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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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Chris Hayes had a brutal show tonight,

To be brief, he and his guests talked about how president Biden needs to push, Chuck Schumer, and Senate Democrats to pass not just the 2 voter/election laws that are waiting for a filibuster carve out, there is a 3rd bill, don't know if the House passed it already, that closes loopholes in the Electoral college language. David Plouffe was one of the guests and he said that if Democrats don't pass these voter/election laws by early January, and if Republicans win back the House in 2022 then in 2024 states controlled by Republicans can send 2 sets of electors to the Electoral college, the state does not have to abide by who won the popular vote. Once that happens the House decides which set of electors to count.

Plouffe is no radical, he is very soft spoken, he went on to say that we will have president Trump until he dies, then Jr. then Ivanka, then Barron. That is exactly what David Plouffe said tonight.

We don't know what we don't know

Just thought I'd be first to start this thread. I would go first but I got nuttin, anyone?

Listened to some real news today,

not the stuff in the newspapers or on most of cable news. I listened to Thom Hartmann and his guest Robert Costa who co-wrote Peril with Bob Woodward. Those 2 talk turkey not MSM propaganda. The discussion was about the 2022 and 2024 elections. Costa talked about this past spring when Jim Clyburn called Joe Manchin into his office to talk about a carve out for the filibuster to get S1 passed. According to Costa it ended up in a screaming match with Clyburn telling Manchin that Republicans were rigging the next elections.

The GQP is on its way to rigging 2022, we all know about the dirty laws that have been passed and the suppression of votes and firing of honest election officials, but that isn't what scared me. They talked about how they are planning to rig the 2024 election. Several states are going to send 2 sets of Electors to the convention because they wrote the laws that the Electors don't have to go to who won the popular vote. Confusion will result at the Convention and then it goes to the House to decide and if the House picks the GQP Electors it goes to the SC where several justices have opined that the states have absolute authority to run their own elections.

You people think that I am bad saying that the sky is falling, listen to some progressives on Sirius or pod casts, it's way scarier than I could ever portray.

A Big Problem With the 1/6 Coup Attempt

The attempted coup was not treated as a coup, as an attempt to overthrow our government. Wasn't taken as a coup by the MSM, but especially wasn't taken as a coup by Justice. It was looked upon as a peaceful protest turned violent, and is still being looked upon that way.

No one who was arrested inside the Capitol should have only been charged with, "entering or remaining in a restricted federal building,"
nor should any of them only been charged with "parading," nor should any of them only been charged with "demonstrating, picketing in the Capitol."

Those charges do not reveal what was going on that day, those charges hide what was going on that day and yet those are what the vast majority of people arrested that day were charged with.

To the best of my knowledge none have been indicted for "insurrection." To the best of my knowledge none have been indicted for "seditious conspiracy." To the best of my knowledge none have been arrested for "impeding the official proceedings of Congress"
although I did hear that charge was being considered.

All of this is on Justice. We have judges (except the 2 Trump appointed judges) complaining that prosecutors are not seeking stiff enough sentences. Many judges are taking it upon themselves to give stiffer sentences.

Every damn insurrectionist arrested inside the Capitol should have been charged with insurrection.

Just my 2 cents. Nothing is taken seriously if people aren't held accountable. For fuck's sake they stormed our Capitol building, ransacked it, practically demolished it, threw shit on the walls and then they are indicted for remaining in a restricted federal building, for parading, for demonstrating-picketing in the Capitol? We have a woman in Texas who was sent to jail for multiple years because she mistakenly voted at the wrong precinct. It's time for DOJ to get serious.

Where is Kristen Clarke?

Remember when we were told we had to wait until Kristen was confirmed to the Justice department? That was months ago.

I watched Rachel tonight and the horrible things that the GQPers are doing to election workers and election officials is horrific.

The illegal fraudits continue throughout the states conducted by pro-Trump people. Pro-Trump people are going door to door and questioning people how they voted and are video taping them.

Where oh where is Kristen Clarke? Pro-Trump people have been breaking federal election laws since the Cyber Ninja fraudit in Arizona.

Where is kristen Clarke? She is a wonderful person and sharp as a tack. I just don't know where she is? That poor election worker in Georgia, Ruby, was treated horribly with death threats and people surrounding her house with bull horns. She has gotten zero help from law enforcement, the FBI helped her by telling her to move out of her house, good thing she did because her house was surrounded by Magats on 1/6. Trump wanted her to confess to election fraud so he could stop the certification of the election, but this brave lady stayed strong.

I watched Merrick Garland testify before Congress a couple of weeks ago. He was there to explain how DOJ was going to work with local law enforcement to protect election workers and school board members. By the time that GQP Senators got through with him accusing him of suppressing Magat's freedom of speech he was basically apologizing to them. Anyone watch his Senate testimony?

Watching Rachel tonight put my heart back into A-fib, I had to turn her off and meditate to get it back in time, no joking.

Did Trump plan to declare martial law?

I don't have a clue but here is what I know if that was his plan. 1. He wanted a big counter-protest, 2. he wanted those 2 bombs to go off, 3. he wanted mayhem at the Capitol. From what I understand the procedure was changed about who was in charge of deploying the Guard.

Here's the deal though, 1. the counter-protest didn't happen, 2. the bombs didn't go off, the reasons for Trump to declare martial law were disappearing so someone delayed the deployment of the Guard because they wanted more mayhem.

We have a whistleblower from the Guard who wrote a document about who was responsible for delaying the Guard. The whistleblower claims that Generals lied to Congress. Are Generals above the law? The whistleblower gave his document to the select committee and we have heard nothing about this since. I believe that this could be one of the ways to nail Trump for being involved in the planning of the coup, it needs to be followed up. The generals need to be called back before the select committee and asked to explain the whistleblower's claims, and make it a public hearing.

Honestly, as crazy as Trump is, he would have had a hard time pulling off declaring martial law, but who knows, but this Guard deployment needs investigated.

Yes, Chuck Rosenberg just said it on Rachel,

Chuck Rosenberg was a high ranking FBI official. Allow me to use my personal example first.

I was a member of my borough council. We had a terrible storm, high winds, loss of power. I rode in a police car with one of our officers assessing the damage. The officer got a call, a side door of our local car dealership was open. We went to the site, walked inside and shined flashlights in cars inside to see if anyone was hiding. We found no one. maybe the wind blew the door open?

Chuck Rosenberg said that people attempted to overthrow our government, attempted a coup. He said there is absolutely no doubt about that, a serious crime was committed. Rosenberg said, he cannot understand why DOJ would not investigate who was behind the coup. Rosenberg said that the select committee has every right to ask DOJ to investigate who attacked them. Just like my little trip to the car dealership, we investigated. The country should demand that DOJ do an investigation, if it can't find enough evidence to indict anyone so be it. Rosenberg also said that the law that Liz Cheney cited was used by Mueller when he indicted a Russian troll farm for obstructing our government. Rosenberg also said he used it to prosecute people who obstructed the IRS. This law that Liz Cheney cited to use against Trump and his coup plotters is not some obscure law.

Rosenberg also said that we would have heard news by now if DOJ has been investigating people. How many more DOJ experts do we have to hear from before the cry goes out to DOJ to at least investigate?

Dang it Nicolle Wallace,

every time I get pumped that DOJ may be going after Trump and his fellow traitors, she brings on Matt Miller a former FBI employee who states it is very unlikely that DOJ is investigating Trump. He spelled it out convincingly. DOJ would need to subpoena White House personnel and others close to Trump. Miller states that those people, like Meadows would file law suits to avoid the subpoenas. Miller says there are crickets.

Miller said it was possible that DOJ went to the Pentagon to investigate if Trump was responsible for delaying deployment of the Guard. Miller said if the military was involved we likely wouldn't know about that, all the other stuff, we would have heard something by now.

Gym Jordan v Liz Cheney

Yeah I know Gym was 156-1 in high school and he won 2 NCAA wrestling titles at 134 pounds in college.

But who ya got in an all out brawl? My money is on Liz. I wouldn't want her after me.

Are there cracks in the GQP armor??

I would not trust Mitch McConnell as far as I could throw him, well, even less than that.

Yesterday Mitch gave an interview where he stated that whatever the select committee uncovers the public needs to know. Now I may be reading him wrong, he may want to know info so his traitors can be prepared, but I don't think so.

Trump has been bashing Mitch, claiming he needs to be replaced. Does McConnell know something is coming down the road and he wants to get out of the way? Has Garland been working behind the scenes?

I may have to pluck that crow and skin that possum. I hope you are a good cook MM.
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