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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
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"Too Much Caution Turns Into Immunity." Adam Schiff

That is a quote today from Adam Schiff speaking about DOJ.

Schiff went on to say that there is no reason that the J6 committee did so much in the same time period as DOJ, when DOJ has so much more manpower and clout.

The insurrection is growing.

Frank Figliusi just said that they have infiltrated the House and made the House weaker, no matter the Speaker, and that makes our country weaker.

Two years since the assault on the Capitol. The Michigan SOS sent a criminal referral to DOJ over a year ago and only this week has DOJ responded, scratch that, only this week has Jack Smith responded.

Biggs, Boebert, Gaetz, and Crane

Those were the 4 Magats who voted not to adjourn last night.

House Members Not Privy To Intelligence

I read an article, I apologize, I forget where, that several House Magats who are on the Intelligence and Armed Services committees have been shut off from intelligence, shut off from the daily intelligence briefings information. One Magat member was crying that he wasn't allowed to attend a meeting he had scheduled with one of our generals.

Intelligence access is being denied because there are no official House members yet, they need to be sworn in and officially assigned committees.

The clusterfuck is only beginning. Our country is in a perilous situation, I can't wait for this fall when the debt ceiling needs raised.

Nicolle Wallace Did It To Me Again

I thought I knew a little bit about what was going on, but she and her guests set me straight and scared the Bejeezus out of me.

First, it doesn't matter who the Magats pick for Speaker, our country is in for a rough road ahead. There are 20 insurrectionists (she scolded someone for calling them rebels) in charge of the House. 5 of those 20 asked Trump for a pardon. This has happened because no one was held accountable, the insurrectionists were elected into office and in office their goal is to continue the insurrection and tear down our institutions.

I especially hope the wait and see crowd watched a later segment where Andrew Weissman said it is very unusual that people in Trump's inner circle have not been held accountable yet, have not had pressure put on them to flip on Trump.

Weissman said it is extremely important that Jack Smith is now in the US where he can evaluate his team and weed out the people who are not up to the task, putting it nicely. Weissman said that time is of the essence.

McCarthy Is Toast,

It will have to be someone like Tom Cole who will get some Democratic votes.

I do not think they have the votes to adjourn,

there are 4 Magats who are a definite no vote and a 5th leaning no, this would make the vote 217-217 from what C-Span said.

If they can't even get the votes to adjourn then popcorn is required.

This Is All The Democrats Fault

Amazing how weak and sterile the Magat party is when it can't blame someone else.

The Magat party has been stripped naked in front of the entire world as being losers when it has no one to blame but themselves.

Fucking seditious losers, all of them. Maybe ALEC, the Federalist Society, the Supreme Court or a few domestic oligarchs will come and rescue them? The longer this goes on, the better. Bwahaha. Did I mention they are losers?

Why I Only Watch Nicolle Wallace

Once again her lead segment was the importance of holding Trump and his inner circle accountable. She gets to the heart of the matter show after show, when is DOJ going to pull the trigger, has DOJ decided yet if it is proper to indict a former president?

She laid out the evidence, the facts that were dug up by the J6 committee and the consensus show after show is that there is enough evidence right now to indict Trump and others for several crimes, not every crime, but several crimes.

The rest of cable news is out to lunch just doing segments on what domestic oligarchs want them talking about.

The pyramid strategy

I had a wonderful week of Christmas vacation, mainly with my grandson.

One thing we did was do a Lego project; 1,000 pieces, 6 bags of pieces, to create some kind of Lord of the Rings castle. My main job was just to find the right little pieces, I put nothing together. I just realized that we were using the pyramid strategy, I didn't think about that until I got home. We went through 3 bags when I demanded a union break. We made it through 5 bags when we had no choice but to stop for dinner. After dinner we all watched a movie and when it was over, grandson wanted to finish that 6th bag. We knocked off bag #6 before bedtime, it was a glorious structure with a clock in the tower that could be cranked by a set of gears.

I had a fantastic week. No politics, No DU, and I am back with a new perspective on the pyramid strategy that is being used by Garland/Smith, it is time to finish that 6th bag, it is time to bring the pyramid strategy to fruition or the fine job that was done on the first 5 bags will be meaningless.

It Is Getting Nasty Out

Here in central Pa. IT's the wind, and the temps are now starting to drop. It's basically a constant white out.

The only birds trying to feed are sparrows who are ground feeders. I tried to toss some bird seed on my deck but the wind and snow are quickly covering it up. There are 8 or 10 sparrows that are braving the weather and eating.

On the front of the house a squirrel was digging in the snow under a feeder, but the wind was whipping him and he didn't stay around long.

The 3 outdoor cats are snuggled up in the garage in their heated houses.

Pa. isn't getting it as bad as some other states, but it is really nasty out. The wind is the problem. Pine branches blew off into my neighbor's yard. He will not be happy, he is a fanatic about his yard.

Later on I will fire up my 30,000 BTU gas heater in the basement, it throws a lot of heat just with the pilot light on.

Stay safe DUers, stay warm.

A woodpecker showed up so I put out a new suet cake for him/her. Oh, a big pileated woodpecker showed up for the suet. Now the cardinals showed up.

3 Gray squirrels just took over the bird feeder.

Our indoor cat is having a blast sitting in front of the French doors to the deck watching everything.
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