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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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Secretary of Navy threatens to resign

WTH is going on with Trump? He is mentally ill or a Putin puppet, or both, I think both.
The Navy seal who Trump pardoned is under an investigation to determine if he will be tossed out of the Seals and the Navy.
Trump Tweeted that the Seal will not be removed, he will stay in the Navy.

The Secretary of the Navy stated that he does not recognize Trump's Tweets and will only act unless Trump issues him a written order.

The Secretary and other officers have threatened to resign over Trump's meddling in their affairs.

Trump is going to blow, I hope he has a relief valve.

Can we stop with the articles from The Hill?

John Solomon who wrote for The Hill has been implicated with the Ukraine hacked the election conspiracy theory. He is entangled with the top dog Firtash, the Russian oligarch. He has recently left The Hill and now works for Fox News.

Solomon is a snake in the mold of Karl Rove. Enough of The Hill please.
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