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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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Apathy in our ranks,

Personally I feel that the people who are telling us to relax that there is plenty of time to pass legislation and to hold Trumpers accountable are the people who are a threat to our party. Sorry if that is negative but it's because I am worried about our party and our democracy.

Speaker Pelosi has promised to bring up the Senate passed infrastructure bill and in conjuncture with president Biden's Build Back Better 3.5 trillion dollar bill. I am extremely afraid of neither bill being passed. The 3.5 trillion dollar bill is on track to be voted down by a couple of Democratic Senators and if that happens then progressive Dems in the House will vote down the Senate infrastructure bill. You tell me how that will look in the mid terms. People like me have been calling wolf for many months now and have been told to relax, all is just fine. OK then assuage my fears.

As far as holding higher ups in the Trump cult accountable, well, Merrick Garland is a nice guy, highly qualified, maybe we needed a not so nice guy. I have complained a dozen times here why our DOJ didn't stop the fraudit in Arizona and now it's spread to other states. Our DOJ is defending Donald Trump in his defamation law suit v E. Jeanne Carroll, our DOJ had the authority to shut down the indictment of the lawyer involved in the Alfa bank server but he allowed it to proceed.

Every time I post something like this I am told to be patient and every time I post something like this it gets closer to Kornacki time.

Stop telling me to be patient, I need to see progress, I need to see action, my next post may be too late.

General Milley

Anyone asking for General Milley to resign is basically saying that it's OK to lose our democratic government.

Donald Trump gutted the defense department and put his cronies in power as acting this and acting that. Trump was trying to do a coup and General Milley was a guard rail for our democracy.

General Milley is a hero, Vindman is an asshole, he learned nothing about the former administration.

Nuff said.

By the bye, every head of every department of our military was worried that Trump was insane, it wasn't just Milley.

Insurrectionists are going to get light sentences.

So far the Biden administration has appointed 9 federal judges, president Biden has 24 nominees waiting confirmation. My point, there are a lot of Nazi judges out there. There is an article out today that 2 judges are challenging obstruction of Congress charges (a felony) against the 1/6 insurrectionists. They feel the charges are too harsh.

U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta asked how federal prosecutors distinguish felony conduct qualifying as “obstructing an official proceeding” of Congress — punishable by up to 20 years in prison — from misdemeanor offenses the government has charged others with, such as shouting to interrupt a congressional hearing.

I also read today that another insurrectionist was allowed to go home to await trial even though he violated the terms of his release.

8 months have passed since the insurrection, it sure appears to me that the GQP game plan is working, delay until they take back the House and then I guarantee that investigations will grind to a halt. Today is the day that phone records, social media records are to be turned over to Congress, I wait with bated breath.

Question about Covid infections and deaths

It used to be the practice for cable news networks to display an active chart on the TV screen showing daily Covid infections and deaths, every day.

I don't see that any more, I don't even hear it being reported.

My question: doesn't ignoring the ongoing daily Covid infections and deaths give everyone a false sense of security, like, Oh boy there isn't anything to worry about I got vaccinated?

I believe that cable news is contributing to Covid infections and deaths by not showing the running totals like they used to do.

Question about Covid antibodies,

I'm scheduled for my routine annual blood work. Why not include a check for Covid antibodies? Why not have insurance cover this it would help in making a decision about getting a Covid booster shot.

I am going to call and ask my doctor if this is possible. Just a thought.

8 months since the insurrection;

Who disabled the panic buttons on Congressional desks? Why don't we know?
Who authorized Capitol tours to insurrectionists? Why don't we know?
Who funded the insurrection? Do we know?
Why aren't we seeing stiffer sentences for people who tried to overthrow our government?
The Insurrection was based on the Big Lie. Why did DOJ allow a bogus private company access to ballots, voting equipment, and other election materials in violation of federal law? Why did DOJ only write a stern letter?

8 months since the insurrection. The GQP strategy is to delay, obstruct, delay, obstruct, its strategy appears to be working to me.

If the GQP wins back the House, bye bye select committee, bye bye IG report. If the GQP wins back the House I guarantee it will hold public hearings investigating Democrats.

Proof that the insurrection is ongoing, proof that the insurrection is growing, there will be another rally at the Capitol on September 18 to protest insurrectionists (patriots) being arrested and held in jail.

Pass S1
Add justices to the SC.

Time is wasting, it will soon be Kornacki time.

Notre Dame v Florida State

No this isn't a sports thread. Turn the game on and watch the idiots chanting ho, ho. ho ho ho squeezed against one another, not a mask in the stadium.

I mean Florida is #1, no not in football, in Covid infections and deaths.

I am posting this to emphasize the importance of the narrative. I try and try to get that message across that the MSM pushes right winged narratives. Every freaking announcer, every analyst, every side line reporter pushes the same narrative, "isn't it great to have thousands of fans back in the stands spreading Covid infections throughout the stadium." Well they leave out the spreading infection part. Ho, Ho, Ho Ho Ho.

Someone told me to read "Stranger in a Strange Land" so I am going to bed and read some more of it. I heard that Texas or other states banned the book. No, don't tell me why I will get to it.

Question about Magats

Are there any Magat doctors and nurses working in hospitals who have to take care of Covid patients? It seems to me to be unlikely.

Do any of you know of any? How do they rationalize their Magat beliefs?
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