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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
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Trump does not want to test

It's right before our eyes people. On a conference call with governors Trump said he doesn't see a problem with testing, right after Montana's governor told him that Montana could only test 1 more day unless it got more supplies.

Trump does not want to test because testing will balloon the numbers of infected and the numbers of dead. Trump wants infected people to either get better on their own or die, either way the numbers of coronavirus infections is not reported accurately.

Yeah I know that China is accused of under-reporting its numbers, and I have no doubt that China did this, however, China tested and China knew the real numbers that's why China has all but defeated the virus.

0 Payroll taxes,

Trump is proposing that employees and employers pay 0 payroll taxes the rest of the year. That means Social Security and Medicare will be gutted.

Also, please no nonsense about how the employer pays half the tax, the employer passes off payroll taxes onto its emplyees through lower wages.

If Democrats agree to this I won't bother to vote this year.

By the way, the reason the market jumped up this afternoon is because Trump leaked out that he is going to bail out the shale oil and big banks. Socialism at its finest.

Russia and Saudi Arabia have Trump by the balls.

I mean we already knew that but Putin and MBS know that Trump can be bought. What will Trump give up for Saudi Arabia and Russia to stop the oil price wars? Keep an eye out.

People Dying From The Flu

My question is this; how many people who are dying from the flu are really dying from coronavirus? Is this a dumb question? I mean if we aren't testing in large numbers how do we know the extent of the virus?

IMO this is what Trump wants; no or little testing so that he can claim the virus fears were blown out of proportion by the liberal media and that's what is causing the downturn in the economy. He thinks the epidemic will be over by April and he just needs to fudge the numbers until then.

Trump controls the CDC,

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus the CDC has posted stats on its website which showed how many confirmed cases there were, the total number of US deaths, and how many people had been tested for the disease.

The site no longer discloses the number of deaths or the number of people tested.

I said this long ago, Trump doesn't want people tested, he wants to blame deaths on the regular flu.

I found this info at the Daily Beast.
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