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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 14,594

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What If Jack Smith Was AG?

What if Jack Smith had been confirmed as AG instead of Merrick Garland? Yeah, yeah, I know it's just a pipe dream, just wishful thinking.

I guarantee that Smith would never have gotten 20 confirmation votes from Republicans.

I wonder where we would be today with; investigations, indictments, convictions?

23 months and counting, the Iowa caucus is Jan. 22nd, 2024.

Sorry, I'm just frustrated, I will work it off in a bit when I go out and shovel some snow.

Maybe the IRS Needs TO Be Audited?

I understand the IRS has been gutted but with that said;

Remember this, Trump appointed Charles Rettig as IRS commissioner, the most extreme audits were done to Trump's "enemies" Comey and McCabe, remember? People raised holy hell about the audits so Rettig had the IRS IG look into the Comey/McCabe audits and the IG of course, found no wrong doing.

Rettig has retired, thank goodness, and Treasury Secretary Yellen has appointed Doug O'Donnell as acting IRS commissioner. I have no idea if O'Donnell is an honest man but Rettig wrote a letter praising him, which gives me pause.

The IRS OIG is vacant. Why? The Deputy Inspector General is Richard Delmar.

I mean Democrats control the Senate, why can't they get good people confirmed to IRS positions? Is this a Manchin/Sinema problem, or worse?

Mark Meadows A Cooperating Witness?

Glenn Kirschner thinks that DOJ may want information on Trump from Meadows as a cooperating witness. I say fuck no. Investigate Meadows as a Target not a witness. Meadows to me, is a Trump crony who would flip. Scare the living shit out of him, enough with this being nice to people who covered for Trump. If DOJ has the evidence to indict Meadows then it should indict him. Facing jail time is much more of an incentive to talk than giving him immunity, besides, the bastard needs to go to jail along with Trump.

Subpoena him as a target, that will get his attention. If DOJ has no case against Meadows then it has no choice but to coddle the bastard.

Fuck Jerome Powell

I am not an economist but I had Econ 101. How many million Americans does Powell have to put out of work to stop raising interest rates?

Oh, I see Elizabeth Warren agrees with me.

Whatever happened to the invisible hand of the market?

I mean, looking at my spending habits, I never looked at the price of food when I went shopping, I don't want bargains on my food or my health care. I still buy organic but now I cut back on items that are ridiculously expensive. I imagine there are millions more people like me, Powell can leave it up to me and millions of my friends to help with the supply side. I refuse to buy a container of cut up watermelon for $22.00. It wasn't that long ago that I bought a big watermelon from the Amish for 5 bucks.

Rant off.

Mark Meadows Could Be Arrested Today

No, not for his role in stealing classified documents, not for his role in trying to overturn the Georgia election, not for his role in trying to overthrow our government, for voter fraud.

Meadows was registered to vote in 3 states, simultaneously. He voted based on his residency being some ratty trailer in the woods.

Does anyone truly believe that Mark Meadows will be arrested?


DOJ Acts With Lightning Speed

DOJ can act with lightning speed when someone steals rich peoples' money, just like ENRON.

Sam Bankman-Fried the CEO of FTX was arrested in the Bahamas.

I knew all along that DOJ had it in them to move quickly.

He gave money to both Democrats and Republicans. I would be interested to see that breakdown. I'm guessing that a lot of money is going to have to be returned.

U.S.A. Wins World Cup

A big CONGRATS to our World Cup Men's team who wrestled tough the entire weekend and finished off Iran in a great dual, winning 6 of the 10 bouts. The Olympic committee cut back 2 weights for the Olympic wrestling, they need to reinstate those 2 weights.

The U.S.A. has progressed tremendously in freestyle wrestling.

Wrestling, the best sport in the world, freestyle wrestling, not a fan of Greco.

Trump Demands DOJ Return All His Documents

On Friday, Trump made a post on his Truth Social platform calling the "taking of documents" by FBI agents "ILLEGAL."

"Under the Presidential Records Act and the very well established Clinton Socks Case, the raid of Mar-a-Lago by the FBI, and the taking of documents and many other items, was ILLEGAL," Trump said. "Everything should be returned, at once!"

I think this doubling down was a yuuge mistake. A district judge is deciding whether to hold Trump in contempt. This should make his decision easier, and the fine larger.

What Has Changed With The Senate?

As far as I can see, nothing has changed. We still have 51 Senators caucusing with the Democrats, including Bernie Sanders and Angus King. What's with all of the hand wringing? When Sinema decides to causus with the Magats then I will join in.

A Lot Of Threads Here Trying To Diminish The Release Of Brittany

Fantastic job President Biden, welcome home Brittany.
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