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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
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Are there cracks in the GQP armor??

I would not trust Mitch McConnell as far as I could throw him, well, even less than that.

Yesterday Mitch gave an interview where he stated that whatever the select committee uncovers the public needs to know. Now I may be reading him wrong, he may want to know info so his traitors can be prepared, but I don't think so.

Trump has been bashing Mitch, claiming he needs to be replaced. Does McConnell know something is coming down the road and he wants to get out of the way? Has Garland been working behind the scenes?

I may have to pluck that crow and skin that possum. I hope you are a good cook MM.

Laurence Tribe on Lawrence,

Laurence Tribe is a bit smarter than I am. He won 35 Supreme Court cases.

Tribe stated that DOJ needs to be running parallel investigations along with the select committee. Tribe stated that there is enough evidence out their to investigate from Trump on down. Tribe says if DOJ doesn't act our democracy is doomed.

Tribe cited 2 laws that DOJ can charge Trump on down with. One carries a 20 year sentence and the other a 10 year sentence, with no possibility of ever holding office.

The good news is that Tribe gave the opinion that Garland was acting cautiously but Tribe surmised that he hopes with the latest trove of evidence coming out that he expects Garland to change his cautious ways.

Ari Melber tonight

I don't watch bothsiderism but before I could turn off the TV I saw that Jason Johnson was filling in and he had on a couple of great guests.

They totally bashed both Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray. They asked the question that I have been asking here for months, why does everything have to go through the select committee? Where is DOJ and the FBI?

I see that the select committee has subpoenaed the retired colonel, Phil Waldron, who created the 38 page powerpoint document, how to overthrow a government. Malcomb Nance was asked what would he do if he found a similar powerpoint in some country where he was stationed. Nance said that it already happened to him. He and his allies summoned up every bit of defense and intelligence to counter the proposed coup and they did it immediately. Nance stated that the 38 page powerpoint document should be in the hands of the FBI and not just the select committee. Everyone on the committee agreed that our country is facing coup II and our government should be throwing every resource we have to beat back coup II and it is not.

How about a shout out to Cy Vance,

Old Cy has taken a lot of heat, even from me, but some big news isn't on the front page.

Last night, I forget who on MSNC, reported that Cy's prosecutors are talking with Trump's banker from Deutch bank where Trump got millions of dollars of suspicious loans.

Also reported last night that Trump's accountant, yes the guy who worked with Weiselberg, has been given immunity by Vance and is testifying before a grand jury. This is a BFD.

Vance is doing the criminal investigation of Trump which is harder than the civil investigation because Vance has to prove criminal intent on Trump's part. Who is better to prove criminal intent than Trump's accountant?

I thought that Cy Vance was going to pass on Trump, but if MSNBC is right I'm about to buy stock in Depends, Trump has to be shitting himself.

Trump in serious trouble

Let me see if I got this right.

Letitia James is going after Trump in civil court that could cost the Trump Org. hundreds of millions of dollars.

I just heard that Trump's main banker from Deutche bank is talking to Cy Vance's criminal prosecutors. To make matters worse, it was reported on Lawrence O'Donnell that Trump's accountant has been given immunity by Cy Vance and is testifying before a grand jury. Remember now, Vance has the tougher job because he has to prove criminal intent, well... guess who can cough up criminal intent, yup, the accountant. Mr. accountant did Trump know that lying about this property was illegal? Mr. accountant, did Donald tell you to commit a crime or you would be fired? Something to that effect.

Not a good couple of days for Donald Trump. I predicted 3 years ago that Donald would have a nervous breakdown, conditions are right.

Oh and Liz Cheney has a hold of his throat.

Liz f+#%ing Cheney,

brutalized Trump last night and today. It is clear to me she has her sights focused on 1 person.

I would like to know if Trump has responded directly to Liz yet? Has he called her out? I haven't heard anything. I believe Trump is scared shitless of Liz and the Cheney family. If I were Donald I wouldn't go on a hunting trip with them.

Buy stock in Depends folks.

God came down from Heaven

God came down from heaven and told Mitch McConnell and kevin McCarthy that she was going to send every Congressional Republican into the fire of hell. McConnell begged god to relent if he could find 50 upright Republicans, he failed, 40 he failed, 30 he failed, down to 5 he failed so as God was about to send the GQP to hell she relented and told Kinzinger and Cheney to run away. God sent the GQPers to hell but Kinzinger looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt, Cheney got away.

Time to go to bed.

It is darn sad that every GQPer has pledged his/her loyalty to Trump, only 2 stood up for democracy. I still can't get over it.

Rachel said it tonight,

Rachel said that the Georgia Fulton county DA is investigating Trump's attempt to change the results of a valid election; a violation of state law. She then said, it does not appear that DOJ is investigating Trump's attempt in Georgia to change the results of a valid election, a violation of federal law.

Rachel said that DOJ is prosecuting people who invaded the Capitol attempting a coup. Rachel also said, it does not appear that DOJ is prosecuting people who organized and planned the coup.

Steve Bannon was low hanging fruit, not a member of Trump's administration, his trial is the middle of July. When will Mark Meadow's trial be scheduled if he is indicted?

I have been harping about this, bless the select committee, but it can only refer criminality to DOJ. If DOJ has been doing nothing, as people like Rachel Maddow are worrying about, it is troubling.

Hey but Liz Cheney is definitely going after Donald Trump.

Chris Hayes is giving the most accurate,

most terrifying description of Trump's attempted coup. he is amazing, it is still going on. Tune in to him now before he gets fired.

Reminder about Trump's day yesterday.

I don't want to move on from this. I want this to be the narrative for more than 1 day.

The AG of NY, Letitia James summoned Trump for a deposition on Jan. 7th. This action means that she has all of the goods (documents) to indict Trump. She is doing the civil investigation/trial where intent doesn't need to be proven, it matters not whether Trump shows up for the deposition, he/his organization stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

Oh yeah, the 3 judge Appeals court unanimously upheld the District court's decision that Trump does not have executive authority over the release of White House documents. In a blistering decision the court basically said that Trump made no valid argument and that our country has 1 president at a time and that president is Joseph Biden. This decision importantly, also means that Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows, and any other traitor can't claim Trump's now bogus executive immunity.

Just a reminder for Trump if he wants to immoralize, or was that memorialize a wonderful day yesterday.

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