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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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Appeals court meeting Today over Trump documents

The Appeals court is meeting today to decide whether White House documents should be turned over to the select committee.

The 3 panel judges are all appointed by Democratic presidents. What I just learned is that if this court rejects Trump's executive privilege claim, Trump lawyers can request another step, that the appeal go before the entire Appeal court for a ruling. This really does get old doesn't it. Then Trump will appeal to the Supreme Court. It sure seems that when the GQP wants cases expedited they get expedited.

Well things aren't going well for Trump today;

Justin Clark, an attorney for Donald Trump, reportedly struggled today after an appeals court judge asked him why the former president has more authority than the current president when it comes to decisions about executive privilege.

Let's move this on already.


"The perception that MSNBC is the voice of liberal common sense is a manufactured and managed perception, created by people like Vanguard and Blackrock to get more money."


Cy Vance retiring,

Well Manhattan DA Cy Vance has until the end of the month to decide if he is going to prosecute Donald Trump.

My guess is that Vance will do a repeat performance and skate leaving a new prosecutor to decide what to do with Trump.

Just my opinion, Trump is going to escape prosecution in Manhattan, cuing Georgia prosecutors to carry the ball, hope springs eternal.

Are we stuck with Postmaster DeJoy?

I thought that when president Biden appointed 3 members of the Postal Board of Governors that the Board was going to shit can DeJoy.

Well it appears that the 3 new members are still not enough to get the board to fire his ass. Are we just supposed to move on and live with DeJoy, or does president Biden need to fire some members of the board for neglect of duty. It's not as if DeJoy has been doing a stellar job at the Post Office. He was or is under investigation by the FBI for doling out business to companies that benefit himself. He has slowed the mail. WTF, fire some more Board members until we get enough who have the guts to do the right thing.

Stuff like this pisses me off. DeJoy was supposed to be gone by now but instead we just let this get swept under the rug.

Hey, I may be way off base here but the fact of the matter is there has been no recent news about DeJoy leaving his position.

Who among us hasn't purchased burner phones?

Who among us hasn't purchased burner phones and paid for them with cash?

I mean sometimes people, like Congressmen and presidential staff, don't have a good, available, secretive, means to communicate with persons of interest.

Who among us hasn't purchased a burner phone to call an enemy of ours to threaten him and his family and then throw the phone away?

If a tree falls in the forest, IMO, if no one records it, it doesn't make a sound.

John Durham - special counsel

Bill Barr appointed John Durham to look into the Russia investigation. What information did Barr have to warrant the appointment? He didn't have any, IMO, it was all cover for Trump. Not only did Barr appoint Durham but he put in guardrails so that Durham couldn't be dismissed. John Durham is still getting paid to dig up dirt against our president.

The point of my post is that there are volumes of evidence already out there that warrant Merrick Garland to appoint a similar special counsel to look into the attacks on our election and attacks on our democracy. The special cousel would be an important step in preserving our democracy. If the GQP wins the House the select committee goes away. If the GQP wins the House a special counsel does not go away.

Do it General Garland.

Most ransacked office on 1/6.

According to Jon Karl's book it was interesting which office was the most ransacked during the coup attempt. Remember that the internet was filled with diagrams of the Capitol pre coup attempt. It was assumed that the diagrams were used to find the escape routes, but was that the real reason? The most ransacked office the day of the failed coup was the Parlementarian's office where the Electoral college ballots would have been stored. Surprise. When people were being evacuated a wise staffer for the Parlementarian grabbed the ballots and they remained where she was sequestered. Had the traitors gotten their hands on those ballots who knows what the outcome would have been. Add another quick thinking staffer to the list of people who saved our democracy that awful day, another hero.

Election of Senators,

I read the Constitution and it doesn't say that Senators have to be elected by popular vote, if you catch my drift. What if states controlled by the GQP came up with an Electoral college-type election where districts or counties were given 1 vote for Senator based on the popular vote? I see nothing in the Constitution that would prevent that from happening. The GQP Senate candidate would certainly win the popular vote in the most districts and/or counties in most states.

Top that off with the Nazi SC where justices have already expressed an opinion as to the absolute power of states to decide how to run their elections. Pretty damn scary thought.

1/6 insurrectionists held in DC jail

The vast majority of the people who attempted a coup on our government are not in the DC jail, they are out on bail. The less than 40 people who are detained in jail are the worst of the worst, the people who attacked and beat cops. The vast majority of people in the DC jail are black people, that is simply a fact. The insurrectionists who are in jail are White Supremacists. Do I have to explain why it was decided not to mix White Supremacists with black people in a prison? The White Supremacists were held in their separate area of prison, that is not a kooky idea but a fact, alert on that.

This is from a Politico article from 4/19/2021 written by Kyle Cheney, Andrew Desiderio, and Josh Gerstein.

"Insurrection detainees are not completely isolated from the outside world. While in their cells, they have access to tablet computers they can use to trade messages with friends and family members. They can also see other accused rioters during the one hour a day that they are given outside their cell, although it is also their only opportunity for a shower, exercise and contact with their attorneys."

Yes, they can speak with their fellow seditionists while in prison and yes it is not a kooky idea on my part to surmise that the worst of the worst seditionists may be plotting their next violent attack on our democracy.

For those of you who believe that is a kooky idea on my part, you are the problem, you are befriending the seditionists, you are minimizing what happened on 1/6 and is still ongoing. If you think that the 1/6 insurrection ended on 1/6 that is a scary, kooky idea. Alert on that.

Looks like Democrats will censure Gosar,

the punishment is that Gosar has to stand in the well of the House chamber and listen to the tongue lashing that Speaker Pelosi will lay on him. Wonder if any GQPers will join in? Stupid question.
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