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Happy Hoosier

Happy Hoosier's Journal
Happy Hoosier's Journal
June 9, 2020

My furlough is over!!!

My company is recalling me and daily work resumed yesterday. My savings are depleted and credit cards are maxed, but I did not have to touch my retirement or my daughters' college fund.

This will put the kibosh on discretionary spending for a good while, though....

Thanks to those who offered support as I was panicking.

June 4, 2020

So my daughter wants to participate in a BLM protest.... UPDATE

She'll be 18 next week. The protest in question is well-organized and will be peaceful. I still can't help bu be worried. Honestly, I'd do it with her if my back was up to it. But I can;t and she wants to go with a friend.

I'm going to let her, but it's a comment on where we are that I am really worried about it...

Live stream of Protest:


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