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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
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Magats can't play chess,

It is obvious to me, they don't think ahead. The American oligarchs need their votes in a democracy, once we turn into an autocracy they won't just shun those on the left, the unwashed Magats will be in the same row boat as us.

Not much thought was put into what will happen to their freedumbs. Magats get more welfare benefits than people on the left, without the protection of Democrats, goodbye nice things. It may take them a few years to figure out what happened.

Snow check

Here in central Pa. I got about 10-12 inches. Going out to fire up the snowblower, wife has a 1PM doctor's appointment. Nothing shuts down, other than the post office, here in my red neck town for MLK Day.

Do not be forlorn people

"Hey, did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Belushi. No we didn't.

We are the Democratic party, the patriotic party fighting for democracy.

There are people here trying to divide us, trying to make us fight with one another.

Think about this; we are all for holding the people behind the coup responsible, every fucking one of us.

I say so what if I want DOJ to do more and someone else feels everything is going at the exact right speed. So fucking what? I don't feel any need at all to chastise people who feel that our DOJ is doing a fantastic job, I respect their opinion, as a matter of fact I hope they are right. On the flip side of the coin so what if people here like me expect Merrick Garland to do more, is that really a bad thing folks?

We are all in agreement, we want to see people held accountable, we want to see justice. Stop fighting with one another, we are all on the same page.

What happened with the arrests of the Oaf Freepers is an example of a fantastic job done by Merrick Garland, people aren't being charged with trespassing now but with seditious conspiracy. This may lead to taking down the people who were behind this, the people at the Willard Hotel, people like Bannon and Roger Stone.

I feel what happened yesterday in Michigan may be more significant. The AG of Michigan was ready to bring charges against the people who signed fake electoral college documents when she realized this went on in 4 other states which she feels is a conspiracy to overthrow our government. She filed a criminal referral with her regional US attorney, so now the Feds are obligated to pursue this.

These people who signed fake documents are going to be hit with serious jail time. These people are not unwashed Magats, one of them will flip and when they do it will lead us to the inner ring of the coup, right to the top to the planners of the coup. If I were Jeffrey Clarke or John Eastman I would be hiring a bodyguard right now. These people are going down as malaise reminds us and the shit is going to hit the fan right about election time.

Keep the faith and stay united. Everyone here wants the same end goal, don't argue with one another, argue the issues.


Day 29 of the Mark Meadows Criminal Referral

Good morning folks. Yes it is day 29 since the select committee sent its criminal referral to DOJ, but guess what, that may be good news. I figured all along that DOJ was waiting for the SC to make its ruling on Trumps suit claiming he still had executive authority and the claim that the select committee is illegal. That was my only reason why I believed that DOJ was waiting to indict Meadows, for ignoring a subpoena. I learned that Mark Meadows has also filed a "friend of the court" brief with the SC asking it to decide quickly on Trump's suit. If the court backs Trump that means we have 2 presidents at the same time and it means that Meadows and anyone else close to Trump has an excuse not to appear before the select committee. The SC should not even take this fucking case, but with this fascist court who knows?

Which brings me full circle to why it is taking so long to indict Meadows, DOJ may be investigating Meadows for something other than ignoring a subpoena but also for his role in the forged electoral document scandal. We have evidence, emails, that when Meadows was told about the alternate set of electoral documents, his reply was, "I love it."

Now all we have to do is wait and see how corrupt our SC is. Will it rule that the select committee doesn't have the authority to investigate who attacked its own members and what it can do to prevent that from happening in the future?

I put nothing past what evil this SC may do. We should know soon.

You people out there waiting for me to bash Garland can relax and give your alert button a rest. Peace.

Tell me again when Louis DeJoy will be fired?

Don't we have the board in place now to fire him? He is openly working to destroy the Postal service and I have a snowblower part coming in the mail hopefully before a big snow storm.

The Donald Trump appointee has drawn criticism for changes he called for that resulted in delays, cuts and other upheavals, as well as his conflicts of interest, and postal employees unions are fighting plans to consolidate 18 processing facilities into regional centers, reported The Guardian.

His consolidations only result in more delays.

There is no reason this guy should be the head of the post office.

I check on the defeated former president first thing every morning,

to see if he has croaked out. I ask for forgiveness. I go to Raw Story, not because of their wonderful journalism, but because they are one of the first sites to show late breaking news. I rarely click on its links.

Does anyone else perform this ritual, I want a friend with me when I am sent to hell for being bad.

The Defeated President

President Biden used that term several times in the last few days. I think he may want it to catch on. It does have a nice ring to it.

I think I will start using that term. I hope the defeated president doesn't get too upset.

Merrick Garland is no Bobby Kennedy

That's what John Flannery just said on Ari Melber. Flannery stated that it appears that Garland does not want to prosecute Mark Meadows. I say, it's only for ignoring a subpoena and it's only day 27 since he got the criminal referral from the select committee, let's wait and see.

Flannery closed by saying, the time for talking has long passed, it's time for action.

Are politicians off limits?

Man I hope this thought is way out of bounds. I wonder if DOJ isn't going to investigate any politicians, former politicians, former cabinet members, former president? There is a tell that may alleviate my fears. DOJ has a criminal referral for Mark Meadows, day 26. If Meadows gets indicted, ignore this post. I worry about Garland's mention of not being partisan.

Fraudit coming to Pennsylvania

Should have been stopped in Arizona. Now a Nazi Pa. judge has given a no bid pro-Trump company picked by a GQP state Rep. permission to have my Social Security number and driver's license number. The court also is allowing these pro-Trump people access to Dominion voting machines.

I only read the article quickly because it pizzes me off.

The Big Lie continues in Pennsylvania. AG Shapiro filed a law suit but they found a judge who must also believe in the Big Lie.

These fraudits are being done for a reason, and I bet we don't really know what the main reason is. They are getting ready to rig Pa.

Did I say should have been stopped in Arizona?

Somebody put a stop to this.

Why can't this judge's decision be appealed to a higher court?
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