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Happy Hoosier

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Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2019, 10:27 AM
Number of posts: 5,419

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I doubt this would happen....

... but it would be great if Biden and Sanders used the Sunday debate to just gut Trump on the pandemic response, and talk about what they and US (as Democrats) would do short term and long term on this subject.
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Thu Mar 12, 2020, 09:48 AM (11 replies)

NBC calls ND for Sanders.

Bernie gets 8 delegates and Joe 6. Puts the delegate math in stark relief.
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Wed Mar 11, 2020, 08:43 AM (10 replies)

Anybody watching TYT?

Just wondering if they are contemplating mass defenestration yet.
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Tue Mar 10, 2020, 08:29 PM (7 replies)

The road ahead for Bernie Sanders....

Wow, this is just brutal....

Posted by Happy Hoosier | Mon Mar 9, 2020, 01:42 PM (14 replies)

Toss a a buck to our Biden, Oh Valley of DU!!!!

With apologies to The Witcher.

Joe has guts and leadership. Now he needs more direct support and dollars.

Toss him a few bucks if you can.
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Wed Mar 4, 2020, 09:56 AM (3 replies)

The Biden Veepstakes....

Too early? NAAAHHH!

IMHO, the Veep MUST be a woman, and SHOULD be a woman of color.... folks I am keeping my eye one:

1) Kamala (I really want her. Fight me.)
2) Stacey Abrams (really great speaker, but no national experience)
3) Liz (a BRILLIANT woman and a tough fighter)
4) Tammy Duckworth (Love her, but has a young kid.... might not want the crushing campaign schedule)
5) My really unlikely Sleeper..... Michelle Obama (So you liked Obama-Biden? How about Biden-Obama!?) (J/K) (Maybe?)
6) Not a woman, but Cory Booker would be great.
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Wed Mar 4, 2020, 09:44 AM (21 replies)

Does this seal the fates of Iowa and New Hampshire?

So much Strum and drang. So much money spent there. But it's clear those states are not accurately reflecting party preferences.

Time for a change, IMO.
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Wed Mar 4, 2020, 09:24 AM (21 replies)

Joe moves into the DU lead?

I noticed DU is now sorting Joe above Liz. I assume this means he has taken a slight lead? I think that is his first lead here since this started?
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Mon Mar 2, 2020, 03:27 PM (10 replies)

I'm switching to Joe.

Iíve been a Warren supporter, but she is done IMO. i believe Joe Biden is our best chance to beat Trump at this point. I hope his big victory today propels him forward. He ainít perfect, but heís my guy now.
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Sat Feb 29, 2020, 08:58 PM (74 replies)

Be cautious of "Never Bernie"

So I donít think itís a secret Iím not a Sanders fan. Nope. Donít like Ďim. BUT..... I have heard rumblings of a Never Bernie ďmovement.Ē I think it is 100% a lock that any such ďmovementĒ is born in the bowels of a Russian troll farm.

Donít fall for it.

Sanders ainít my guy. But if he is nominated, I will vote for him. And so should you.
Posted by Happy Hoosier | Mon Feb 24, 2020, 10:26 PM (19 replies)
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