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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 9,973

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Who should replace Rachel next year?

Reported she is leaving next year. My choice is Mehdi Hasan. He is the closest person to Rachel's style, a truth teller.

Other people who have been thrown out there to replace Rachel means I have 1 less cable news hour to watch. Get the list of possibilities being thrown out there; Joe Scum or Mika, Both siderism's Ari Melber, Michelle Wallace but she wants to spend nights with her kids.

I am pretty sure that msnbc will turn further to the right than it already is.

I guess Keith Olbermann is out of the question?

Merrick Garland needs to be fired.

Coup plotter Steve Bannon is out on his soap box leading the ongoing insurrection. If it takes this long to make a decision about low hanging fruit Steve Bannon why bother subpoenaing people who were in the Trump administration? If Garland ever decides to send Bannon before a grand jury, that is just step 1. If the grand jury convicts Bannon he still must go before a jury trial which he will assuredly appeal all the way to the Nazi Supreme Court. How long will that take?

The time is long passed for people to keep telling me to be patient. Trump is winning, his tactic is to delay until the GQP takes back the House and maybe the Senate. The only way to stop Trump from running again in 2024 is to prosecute him, prosecute him, and then prosecute him some more.

High school and college wrestling has started, I may just tune out politics and enjoy myself. I get bashed by Democrats here anyway so why endure the aggravation. I baby sat my 8 year old grandson all of last week, I sent him to his first wrestling practice, helped him study and play, had a blast, didn't tune in to one bit of politics. I come back to DU and it's the same ole same ole, nothing about Bannon, nothing about prosecuting Trump and his seditionists.

If it takes this long for Bannon then the select committee is going to have to bypass Garland and go for inherent contempt and lock up people who refuse subpoenas or who refuse to testify.

If Trump runs and wins in 2024 he won't just get 4 more years.

Follow the Money - DOJ

We know one of the failings of the Mueller investigation, a big failing, was that it didn't follow the money. We have heard a lot of talk about the select committee needs to follow the money to find out who was behind the insurrection. The select committee doesn't have the clout to follow the money, sorry, because people just put off being subpoenaed, the DOJ needs to do it, yesterday.

I just went to Raw Story, not because of its prize journalism, but because it has late breaking news. Raw Story is reporting that we know who funded the vast majority of the insurrection, Event Strategies. Congressmen, the Trump campaign pay money to Event Strategies, to this day. The Trump campaign also paid money to nearly 60 people the day after the insurrection, for travel expenses, many of whom were never on Trump's payroll.

Freaking reporters are the people who are digging up the dirt on the insurrection, it would be a lot easier if DOJ would be doing the digging. Maybe they are I am told. Maybe they aren't I say. It's only our democracy at stake.

Maybe this article I just read at Raw Story is just for sensationalism to get hits, maybe it isn't.

Someone with clout needs to follow the money, a special prosecutor or the FBI, or the insurrection only grows. People in Congress, like Mo Brooks, are still paying money to Event Strategies. Why? Why? Why?

Garland rule on Bannon yet?

The weekend is here. Taking this long for low hanging fruit gives us little hope for speedy decisions for subpoenaed former Trump officials.

I would not be shocked if Garland came back to the committee and told them to pursue his subpoena in civil courts.

Ehh, maybe Bannon is already sitting in front of a grand jury. We don't know what we don't know.

March 1st Iowa votes.

Yay, the Covid pandemic is over.

I mean, we are getting people vaccinated. I hear on TV that we have turned the corner that kids getting vaccinated will be a game changer. My church doesn't require masks, only 3 or 4 people wear them, not counting me. Yippie I O Ky aye mother fucker.

So I go to the Covid tracker site and find out that around 1,5000 Americans are dying every day from Covid and I say to self, this must be wrong. I see that infections and deaths have dropped a little but I think back when 1,500 people a day were dying we were shutting down businesses and writing our last will and testament. We didn't have fans in the stands at sporting events, now the stands are full again.

WTF would our death toll be if we weren't vaccinated? It appears to me that I am in the minority, I don't believe that 1,500 Americans dying every day is acceptable. (with people being vaccinated) I went to watch my 8 year old grandson 4 weeks ago. The nurse at his school called and told me that my grandson had a fever and a headache so I went and picked him up and had him tested for Covid. His parents had come home 2 days later so I went home. My grandson tested positive, his parents tested positive and they wanted me to watch him again in 10 days so I got tested. I tested negative but I took the rapid test because I needed to know the results before I travelled to my grandson's. Grandson got better in like 3 days, went through his quarantine and went back to school. I felt shitty, nothing serious, but a tickle cough and tired and worn out. Only within the past week have I started to feel normal again.

I'm sorry for ranting, but I feel this cavalier attitude that is out there is wrong. This bs about kids losing their freedom because they have to wear masks in school drives me up a wall. My grandson got Covid and his school wears masks.

Rant off sorry. Just wanted to remind people that Covid is still out there.

Build Back Better Bill

I am a 10 out of 10 blue blood progressive Democrat. With that said, I beg Democrats not to fall into this trap. The right wing narrative is going to be that president Biden's bill has been gutted. I beg Democrats not to inflate that narrative. I voted for McGovern for crying out loud but I am a realist. We got what we could get and we should push what we got and not cry about what we didn't get.

We can do better next time when we add Democratic Senate seats.

Passing these 2 bills is good news not bad news, rejoice and be glad, or don't and join the GQP narrative.

Democratic Appreciation Thread,

This is for the Build back better and infrastructure bills. A lot of credit goes out to Speaker Pelosi for not caving on voting for the infrastructure bill first. We all know what would have happened, we wouldn't have a Build Back Better bill.

I sincerely believe that both bills will get passed and several months ago I had my doubts.

So I am giving my early congratulations to Congressional Democrats. Even a 1.5 trillion dollar bill will be a BFD.

Good job Dems. I feel it in my bones that these bills are going to pass.

Trump's new social media platform,

Yeah we all laughed at Trump's roll out of (give me a break) Truth. Rachel Maddow even laughed at the incompetence of the roll out.

I am not laughing because I read an article about the tons of money that is backing this site. Fucking hedge funds are pouring tons of money into it. When 2 hedge funds got caught supporting Trump they sold their shares, sold their shares but someone else bought them. No, there is a lot of money funding Trump and they will work the bugs out and then this won't be so funny.

Garland hearing right now,

I can't sign in to C-Span 3, my cable provider doesn't qualify. Any help out there?

Garland appearing before Judiciary committee today,

So will this hearing be televised, probably on C-span? Will any networks cover it?

I can't wait for the intelligent questions from Jordan, Issa, Goehmert, and Gaetz.
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