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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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Trump won't step down if he loses

Who is going to make him?
He controls the judiciary, Barr controls the FBI.
He certainly controls the NSA and maybe even the CIA.
He controls the Senate so if Dems win back the Senate will he nullify those elections?
The decent military generals and leaders have resigned.

Who is going to stop him from declaring the election was rigged? He could even declare martial law and I have no doubt it would be enforced.

He has talked several times about going beyond his term limits. He is telling us what he plans to do.

I fear our campaign strategy

I understand that health care and infrastructure and education and the rest should be our main topics, but...

if we ignore taking on Trump I fear we will lose. My #1 reason itching to vote is to remove a traitor from office.

I use Joe Biden as an example. He came out of the gates like gang busters when he announced he was running. He immediately attacked Trump in his video and he immediately rose in the polls. Since then Joe has relatively gone silent, and I understand he was behind the 8 ball with the Ukraine mess, but he should have taken that issue on immediately.

I may be wrong in my assessment and please let me know that I am wrong. I believe that taking on Trump should be #1 on our candidates agenda. I feel it's what voters are waiting for.

Is it really over?

Lamar Alexander is going to vote no. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney are going to vote yes. Has Lisa Murkowski said how she will vote?
If Murkowski votes yes it is a 50-50 tie. Will chief justice Roberts insert himself and claim he is the one to break the tie?

The scariest thing from Rachel's interview.

This bears repeating. At the end of the interview last night, Rachel asked Parnas why he decided to speak out, his answer was chilling.

He said he felt he would be safer if he told what he knew. He was afraid of being murdered. This is how low Trump and his Republican cult have fallen. When Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it, 5th Avenue was just an example.

"They were all in the loop." Gordon Sondolan.

Sondolan told the truth when he spoke those words. Donald Trump has drained the swamp of good people who were dedicated to their country and dedicated to the Constitution. He replaced those people with money grubbing, power hungry criminals.

How does Trump get people to join his criminal enterprise? Yes, money, but also a get out of jail free card, Bill Barr.

Next to Trump Bill Barr is the most dangerous man to destroy our democracy, and he's a close second.

What can we do? When you turn over that rock or shine that light, the cockroaches run. Even if we aren't fast enough to step on them, we can certainly make them run. Keep the pressure on Trump, Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, McConnell, all of the cockroaches. Speaker Pelosi has done a brilliant job, but she needs help. Every Democratic Congressperson needs to get in front of a camera, get in front of a microphone and shine a spotlight on those cockroaches. They need to do what Congressman Lieu did, he shined a spot light on Russian sympathizer Devin Nunes. Make them run.

Trump In Big Trouble

Trump is going to get a spanking. His daddy Vlad is pissed that Trump took out Soleimani. A Russian warship provoked an American destroyer getting within close range of it. The Americans had rifles drawn and blew an air horn to warn the Russian ship. Will Trump send a public warning to Putin? lol, rhetorical question.

Russia says that Iran did not shoot down that airliner.

Russia, China and Iran have been doing naval exercises together.

Putin wants American soldiers out of the ME, if Trump concedes and withdraws our troops there will be no doubt who owns Trump.

I bet Trump is shitting his pants, Putin is the last person he wanted to piss off.
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