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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
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Raise insurance for anti-vaxxers.

I saw an article on Raw Story where people are demanding that health insurance companies raise rates on un-vaccinated people. The logistics of doing so may be the problem. The proof that I was vaccinated is a tiny card the pharmacy gave me. When I go for my doctor's check up they seem to know if I got the flu shot or not.

Hospitals can put pressure on insurance companies seeing as many are affiliated with them.

I guess it can be done though, smokers pay more right?

Cyber Ninja Fraudit report

Well I see the Cyber Ninja fraudit report is coming out this Monday. The Ninjas are fighting to keep everything they did a secret and how they did it. It is going to the state supreme court.

What should we have expected? Our DOJ allowed this to happen because it only wrote a stern letter to the Ninjas, and stern letters and subpoenas don't count with the GQP.

Laugh at this report at your peril, for one thing it will occupy news space, for another it will invigorate the cult.

I just don't get it DOJ. Title 52 - Voting and Elections - Subtitle I and II is where federal election laws were violated. Ballots, voting systems, and other election materials were no longer in the custody of election officials.

Kristen Clarke is a wonderful choice to head the civil rights division of DOJ, I expected her to act. Maybe I missed something?

People who dismiss this as a sham are missing my point, why did DOJ allow this sham to happen?

Speaker Pelosi statement today.

""As Congress advances infrastructure and reconciliation legislation, the House remains committed to realizing the totality of President Biden's vision, including the essential initiatives that will help us secure a cleaner, stronger, fairer future for all. Today, and every day, let us renew our vow to not only protect Social Security for every generation, but to strengthen the economic security for every family for decades to come."

I think this statement speaks for itself.

Moderate House Democrats rebelling

9 moderate House Democrats are bucking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. They are sending her a letter demanding that the House pass the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill and are demanding that that bill must be signed into law before they will vote for 3.5 trillion dollar bill. IMO if these moderates succeed in tying Speaker Pelosi's hands it is the death knell for the 3.5 trillion dollar bill.

I welcome comment.

Nicolle Wallace bashing

On Thursday night, the Supreme Court issued a new injunction against a New York state law meant to shield tenants from eviction in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the order came on what's known as the shadow docket, which means the majority's decision is unsigned and typically offers little to no defense for the court's action.

What does this have to do with Nicolle? Nicolle, and, by the way, Chris Hayes and Rachel, have been beating the drums for Senate Democrats to do something to counter the GQP anti-democratic election/voter laws. Many people are under the false assumption that Marc Elias will defeat those GQP laws. Reality check; Marc Elias said that he can't beat back these himself. Elias said that some of those laws will be blessed by our partisan SC. Elias said that 4 justices have stated that states have "absolute power" regarding elections and voter laws. Elias, Nicolle, Chris, Rachel, have "all" said that Democrats need to pass federal legislation, federal protection. People here who don't want to hear that, who are whistling past the graveyard, are doing our country a disservice by believing that we can win elections by "getting out the vote."

Chuck Schumer needs to cut back on the Senate's month long vacation and get to work and that's not bashing Democrats, that's talking turkey. The SC we have will not overturn every or maybe any of those GQP anti-democratic laws. We should be talking about adding justices to the court to save our democracy but I bet that idea will be shot down because it is too progressive.

Rant off.

NCAA National Wrestling Tourney

The NCAA wrestling tourney will be held March 17-19 in Detroit, Mi.

Just a heads up, tickets for the tourney are on sale now, I got mine, they go fast.

Anyone watching Nicolle Wallace right now?

I can't talk about her 1st segment or I might get an alert. It has to do with Democrats going on vacation with no known plan to stop the GQP election rigging/suppression. Pretty depressing segment.

IMO, there won't be an infrastructure bill.

I see that the Senate has whittled its bill down to 550 billion dollars gutting many Democratic initiatives. The scaled down bill will probably pass the Senate today but I see no way in hell the House will approve it. If the Senate bill had to get scaled down to 550 billion I see no way a 3 trillion+ House bill gets passed. I have no inside info just logic. I have seen the Republican strategy and it is delay, delay, delay, obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

I hope to hell I am wrong. Maybe the House will surrender its bill for the 550 billion dollar bill but Speaker Pelosi says the 2 bills must be linked together. Good luck.
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