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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 18,164

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Fani Willis' RICO Trial May Get Busted Up

What do the legal minds here think? Is the Meadow's decision to move to federal court a BFD? If more people than Meadow's get moved to federal court won't it shoot a big hole in Fani's plans to show how all of the defendants worked together?

At the very least it will make Fani's job more difficult and won't it make it a lot harder for her to start the trial before the election?

What I am getting at is I think the decision to move Meadow's trial is a BFD, talk me off the cliff.

If the judge denies Meadow's request, never mind my questions.

A Reminder About Trump's March 4th D.C. Trial

Trump must be present in the courtroom. A day in court would be like from 9Am to 4PM. Sitting there and not being able to rant and rave, is there a McDonalds of KFC near the courthouse? Will Nauta be allowed in the courtroom to go on Diet Coke runs?

Trump won't be able to shake hands and kiss babies, well he doesn't do that anyway, being a germophobe.

Seriously, this March 4th trial date has got to be weighing heavily on Trump, it just got real for him, a trial before the election.

Trump's only defense, both politically and legally has always been to delay until after the election, boy, Jack Smith, and maybe Fani Willis, really screwed with his one defense, because we know and he knows, he has no real legal defense.

I see a nervous breakdown as his appeals are quickly dismissed, it will only get worse and worse for the pathetic piece of shit.

Trump's Claim Of Election Interference

MF45, you were indicted 4 times. President Biden didn't indict you, Merrick Garland didn't indict you, Jack Smith didn't indict you, Fani Willis didn't indict you, Alvin Bragg didn't indict you.
The American people, from different states, indicted you for probable cause of being a criminal.

You aren't being unfairly treated, it is the American people who want you to go to trial.

The American people want Joe Biden to be our president, he gave you a beatdown in 2020. The American people want to keep our democracy, we don't want you to be our dictator because you don't give a shit about us little people. Move to Russia or Saudi Arabia but stop messing around with our freedom. Just Go! Get the fuck out of the United States of America.

Scared Puppy

Nervous Breakdown on the way.

Magats Are Pulling Out All The Distractions

Florida Congressional Magat Cory Mills is filing articles of impeachment against Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin regarding the exit from Afghanistan. Austin has also been critical of Tommy Tooberville holding up promotions.

The traitorous Magats are doing everything to distract from criminal Trump.

The possible impeachment of President Biden would be just a false equivalency sham proceeding.

The entire Magat Party is a domestic terrorist organization, every damn member who does not speak out against their traitorous actions.

Today Is A BFD

Judge Chutkan will set Trump's trial date.

The 2 sides could not be farther apart in the date.

Will this be how Trump is held accountable for his constant threats, his intimidation of judges and prosecutors and jurors, his attempt to taint the jury pool?

Isn't having a speedy Trump trial before the election better that putting him in jail? I think it is, I think that his lashing out strategy will be used against him. This is a big prediction on my part, it may affect my overall % because I think it is worth double points and I am betting against the majority opinion.

Time Matters. We need a Trump trial before the election.

OK, I did see his mug shot

The very first thing that came to mind was, he practiced that look in front of a mirror.

Fuck with me, testify against me, prosecute me and this is what you get, a scowl.

The Process To Fire Fani Willis Will Happen This October

Take this to the bank. The panel appointed by Magats will decide whether to fire Fani Willis for being prejudicial as its first order of business the beginning of October when the new law takes effect.

Too many people do not understand how evil Magats are. One of the first things that fascists do is to take control of the courts and the Magats already control the Supreme Court.

Someone give me one good reason why this will not happen?

Protests need to start now, people need to threaten to resign en masse, but the process to fire Fani is in the works.

Back In The 50"s When I Was In Sunday School

The good nuns were telling me this story about this very nice man called Jesus, who helped a lot of people.

So the story goes, they arrested this good man (I wasn't understanding why) The judge held a trial and many people were the jury. They really couldn't even come up with a crime to charge Jesus with so the judge asked the jury what the punishment should be and the jury said death. I'm starting to doubt the good nun's story at this point.

The judge was even a bit mystified so he figured out a plan: there was this very bad man named Barrabas who did a lot of bad things, like murder and he was also in jail. The judge gives the jury a choice, he will release either Jesus or Barrabas from jail by a voice vote.

Surprisingly to the judge the jury decides to release the bad man instead of the good man. C'mon now Sister Gervase.

Now, I liked the good nuns, they were very nice to me, even gave me a statue of Mary when I threw a baseball through a tire one day, but I figured that they were lying to me about Barrabas, who in their right mind would cheer for a criminal who did so many bad things to good people and then choose to murder the good guy? Did the jury really like Barrabas or was it they hated Jesus?

I now know that the good nuns were telling me the truth back in the 50"s, there are a lot of people who like very bad people, I still don't know why, but it is true, some unbelievable stories are really true.

Yeah, Cruz Is A Traitor, But How Many Know About Rand Paul?

The MSM, cable news, is owned and managed by right wing oligarchs.

Ted Cruz and Lyndsey Graham get credit for being Trump fluffers, but how many people remember, or even know about Rand Paul flying to Moscow in 2018 to hand deliver a letter from Trump to Putin? This, remember was after the Trump/Helsinki bowing down to Putin debacle.

The Magat party is a terrorist organization that is right now scheming how to destroy our democracy.
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