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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 15,613

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Where is Bill Barr?

The 2nd most dangerous man in America.

When a "consigliere" loses his job what happens to him?

Go to, "270 to win"

it has all the updated votes with all the totals and %.

Want some happy thoughts?

On January 21st Trump is a common man. He needs to provide his DNA to the lady he raped in a clothing store change room. That is going to leave a mark. Trump may try to pardon himself for federal crimes but New York is loaded for bear. Also, get rid of the cronies in the IRS and replace them with honest people.

Deutche bank wants rid of him, the only bank he could get loans from, plus he owes them a lot of money.

You know, I don't even care if Trump ends up in jail, it would suffice me to see him broke with no "friends. That won't sit well with a life long Narcissist.

Am I being too mean? Maybe I should say, I hope karma enters Trump's life.
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