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gab13by13's Journal
gab13by13's Journal
January 31, 2022

Trump Confesses and the MSM Yawns

At the Trump insurrection rally in Texas he admitted to trying to overturn a free and fair election.

I am watching Nicolle Wallace, she led with this blockbuster news, she is still covering the ongoing insurrection.

I don't watch cable news until Nicolle comes on so I can't verify this; one of her guests said that Nicolle was the first person today on cable news to lead with Trump's confession.

No one will pay attention, not one GQPer will refute the ongoing insurrection until Big Fish are held accountable.

Day 47 of the Mark Meadows criminal referral.

January 31, 2022

The select committee needs to do a trailer,

C'mon man, it's really hard for Democrats to control the narrative in a right wing MSM. I have an idea. The select committee needs to start doing trailers for their public hearings and final report. Set up a fund to donate, I will donate. There is plenty of video material already out there. Show clips of the Rafensperger phone call, show a clip of Trump's Ellipse speech where he urges the mob to march on the Capitol. I can't wait. Do a spot during half time of the Super Bowl, yeah I will have to give extra for that.

I guarantee that if the select committee started doing trailers it would be the lead story in the MSM for a quite a while.

Have it narrated by Stormy Daniels or E. Jeanne Carroll.

C'mon man, shake things up. I am reading The Power of Now for the 3rd time just to keep relaxed.

If it would look too partisan for the select committee to do, get one of the anti-Trump organizations to sponsor it.

Anyone have any ideas? This can work, guaranteed to piss off a lot of traitors.

January 30, 2022

I just got my vote by mail application for Pa.

Wife and I have voted by mail since Pa. passed no excuse voting, the past 2 years. We just got an application from our county asking if we want to vote by mail again. The application we received is dated Jan. 4th. Since Jan. 4th the state of Pa. has outlawed no excuse voting by mail. WTF GQPers, are you trying to trick me? No fucking way I'm submitting a request to vote by mail until the situation is resolved by the state Supreme Court.

Just a heads up to other Pa. voters, I would not send in this application to vote by mail, I do not trust these rat fuckers.

Why the delay from Jan. 4th for me to receive this application? I live 15 miles from the courthouse.

January 27, 2022

Who activated the National Guard?

I keep hearing that the procedure was changed. I keep hearing that Trump wasn't the one who sent in the Guard.

Shouldn't this avenue be investigated? Won't investigating this uncover a lot of inconvenient truths?

Just asking. Our military needs to be involved, needs to be questioned.

What about the National Guard whistleblower who claims that the military lied to Congress? Did he just disappear?

Waiting for anyone who wasn't a part of the riot part of the coup to be arrested, such as day 43 since the select committee sent the Mark Meadow's criminal referral.

January 27, 2022

Is DOJ investigating the fake electors?

I heard assistant AG Lisa Monaco say that DOJ was investigating the 2nd set of electors. I heard her say it was an ongoing investigation.
Dan Goldman and Jeremy Bash believe that DOJ is investigating the criminal referral that the Michigan AG gave it.

Is there a difference? Maybe, maybe not. If DOJ decides to act on the Michigan AG's criminal referral then there is no difference, but Goldman and Bash believe right now there is no full blown DOJ investigation into the fraudulent electors. Maybe DOJ needs to go over the evidence that the Michigan AG has before opening an investigation, that makes sense.

Am I nit picking? maybe. I have yet to see anyone arrested by DOJ who was not involved in the riot. Stewart Rhoades, the head of the Oaf Freepers comes the closest, but even though he was not at the Capitol he planned a big part of the insurrection.

Someone give me a name of anyone who DOJ arrested who wasn't involved in the riot. These fake electors would be the first people that I am aware of. When DOJ begins interviewing the fake electors that means it has opened an investigation.

January 25, 2022

Today is Day 41,

since the select sent the Mark Meadows criminal referral over to DOJ.

Just saying.

I see more and more of Kornacki on TV.

Maybe they are preparing to charge him with more than just ignoring a subpoena?

We do know, from a FOIA request by Politico, that National Archive investigators are investigating a group of fraudulent electors in Arizona.

No word if DOJ is investigating the fake electors.

January 25, 2022

Trump is vetting who gets legal fees paid,

Matt Schlapp is in charge of the First Amendment Fund, and arm of the American Conservative Union. This organization is being funded by American oligarchs and has millions of dollars.

This fund was set up to fund Trump aides who are being asked to testify before the select committee.

There is a catch, not everyone gets the money, Trump's team decides who is eligible. To be eligible for legal funding one has to promise not to cooperate with the select committee.

People better start being held accountable. I watched Steve Bannon do one of his pod casts, he is not the least bit affected by being indicted, he is still promoting the Big Lie every day.

January 22, 2022

Trump's Executive Order

I can figure who is behind this one and I'm just an internet sleuth.

The EO was to have the military confiscate the voting machines so they can be authenticated, in the meantime, Trump stays on as president.

Tell me that doesn't have Michael Flynn written all over it. Tell me with such a lamebrained scheme that the Kraken isn't behind that.

The DOJ needs to get busy. The evidence has been revealed by citizens groups filing FOIA requests for crying out loud. The evidence has been revealed by investigative reporters, the evidence has been revealed by the select committee.

Stop waiting for referrals from the select committee, that process takes too long. Let's get moving DOJ.

ps/ we knew about the fake Electoral college delegates back in March because of a FOIA request, what have you done since March DOJ?

Get busy, election time is near.

January 22, 2022

14 below this morning

here in central Pa. The outdoor cats are in their heated cat houses. I won't have to feed them for a while seeing as they won't budge for quite a while. I put in a 30,000 BTU gas heater in the basement that I turned on just to heat things up. That gas heater comes in handy during a power outage, it operated just fine on pilot.

January 20, 2022

Supreme Court did not address executive privilege

Yes it was great news that the SC allowed the Archived documents to be released but...if Merrick Garland was waiting for the court to rule that the defeated former president did not have executive privilege, we have a problem.

Many believe that Garland has been holding up the Mark Meadow's criminal referral until the SC made this ruling, it would have given him cover. Well, either way, I mean I understand if that was Garland's logic, but he is going to have to decide what to do with Meadows regardless.

Day 36 since the Meadow's criminal referral.

....or another possibility why it is taking so long, DOJ is looking at charges besides ignoring a subpoena?

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