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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 14,594

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Got My Pa. Mail In Ballot today,

Half of the offices has no one running, they are write in.

I am going to have to investigate the judges to see which ones aren't Nazis.

I see that the Repukes want to take away power from the governor by changing the Pa. Constitution, those will be a No and a NO.

Not sure if this was a change but the instructions said I must personally drop off my ballot if I don't mail it.

Looks like the envelop is going to be a 2 stamper.

Why have laws? Why follow the Constitution?

I mean this shit is getting normalized by the MSM.

If you don't like the results of an election just overthrow the results. If that doesn't work, only allow Republicans to vote in the next election. Who needs election boards, allow Republicans to count the votes. States that went Democratic, no problem, change the Electoral votes away from winner take all and apportion them.

If you don't want the freedom to peaceably protest just pass a law that people who are arrested at protests can't hold government jobs, can't run for office, can't get a loan. Put a cherry on top of that, allow people to run into protesters with their car.

I can't watch cable news. Just talking about what the GQP politicians are doing normalizes it.

I am pretty negative about all of this minority rule.

Democrats are too nice. President Biden is doing a bang up job but he needs help from the Democratic Congress. It is BS that we can't have a commission set up to investigate the insurrection.

Once again I need talked down from the ledge.

IRS 2020 refunds.

Help! I made the mistake of filing my 2020 taxes by paper. I go to the web site and they can't find me. Calling the IRS number is impossible, I get, call back later.

I don't need the money, I just would like to know if they got my tax form. I screwed up this year and didn't mail them certified mail.

Is anyone else having similar issues with paper filing?

2020 Tax refund.

Anyone else like me make the mistake of filing a paper 2020 tax return? I mailed my return on Feb. 6th and when I go to the "Where's My Refund" site I still get nada.

Anyone else file paper and getting no response?

I hear Trump put a crony in charge of the IRS, maybe president Biden needs to look at replacing him and the head of the USPS?
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