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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 14,563

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The Senate better not mess up the Rescue Bill,

How about getting all Democrats together and stripping out the $15 minimum wage and voting on the House Bill.

Mr. Manchin is already suggesting cuts. The longer this drags out the more nervous I get.

Daily Press Briefings,

So it looks like Mrs. Greenspan and Mr. Toad won out over the daily press briefings. I mean what a freaking let down. I don't watch morning cable anyway but I would watch the daily press briefings. I can't believe that Greenspan and Toad had better ratings.

The narrative from the MSM,

and Democrats need to push this narrative, is that the GQP want Democrats to fail, want the country to fail.

Not the bs that Dems must make concessions and water down the rescue Bill. Make no concessions but if Republicans and Manchin vote it down they need to shoulder the blame.

I wonder what Trump has on Lindsey?

I mean it all started after a golf outing I believe. Even after the insurrection Lindsey gave a passionate speech about how he was done with Trump and then he wasn't. I don't even read the police reports in my small town's newspaper, it's not my business to see who was arrested for this and that. I admit that I would like to know the dirt on Lindsey.

Anyone else other than me,

who had to turn the trial off after watching 3 minutes?

Take away the GQP's funding

The Congressional GQP cares about keeping power and to keep power they need money. We can't fight them using reason. I read it here; it is impossible for rational people to debate irrational people. We need to go after the latter, their money.
According to a report from Politico, Republican Party leaders are furious that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has thrown its support behind policies being proposed by newly-elected President Joe Biden. We need to go after the funding of all of the traitors who vote to acquit. We need to find out who is funding them and then put pressure on them to stop.

Follow the money, always. Ask the donors if they want democracy or nihilism? Ask them if they want our country to look like Somalia?

Just my 2 cents because I know the mindless GQP followers, I live among them and they are irrational.

Positive Energy Thread

This is a positive energy thread for Jamie Raskin and his team.

Go Get'em Jamie, we are sending out a wave of positivity. Give em hell, convict the traitor.
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