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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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Commit sedition and get no jail time.

Well folks, those murderous insurrectionists, at least the vast majority of them, are going to get no jail time. I guess we just have to face the facts that proving serious crimes against white folks is hard to do.

I am in a funk. I can't watch cable news because it has veered farther right and I turn on the computer and see headlines like the above.

I see people assuming that Georgia's election stealing law will get struck down and I say, what leads them to that assumption? The Koch brother is pouring millions of dollars into stopping the Democrat's election bill, and Joe Manchin is still Joe Manchin. Moving the baseball all star game from Georgia made me laugh, so what, few people watch that game anyway. If Democrats can't get their election fairness bill passed through Congress I see other states copying Georgia's law, Pa. has already made it harder to vote by mail.

I started to read another Buddhist book just to cheer me up but the book just makes me realize that Trumpers are the antithesis of Buddhists.

President Biden is doing a wonderful job trying to combat the evil that emanates from Trumpism and Congress needs to have his back.

I really need talked off the ledge. I envision justice not being done in a murder case that was captured on video.

Spring is here in Pa. and I am going golfing today before the cold weather returns tomorrow. Easter is coming and hope springs eternal.

Am I a bad person?

I got my hair cut Friday at the mall. A nice place that wears masks, sanitizes, and only allows 2 persons in at a time. So they have chairs outside their shop still inside the mall to wait one's turn and watch the people walk by.
As soon as someone walks by without a mask I can't help it I think, you stupid, idiotic moran. Then someone walks by with a chin mask on and I think, hypocrite, if you want to show your stupidity to everyone go all in, then again those people may well be mouth breathers and that may be the proper way to wear a mask for a mouth breather. No, I absolutely do not give these people a pass for being fooled by propaganda. It only takes an iota of common sense and critical thinking to not believe in lizard people or to not believe that a pedophile ring is being run out of the basement of a pizza shop that doesn't have a basement.

Look, I know I am no Einstein, the wise man realizes how ignorant he is, but these people haven't a clue that they are stupid and there is no cure for that. I do say a prayer after I see them that they don't infect anyone with the virus or with their ignorance.

Am I a bad person?

The case for background checks

It really gets old with me when I hear, the shooter legally bought the gun, as if that's some rationale. The fact that the Boulder Colorado shooter legally bought his gun makes the case that we need to change the present laws, we need comprehensive background checks. That man in no way, shape or form should have been allowed to own a gun.

Trump's taxes

10 out of the 15 years before Trump became president he paid zero federal income tax. In 2016 and 2017 he paid 750 dollars.

Why do I find this odd? I do my taxes every year, by paper, and I never come up with the exact same federal refund from 1 year to the next.

So first of all, I am asking, is it not odd that Trump paid the exact same amount of taxes in 2016 and 2017?

Second, those 10 years he paid no tax, were those 10 years evened out to zero? Did he get a little bit of money back? If Trump's 10 years of not paying taxes came out to zero, is that not odd?

Any tax experts out there?

State's Rights to suppress the vote.

This statement pisses me off, that states have the right to decide how they vote. I heard Joe Manchin say that last night on Cuomo, and Cuomo agreed with him.

The problem with me is that it is just one party in the state that decides how to run elections. All of the states that are controlled by Republicans but vote state wide for Democrats are rigging the election for Republicans, like they are doing in my state, Pa.

If states want to change how voting is done then it should be done by a state wide referendum. The way that Pa. is gerrymandered the Republican party will never lose the majority control.

Sure, it says that states control their own elections, but it doesn't say that one party in that state can control how elections are run against the will of the majority in those states. If Republicans rig the rules to favor themselves then Democrats will never control the House.

This is the most serious problem that we are facing right now. There are hundreds of bills that are written up in states to suppress Democratic voting. I got my notice asking if I wanted to vote by mail again this year, I do want to vote by mail again, guess what, this year I have to provide my drivers license number. Some states are trying to eliminate mail in voting. This is serious stuff and it needs addressed now.

The Senate better not mess up the Rescue Bill,

How about getting all Democrats together and stripping out the $15 minimum wage and voting on the House Bill.

Mr. Manchin is already suggesting cuts. The longer this drags out the more nervous I get.
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