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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 16,412

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I got my Social Security statement for next year

Fellow SS members, we're in the money next year. We are getting a whopping 1.6% pay increase.

I don't know about you but it sure seems like my grocery bills have gone up more than 1.6%.

How long before Putin and MBS tell Trump that the price of gas is going up? We should be good until after the election.

Just wanted to break the good news to everyone.

Don't believe the polls!

I have been preaching this. Watching Nicolle Wallace the comment was made that there are new polls out showing Trump's popularity rising in the swing states.

Think about this, less than 24 hours after being impeached there are polls claiming that impeachment was good for Trump.

Look at my posts, I called this. I don't even know what polls they are, it was not mentioned.

Polls are used for propaganda.

What a fuc*ing traitor

I read where Trump just Tweeted that Saudi Arabia is very angry that one of its military pilots murdered Americans.
WTF, Trump is basically covering for SA and his pal MBS.
I mean, wouldn't one think that our president should be the one who is angry, no enraged at what happened?

Why do we have our soldiers protecting Saudi oil fields.

Just maybe because Saudi Arabia spends a lot of money at Trump properties? They bought enough space at Trump tower to keep it in the black. WTF happened to the Republican party? We don't need to worry about our foreign enemies, we need to worry about our domestic enemies. Sorry but Trump's ignorant Tweet upsets me.

Secretary of Navy threatens to resign

WTH is going on with Trump? He is mentally ill or a Putin puppet, or both, I think both.
The Navy seal who Trump pardoned is under an investigation to determine if he will be tossed out of the Seals and the Navy.
Trump Tweeted that the Seal will not be removed, he will stay in the Navy.

The Secretary of the Navy stated that he does not recognize Trump's Tweets and will only act unless Trump issues him a written order.

The Secretary and other officers have threatened to resign over Trump's meddling in their affairs.

Trump is going to blow, I hope he has a relief valve.

Can we stop with the articles from The Hill?

John Solomon who wrote for The Hill has been implicated with the Ukraine hacked the election conspiracy theory. He is entangled with the top dog Firtash, the Russian oligarch. He has recently left The Hill and now works for Fox News.

Solomon is a snake in the mold of Karl Rove. Enough of The Hill please.

Cable news pushing right wing talking points.

I usually don't watch the early cable news shows other than Nicolle Wallace. I noticed they were pushing right wing talking points, giving Republican talking points as much weight as Democratic. Cable news gave credence to the narrative that the impeachment hearing is unfair and a sham. I'm not talking about Fox, I'm talking about CNN and MSNBC.

They emphasized a new poll that was just released polling people in several swing states. The new poll showed a majority of people opposed impeachment and that poll was discussed numerous times on numerous shows. I have a thing for polls, I don't subscribe to them. I believe that polls are used for propaganda.

Dems had better keep on the ball controlling the narrative, public opinion will be needed to convict Trump.

MSNBC and CNN are not liberal networks from what I witnessed today.

Speaker Pelosi goes to Afghanistan

Speaker Pelosi made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan where she met with the leaders of Afghanistan. Secretary of Defense Esper was also in Afghanistan and Speaker Pelosi also met with him. Trump isn't going to pull the wool over Speaker Pelosi's eyes, what a brilliant move on her part. Maybe she is getting ready to take over, one can hope.

Trump's New Executive Order.

I have no idea what Trump's health insurance EO does. Does Trump know the difference between Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage? His EO says it will strengthen Medicare Advantage, MA is simply private health insurance that picks up what Medicare doesn't pay. MA is private insurance that sends seniors notices in the mail that look like it is coming from Medicare and lures seniors into signing up for something they don't want.

What's the real explanation of what Trump's EO does? The explanations that I have seen are just mumbo jumbo.
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