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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
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Chris Hayes is giving the most accurate,

most terrifying description of Trump's attempted coup. he is amazing, it is still going on. Tune in to him now before he gets fired.

Reminder about Trump's day yesterday.

I don't want to move on from this. I want this to be the narrative for more than 1 day.

The AG of NY, Letitia James summoned Trump for a deposition on Jan. 7th. This action means that she has all of the goods (documents) to indict Trump. She is doing the civil investigation/trial where intent doesn't need to be proven, it matters not whether Trump shows up for the deposition, he/his organization stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

Oh yeah, the 3 judge Appeals court unanimously upheld the District court's decision that Trump does not have executive authority over the release of White House documents. In a blistering decision the court basically said that Trump made no valid argument and that our country has 1 president at a time and that president is Joseph Biden. This decision importantly, also means that Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows, and any other traitor can't claim Trump's now bogus executive immunity.

Just a reminder for Trump if he wants to immoralize, or was that memorialize a wonderful day yesterday.

Trump will plead the 5th.

Letitia James has the goods on Trump, she doesn't need him to testify. What will Trump do? He will plead the 5th like a criminal, then he doesn't have to show up for the deposition. Pleading the 5th can be used against him in James civil trial but not in Vance's criminal trial.

I am sure that in the civil trial that Trump will try to blame his accountant or someone else, but he signed off on documents that James has. The civil trial is going to cost trump a boat load of money and not just for taxes, he also defrauded investors.

Trump is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Hopefully, Vance's criminal trial to follow.

Just my opinion. I know it will be hard for Trump to plead the 5th but he will blame his lawyers for that also.

Anyone else? We will know shortly.

Donald Trump called to give a deposition.

Yes, it's true, NY AG Letitia James has called Donald Trump to give a deposition on Jan. 7th in her office This is a civil case involving Trump's practices of inflating and deflating his property values as it suited him.

Also reported over at Raw Story a new grand jury has been convened to maybe, possibly address trump's criminality in these issues? Remember Cy Vance Jr. bailed, maybe his successor has some balls?

Not much being reported on this, of course.

Select committee subpoenas are meaningless

I am paraphrasing Reps Eric Swalwell and Ted Lieu who were just on Lawrence O'Donnell.

The main point was that the DC courts, whether wittingly or unwittingly are aiding the traitors to delay testifying. The Steve Bannon trial should take 1 day. (not my opinion) Laurence Tribe claims the latest frivolous law suit filed against Speaker Pelosi and the committee will take weeks or months before the DC court dismisses it. The court could look at the suit and dismiss it in 1 day. (not my opinion)

Reps. Swalwell and Lieu want to use inherent contempt and fine people who refuse to honor subpoenas $10,000.00 per day.

Noted in the segment tonight was the example of how it took 2 years to get Don McGahn to testify for a subpoena, which was too late for the 2020 election.

Swalwell and Lieu praised the work of the select committee but the traitors are winning out in the DC court.

Lawrence, Eric, and Ted all agreed that people do not understand how serious the situation is.

Hey, be happy, Congress will soon be on Christmas break.

Great segment by Lawrence. (my opinion)

Definition of treason, dictionary.


the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
"they were convicted of treason.

My question, so why when people call the people who attempted to overthrow our government, traitors, right away someone has to jump up and correct them and give the legal definition of treason. I say, fuck that from now on, those people are traitors and Webster agrees with me. Besides when speaking of them, the word traitor just seems appropriate, it fits. Also, someone tell Ari Melber to stop calling the Attempted coup a riot.

In the words of MF45, "you know what they do to traitors."

1,600 Covid deaths per day

That's the latest tally from the last week. I saw nothing on cable news talking about this. I see nothing here on DU talking about this.

Have we accepted the narrative that the right has pushed all along, or have we just become glazed to the deaths?

What I do see on the news are law suits to stop president Biden from enacting vaccine mandates, I see governors passing laws forbidding the wearing of masks, forbidding mandatory vaccines or testing. I see a governor challenging the military's rule that National Guard members must be vaccinated.

I see all of this going on, but no one seems to see the daily Covid deaths - 1,600 last week and that figure is probably lower than it really is.

Guess I will go back to watching football where no one in the large stadiums wear masks.

Andrew Weissmann's tell all book about the Mueller investigation.

I understand #1 that Weissmann wants to sell a book. I also read something interesting called "the alternate Mueller report." I believe that these are occasions where Weissman and other prosecutors disagreed with Mueller's decisions and they put their disagreements in writing. I believe the NY Times is suing the justice department to release the alternate Mueller report. A couple of the main disagreements that Weissman and others had with Mueller were, 1. to subpoena Trump to testify, and 2. to prosecute Trump for obstruction of justice.

With all of this said, some people are calling Weissmann a traitor for backstabbing Mueller, some are calling him a kind of whistleblower.

Not sure if DOJ is going to release this "alternate Mueller report" or not but it would certainly be explosive. It is extremely critical of Bill Barr for one thing.

Honestly, I hope Weissmann's account of the investigation is released to the public and no I'm not buying his book.

Select committee being used to run out the clock

It's logical to me why Clark and Meadows have made a lame effort to cooperate with the select committee; delay, delay, delay.

Here is what I have been thinking about regarding Jeffrey Clark. Schedule him to appear before the committee, sooner rather than later. Allow him to plead the 5th as many times as his heart desires. When he is done stone walling, the committee shouldn't just ask DOJ to indict Clark for failing to adhere to the rules of a subpoena, the select committee should request that DOJ investigate Jeffrey Clark for other criminal matters that he has stated many times may get him arrested if he responds to questions. Taking the 5th implies, no it states that Clark believes he could be arrested if he testifies, if he answers every question. What more does DOJ need to open an investigation into Clark? The select committee should take that route and not just ask DOJ to indict Clark on non-compliance with a subpoena, but to investigate Clark regarding other crimes. The FBI doesn't have to go through the process of getting the entire House of Representatives to vote on whether something is criminal, it can knock on doors and find out for itself without waiting for a criminal referral.

When Clark takes the 5th he is saying that he knows that possible crimes were committed, DOJ, listen to what Clark is saying.

Appeals court meeting Today over Trump documents

The Appeals court is meeting today to decide whether White House documents should be turned over to the select committee.

The 3 panel judges are all appointed by Democratic presidents. What I just learned is that if this court rejects Trump's executive privilege claim, Trump lawyers can request another step, that the appeal go before the entire Appeal court for a ruling. This really does get old doesn't it. Then Trump will appeal to the Supreme Court. It sure seems that when the GQP wants cases expedited they get expedited.

Well things aren't going well for Trump today;

Justin Clark, an attorney for Donald Trump, reportedly struggled today after an appeals court judge asked him why the former president has more authority than the current president when it comes to decisions about executive privilege.

Let's move this on already.
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