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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 9,973

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Putin's 1st Step to wipe out democracies,

Step 1.;

Help elect Republicans; that is all.

So when will Mark Meadows be arrested?

I'm just an internet lawyer but it seems to me that Meadows committed voter fraud. We had a case of a former felon voting when she believed it was allowed, that didn't matter, she was convicted.

Here we have Mark Meadows fraudulently filling out a form, fraudulently voting, not a mistake on his part like it was with the former felon. We have the added evidence of intent with Meadows which should make it a slam dunk case.

I bet many will think this is a rhetorical question, when will Meadows be arrested?

Oh and day 83 since the select committee sent the Meadow's criminal referral to DOJ.

What would happen were Meadows a Democrat? Has this even been reported by the MSM?

Maybe DOJ is taking so long because it is planning on charging Meadows with more serious crimes than ignoring a subpoena? Ya think?

Practice Rigging the Next Election,

Texas' largest district, Harris county, a Democractic county, just forgot to count, or made a mistake not to count 10,000 mail in ballots; 6,000 were Democractic, 4,000 were Republican.

There were primary candidates who have already conceded races. There is no fucking way that a county misses 10,000 ballots.

IMO, this is practice for doing the same exact thing in a Philadelphia suburb for this year's Senate race, or some other hotly contested race.

What is going to be done in Harris county? The mistake needs to be fixed, will a controversy occur, will mayhem occur? Is this practice for the general election.

I will not get tired calling the GQP The Putin Party, this is what happens in autocracies, elections are rigged. The Putin party is anti-democracy and pro-autocracy. The Putin party wants the US to become just like Russia.

The Putin Party was helped by Russia in 2016. Bob Mueller indicted 12 Russian GRU officers. Bob Mueller indicted 13 Russian Nationals, Bob Mueller indicted 3 Russian companies. There are legitimate accusations that Russia funneled dark money to Putin Party candidates.

There is no more Republican Party, listen to what Liz Cheney is saying, it is the Republican wing of the Putin Party.


Mark Meadows blatantly committed voter fraud, a felony,

I expect nothing will come of it. I again apologize for a Raw Story link, but it tells the story, just wade through the ads.


The Putin Party (GQP)

The Putin Party is still owned by Donald Trump, a Putin puppet, CPAC just confirmed that, he won the straw poll. The Putin Party wants the US to become just like Russia so that it can maintain minority rule.

Do not fall for what members of the Putin Party are saying right now. They are condemning the Ukraine war because their internal polling told them to condemn the Ukraine war. Lyndsey Graham said that someone should kill Putin, bwahaha, Lyndsey plays golf with Putin's puppet.

A lot of people will die in Ukraine, and the Putin Party, I guarantee, will use the talking point that president Biden should have done more, when all along, they are rooting for Russia.

The Putin Party is anti-democracy and pro-autocracy, no matter what they say to get elected.

That is all.

Clarissa Ward is one brave, tough, journalist.

I don't know her bio, I really don't care, she goes where the fighting is.

Catastrophe in the making in Ukraine.

Russian troops are firing on the largest nuclear reactor in Europe in Zaporizhzia, Ukraine. A fire has broken out in the plant and because of the fire fight they can't put out the fire. There is elevated levels of radiation now reported at that plant.

This plant if it explodes would be 10 times worse than Chernobyl.

This plant has 6 nuclear reactors.

Happening now on CNBC.

The War in Ukraine - Democracy v Autocracy

Democracies around the world hinge upon Ukraine not falling to Russia.

On the other hand, autocracies around the world hinge on Putin annexing Ukraine.

I am not being overly dramatic. Look at what the war in Ukraine has done to the far right anti-democratic Republican party, it is cowering away from its praise of Putin, from its praise of Russia and Hungary. Even anti-democratic Fox News understands that supporting an autocracy, right now,is extremely unpopular. If Russia takes over Ukraine they will go right back to supporting autocracy.

If Putin succeeds is taking over Ukraine it will solidify autocracies all over the world, if Ukraine beats back Russia it will bolster democracies all over the world.

I am not being overly dramatic, plans have leaked out that Putin was planning to move right into Moldova (not a NATO member) after Ukraine.

The US and our allies need to do all that we can to see that Ukraine and democracy win out.

Send those Stingers and Javelins, and more arms and ammunition.

60% of Russia's exports are oil and gas.

Shell, yesterday, severed all ties with Gazprom. BP, yesterday, severed ties with Rosneft and divested its 20% stake.

Today Exxon Mobil has dropped out of its oil and gas projects that have been going on since 2005. Exxon Mobil also declared to not be involved in future Russian projects. Exxon Mobil pulled its 1,000 US employees out of Russia.

The nightmare continues for Putin. His only friends are China, India, Belarus, and the Republican party.

I have a question about sanctions

As of last night;

1. Why isn't US air space closed to Russian planes?
2. Why did Shell and BP divest from Russia's oil and gas industry but Exxon Mobil has not?

Just asking, there may be good reasons?
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