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Member since: Thu Sep 12, 2019, 11:45 PM
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On nights like this I hope there's a hell.

I don't think Republican Senators are going to grow spines or consciences anytime soon.

But that’s just me.


Why do you and others do this? And why is everyone attacking Sanders so ferociously??

I have nothing against the other candidates (with one Islamophobic dictator-loving exception, but thankfully she’s not been a threat). I just support Sanders. What’s wrong with that?

They weren't pulling for Bernie, they were fighting against Hillary and for Trump.

Bernie, Jill Stein, etc. were just foils for the Russians against Hillary.

Also, no one ever seems to criticize Gary Johnson or Evan McMullen for taking anti-Trump votes from (mainly Republican anti-Trump votes in the suburbs that Clinton targeted, especially in McMullen’s case - the margin between Trump and Clinton in Utah was less than McMullen’s percentage there). And Johnson was easily the most successful of the third-party candidates overall.

Trump and his fans think Boss Tweed was a good guy.

Dershowitz, Epstein, and Trump. Rudy, Barr, Michael Cohen, and Trump. Why would any lawyer help 45?

Answer: They are not merely defending DJT Sr. They are defending themselves.

They are their own lawyers as much as they are Trump’s, because at the end of the day, they are co-conspirators with that Orange Menace.

Dersh defended Epstein and was likely a fellow predator. Rudy is Trump's point man for Ukraine crime

Michael Cohen was a henchman for Trump in many crimes and cover-ups.

Bill Barr is Trump’s Attorney General, not America’s

If a lawyer is defending Trump, there’s at least a 99.9% chance they’re a co-conspirator with the Orange Menace.

FOX, talk radio etc are hype men (and in some cases women) for Trump/GOP. OF COURSE they're liars.

That’s a feature, not a bug, for the entire right-wing, fascist or aspiring fascist political apparatus that FOX and other right-wing media are a part of. The descriptor “right-wing” is a giveaway, is it not?

It’s not news, it’s not even editorial. No, it’s a nakedly crass political-ideological project on behalf of the Right’s ruling class of rich white men and whatever supplicants, power-climbers, and cult following marks (much of “the base” of the Republican Party) whom they can attract.

The cruelty is the point. The propaganda is the point. The lies and distortions are the point. The character assassinations and enforcement of in-group loyalty are the point. We should expect nothing more from right-wing media except for more of the same. And that expectation is ALWAYS proven right.

Authoritarian leaders always call critical media enemies of the people and dissidents "terrorists."

The world according to Trump and his supporters:

Objective, critical media = Fake News and Enemies of the People.

The far-right demagogues on FOX “News”, Sinclair, One America, talk radio = real journalism.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter = terrorists and criminal thugs.

Proud Boys and Neo-Nazis = patriots and Very Fine People.


Mark my words, it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. We have to do our best to plow through and survive.

Mitch McConnell has always been suspiciously supportive of unlimited amounts of money in politics.

Just saying.
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