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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 14,594

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Why Magats Keep Loaded Guns In Their Houses

This is a from a real study of Republicans (will not call them conservatives) and liberals.

The area of the brain, the hypothalamus, that controls the fight or flight impulse, is more pronounced in Republicans, they fucking live in fear and that subjects them to conspiracy theories.

I used to post on my local red neck web site until I was ousted, and I posed a question to the Magats, why are you so afraid that you have to keep loaded guns in your house? (some even have strobe lights attached) Did I mention that other than drugs we have very little crime, I never lock my doors. They responded that because they keep loaded guns they are not afraid now.

Maybe we can solve the gun crisis through medicine? Find a pill that counteracts their hyperactive hypothalamus, maybe add it to beer?

George Santos' Big Donor Has Ties To Russian Oligarch.

A man named Andrew Intrater donated the maximun to Santos' campaign and pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into Santo's Ponzi scheme company. Intrater is the cousin of Viktor Vekselberg a sanctioned Russian oligarch who brags about his ties to US politics.

No wonder the Putin Party is protecting Santos. This guy isn't just a clown he is a threat to our national security. I sure hope something can be done about it before this is swept under the rug,

Trump In Big Trouble In The E. Jean Carroll Lawsuit.

First of all Carroll has a fantastic lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, she is top of the hill. It is hard to believe some of Trump's statements, he just cannot stop incriminating himself.

This civil law suit has been going on since 2019 for a reference for the wait and see crowd. I think the first trial is scheduled this February,, Carroll also sued Trump for sexual assault.


In the October deposition, Trump misrepresented comments Carroll made about the allegation in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"She actually indicated that she loved it. Okay? She loved it until the commercial break. In fact, I think she said it was sexy, didn't she? She said it was very sexy to be raped," Trump said.

Carroll's attorney Roberta Kaplan then asked the former president: "So, sir, I just want to confirm: It's your testimony that E. Jean Carroll said that she loved being sexually assaulted by you?"

He responded: "Well, based on her interview with Anderson Cooper, I believe that's what took place."

Trump repeated the claim that Carroll described rape as sexy several times and suggested that Cooper was in a "panic" over her comments, so he called for a commercial break.

#1 Question, Is George Santos A US Citizen

Is this too hard of a question to answer? He may very well be a US citizen, but he did tell a co-worker that he was born in Brazil.

We can't count on journalists investigating because they will wait and write a book about it. Does he have a passport?


Barbara Hurdas said she started training at Dish the same day as Santos in October 2011. She was hired as a Greek language representative, and the two worked together at the now-closed Queens office until Santos left the company, she said.

"He used to tell us he was born in Brazil," she recalled to Patch, "and that he would travel back and forth and that he came from money."

One last Point About The Biden Special Counsel

First off, we know that having a sc for Trump was reasonable. Trump admitted to taking classified documents, wanted to keep them, lied about having any, lied about giving them back, in other words numerous crimes. Also a special counsel for his J6 involvement.

For all of you who are OK with President Biden's sc tell me what crimes that Biden may have committed to warrant his sc?

Remember that President Biden stated he was not aware the documents were in his possession. Remember that President Biden immediately called the national Archives and returned the documents. This sc reminds me of Whitewater, a sc in search of a crime, hopefully the outcome isn't similar. No way was President Biden treated as innocent until proven guilty.

Something To Make Everyone Smile


Garland Invoked A Special Counsel, Was It Warranted?

A special counsel is used to investigate criminal activity. The US Marshall had better have found possible criminal activity from President Biden or the invoking of this special counsel was done because of politics.

Will Garland Be Live At 1:15?

Or will it be a video of his following the evidence wherever it leads?

I Was Told That George Santos Cannot Be Removed From Office. Bullshit!

I was told even if he is arrested, even if he is convicted. Well, since no House member can vote remotely, he cannot vote from jail.

Also, since he cannot vote remotely that means he cannot vote from Brazil. If Brazil wants to bring charges against him then he needs to be extradited. Let him remain a Magat congressman from Brazil.

Also, this guy is not a joke, this is not a laughing matter. There is a name of a Republican woman being floated about who funnels money to Republicans. Someone funneled 750 thousand dollars to Santos from which he loaned himself 700 thousand dollars.

It would be foolish of me to believe that this Republican woman only funneled money to George Santos. Merrick Garland is Johnny on the spot to sic a US Marshall unto President Biden, he needs to get his ass in gear and sic a federal Marshall onto this Republican woman.

This smells a lot like massive campaign violations.

More Biden Classified Documents Found?

Jesus Mary and Joseph, is this real?


After classified materials were found at an old office of President Joe Biden's, aides discovered a second batch of classified documents at a location that Biden was known to use after leaving office as vice president, ABC News has learned.

Sources familiar with the matter said the second set of documents contained classified information. They came to light as Biden aides conducted an extensive search of locations where he worked after leaving the Obama administration.

Biden aides were responding to the November discovery of classified documents at the Washington, D.C., office of the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Biden Center, which Biden used after his time as vice president.
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