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Sanders Has a Soft Spot for Latin American Strongmen

If Bernie wins the nomination cable news will have Bernie's support for socialism on loop.

A few days after the debate, Sanders appeared on CNN. When Anderson Cooper brought up the exchange in Miami, asking Sanders if Castro’s revolution had indeed benefited the Cuban people, Sanders tried to dismiss the question, pivoting toward the (admittedly immoral and tragic) history of American intervention in the region. When Cooper tried to get a straight answer, Sanders promptly accused him of “redbaiting” and repeated his condemnation-praise routine of the Castro government.

I personally witnessed Sanders’ discomfort and impatience when asked about the failure of the socialist experiment in Latin America when I interviewed him in Los Angeles toward the end of the 2016 primary season. I asked Sanders to explain whether the socialist model has brought Venezuela to the brink of collapse. Exasperated, Sanders dismissed my line of questioning and declined to offer an opinion. “I am running for president of the United States,” he told me, as if the position somehow impeded him from offering a clear evaluation of the Venezuelan crisis. ~


Maybe Biden thought of Harris as the first Indian-American Senator?

As she did of herself.


AP source: FBI has asked for interview with whistleblower.

Am I alone in thinking this is about Rudy?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI last month requested an interview with the whistleblower whose complaint fueled the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and Ukraine, a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

An agent from the FBI’s Washington field office reached out to the whistleblower’s lawyers last month to seek an interview about the substance of the complaint, according to this person, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the request with The Associated Press.

The person said it was clear from the FBI that the whistleblower was not regarded as the target of any investigation but rather a potential witness. It was not immediately clear what specifically the FBI might be looking into. The requested interview has not taken place.


Khizr Khan Endorses Biden.

"I’m supporting Joe Biden for President because of the America he stands for and the one he will fight for -- the country that my son, Humayun Khan, believed in and fought for so bravely," Khan said in a statement.

"Vice President Biden has always put the country above himself. From the days after he was first elected senator to his time serving alongside President Obama, Vice President Biden has never wavered in his commitment to our country. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, has consistently chosen self over country, seeking the aid of totalitarian governments to sway elections and undermine our rule of law to serve his self-interest."



He tries to play the middle but he is definitely a right wing nut job.

Supreme Court refuses to block lawsuit against gun manufacturer brought by Sandy Hook families

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court refused Tuesday to shield a major arms manufacturer from potential liability in the 2012 school shooting that left 26 students and educators dead in Newtown, Conn.

The justices' action allows a lawsuit filed by parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims to move forward at the state level, on the allegation that Remington Arms Co. marketed the military-style rifle used in the mass shooting "for use in assaults against human beings."


Bernie Sanders voted FOR the 2005 law that shields gun manufacturers from liability. In 2016 during the campaign he defended his vote.

Ilhan Omar tweet called anti-Semitic 'dog whistle'



Great question from Angela Rye to Elizabeth Warren:

Angela Rye asks Elizabeth Warren.


Center Left democrats flip seats.

Left of left democrats seem to only win in democrat strong holds that are not seat flipping. That is my take away tonight.

Bernie Sanders Mistakenly Answers Wrong Question at NAACP Forum

Instead of answering the question Bernie launched into his stump speech.

Also, he was asked: "Why should the African American community place trust in you being able to help improve their economic wealth, being when some fear you are so far left that you will face difficulty getting legislation passed?"

He didn't answer this question either.. He instead talked about how he was arrested once in college. Not a good day for Bernie.


Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spent several minutes delivering an impassioned answer about health care during an NAACP forum. But the question he’d been asked was not about health care.

Senator Sanders was one of several candidates to appear Saturday at the Iowa NAACP’s Economic Freedom Presidential Town Hall, and was well-received. But Sanders hit a snag when Des Moines NAACP President and moderator Kameron Middlebrooks asked him one question, and Sanders decided to answer another.

“Senator, the average cost of child care in Iowa is $8,200 a year,” Middlebrooks said, adding “This is clearly, this is beyond the means of many African American households in Iowa.”

“How would you both increase the availability of high quality care, why the same time reducing the costs so providers could still have a livable wage?” he asked.

But Sanders instead launched into a lengthy, impassioned answer about the cost of health care. The response generated several rounds of applause from the audience.

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