, and the Republican party.

I have a question about sanctions

As of last night;

1. Why isn't US air space closed to Russian planes?
2. Why did Shell and BP divest from Russia's oil and gas industry but Exxon Mobil has not?

Just asking, there may be good reasons?

BP and Shell divest from Russian oil and gas.

Looks like it's time for me to buy some Shell or BP gas.

Not going to buy Exxon Mobil seeing as it is still invested in Russia.

Rex Tillerson around? I still remember the video of him years ago in Russia laughing at the US sanctions.

Republicans and even Fox are flipping,

We can't allow them to backtrack. It is extremely unpopular right now to be pro-Putin, pro-Russia and that is the only reason we are seeing GQP politicians saying bad things about Putin and Russia.

I have a solution to end their hypocrisy;

What do you think about Speaker Pelosi writing up a resolution, not only condemning Putin and the Russian invasion, but condemning Trump's praise of Putin. Put the resolution up for a vote on the House floor, force Republicans to publicly denounce Trump.

Anyone have the Speaker's phone number so I can suggest this?

Trump stole Documents That Were So Secret,

that they can't be indentified by statements describing what they were about. Only a handful of people had access to them.

The thing is, and I have been repeating this, not all of the documents have been recovered.

The DOJ did say, I believe, that it is investigating.

Sorry, but navigate through the Raw Story ads;


I am going to bash every thread with a fury

that talks about what president Biden did wrong, that talks about the consequences we have to deal with in the United States, that does not lay the blame for this war crime squarely on Putin.

I am not afraid to take hides.

Tie Putin to Trump and the Republican party and I will join in. If you mention president Biden I am going to be scrutinizing your post.

We must all bash Putin, he invaded a sovereign nation to take away its freedom.

We need to bash Putin

This sounds obvious but Trump is going to back Putin and Trump's ass kissers will also feel the obligation. We need to make Putin toxic to the average American. Call him out with all we have, no name is over the top.

Putin is an insane war monger who is murdering his neighbors. The reading Sunday in church was to love your enemy, Putin is an atheist so he didn't get that message.

Putin is murdering people to take away their freedom and make them slaves to him.

We need to do this. I do not trust the MSM to condemn Putin. Let Trump and his circle of traitors choose Putin over democracy.

Please, understand my point.

Nicolle is going to talk about

the Manhattan DA prosecutor resignations, coming up soon.

Manhattan DA prosecutors call it quits, Trump will skate again, IMO.

Alvin Bragg appears to be a Cy Vance clone, another failure to indict Donald Trump.

I have no more words, someone else cut and paste the bad news.
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