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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 14,735

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1/6 commission vote delayed

Since there is little publicity anywhere on this, several Republicans requested an hour apiece to speak against provisions in the China trade deal that was being voted on first. This move postponed the 1/6 commission vote to later today.

Sheldon Whitehouse - Majority Leader?

Anyone else think that Sheldon Whitehouse would make a great majority leader - "some day?"

Just asking, no particular reason.

Letitia James joins up with Cy Vance

Want to know one of the main reasons that Letitia joined up with Cy Vance? Only 1 lawyer who was on Ari Melber explained one of the main reasons. Cy Vance didn't have jurisdiction over some of MF45's properties.

I am a patient person but I am not a patient person waiting for justice to be served for the MF45 crime family.

I also loved it when Michael Cohen said yesterday that MF45 will flip over his children and wife if need be.

MF45 ordered troop withdrawals,

The article was at Raw Story and I don't post stuff from there, but I do go there to get headlines. Raw Story is reporting that shortly after MF45 lost the election he wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense Christopher Esper which was on Esper's desk on Nov. 11th, to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq, and Syria. Esper ignored the letter and MF45 was talked out of following through on the request because he was told the Taliban would take over Kabul before he left office.

Just another astounding revelation, at least to me, that MF45 is Putin's puppet.

I find this story amazing and of course it gets little MSM coverage.

MF45's extradition.

Not too worried about DeSatan protecting MF45 from being indicted. Think about it; that ends any thought of running for president in 2024, I never believed he would run any way. I mean he can't travel the country spewing his hatred to his hateful cult. No appearances at GQP events.

I'm not worried at all about MF45 being isolated to Florida, it will kill a Narcissist, not to mention he's going to do a lot of sweating in the summer on those golf courses.

The GQP Agenda

Ever since Barack Obama became president and Republicans met immediately and vowed to obstruct everything that Democrats propose, this agenda has been on going. The GQP works 24/7 to solicit money to do whatever it takes to win the next election. That is the GQP's only goal, and it has been that way since Obama became president. They get away with this because the MSM helps them conceal this agenda with constant idiotic questions of why Democrats don't seek more bipartisanship? So then Democrats not wanting to look like they are the only party working to help the American people, hem and haw about working with Republicans.

At least Democrats have come up with an alternative answer, that they are creating bills that are bipartisan with Republican voters. Alleluia! I mean McConnell even admits his goal is 100% to prevent any Democratic bills from passing. So then we have a Democratic Senator defending McConnell's statement.

Just do it Democrats. Explain to the American people what your bill will do for them and then push it, publicize it, campaign for it for a month if need be and then bring the bill to the floor for a vote. If Democratic Senators vote the bill down, bring up a second bill and do the same thing. Keep pushing these bills and making Senators vote against good bills, eventually those Senators' constituents will get pissed off. This also allows Democrats to control the narrative with the MSM. What is happening now is what the GQP wants, delay, delay, delay, until the next election and then Republicans can run for office as the working class people because Democrats did nothing to help them.

I apologize for this rambling post, but I hope someone gets what I am trying to say.


See why I believe that Trump will never be held accountable? Michael Cohen went to prison for 3 years for campaign finance violations for his role in the 130k payoff to Stormy Daniels. Cohen even testifies to Congress that he did so at the direction of MF45. In the Mueller report MF45 was individual 1.

So what the fuck FEC? 3 Republican members and 3 Democratic members. So 2 Republicans vote not to prosecute MF45 the other Republican abstains so I'm thinking Ok that leaves 3 Democrats. So 2 Democrats vote to prosecute and 1 fucking Democrat never shows up to vote. I mean someone convince I am wrong when I feel that Trump will never be convicted of anything if he is allowed to skate in such an obvious case against him.

Who is this FEC Democrat who didn't show up to vote? Kick his or her ass off the commission.

Sorry but the insurrection just got another boost, no one is held accountable.

The Sham In Arizona

Here is another take, IMO. I hear that the Ninjas are going to contact voters to determine if they actually voted. First of all this should be illegal. If I get a phone call I don't recognize I won't answer it. I can imagine a lot of people do what I do. Here's what I envision the rat fuckers have in mind, remember now they have a list of who voted Democratic. If these rat fuckers just call Democrats and they either get no response(no one answers) or if they get a response to the effect, it's none of your business, then this info will be used to purge these Democratic voters from the voter rolls.

Don't call me paranoid because what is going on right now in Arizona should never have been allowed.

What really pisses me off is that I am still waiting for consequences for the higher ups who are responsible for inciting the insurrection. These rat fuckers keep doing it because they pay no price. If these rat fuckers are allowed to do this in other states it is shameful. Democrats you need to raise holy hell about this sham, allowing QAnon people to have access to ballots is disgusting. I'm sorry but too many people don't see that this insurrection didn't end on Jan. 7th, it is on going and people better wise up, our democracy is at stake.

How in fucks sake did a judge allow a QAnon company access to ballots? Do something about this now. It makes me sick.
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