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Trump is a white nationalist because he hates Obama and WN is politically useful as a GOP politician

Trump hates Obama, thus he wanted to be President so he could destroy Obama's legacy.

How do you set yourself up to do that? Adopt, promote, and publicize the language and conspiracy theories of the most vulgar and racist of Republicans in the "We have a BLACK President, by God!" era. And if anyone knows how to opportunistically adopt and publicize vulgar shit, it's Donald Trump.

Trump is a master of media manipulation (see: his whole career), and he knows how to sell racism (see: The Central Park Five) and his own brand (see: his business career) as well as his self-aggrandizing public image as a "savvy businessman" (see: The Apprentice). And he's such a narcissist and sociopath that the more he lies, the more he believes his own lies, his own self-delusions - specifically those delusions that flatter him in the eyes of the masses, his own reflective mirror of self-promotion.

When Trump looks in the mirror, he sees his own self-created delusion. I am firmly convinced of that. He's clinically incapable of reflection, and his brain wouldn't know the difference between truth and hyperbole, let alone honesty and being a painfully transparent asshole and con man ("He says what's on his mind! He tells it like it is!" Please.).

Trump wanted to be President or at least, pretend to be President. At the very least, he wanted the publicity from a presidential campaign and the opportunity to profit off of it (which he's gotten, certainly with the power of the office of the Presidency), he wanted a Trump Tower in Moscow and Trump Towers all over the world, he wanted the RESPECT of the upper classes that he was both so obviously part of yet so painfully aware of how most of his own class, especially in his native NYC, DESPISED him (the "elites", as it were). He wanted Manhattan high society to stop laughing at him and rolling their eyes at him, because - like all narcissists - , he's a petty, self-obsessed, thin-skinned, utterly vain shell of a human being.

Going back to the thread title: Trump is not a "True Believer" white nationalist like Steve Bannon or Stephen Miller, because Trump only believes in his own bullshit. At most, he is a casual and crass racist in the vain of an old white man from the Outer Boroughs of New York City, the kind that says racist shit and subscribes to racist stereotypes but doesn't have anything close to a coherent "ideology" like a committed white nationalist. At the same time, Trump is - again - such a sociopath and narcissist to the point that he doesn't care that so many white nationalists love him, because white nationalists hate Obama, and Trump hates Obama, and the Republican base that Trump has used and abused like a true cult leader hates Obama, so that's all that matters.

The disturbing thing about Trump's white nationalist politics is not that he cares for white nationalism, but that he doesn't care and only parrots and promotes their shit because it helps him politically and personally. The bottom line for Donald Trump is Donald Trump's own bottom line. And that same Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. Needless to say, this is all horrifying.

SOME people are saying that the Mueller investigation is separate from this Ukraine scandal. WRONG!

In exchange for getting "dirt" on Biden, Trump was holding the Congressionally authorized sale of weapons to Ukraine hostage. Weapons that Ukraine needs to fight the Russian invasion of its Eastern regions. That is literally the whole basis of this scandal.

Furthermore, that dirty prosecutor was up to his eyeballs in Russian ties.

All roads lead back to Moscow, sooner or later.

Trump is just mad that he didn't get the praise that Obama got for getting bin Laden.

He's so fucking petty.

The Missing "One-Offs": The Hidden Supply of High-Achieving, Low Income Students

From 2013


We show that the vast majority of low-income high achievers do not apply to any selective college. This is despite the fact that
selective institutions typically cost them less, owing to generous financial aid, than the two-year and nonselective four-year institutions to which they actually apply.

Moreover, low-income high achievers have no reason to believe they will fail at selective institutions since those who do apply are admitted and graduate at high rates. We demonstrate that low-income high achievers’ application behavior differs greatly from that of their high-income counterparts with similar achievement. The latter generally follow experts’ advice to apply to
several “peer,” a few “reach,” and a couple of “safety” colleges.

We separate low-income high achievers into those whose application behavior is similar to that of their high-income counterparts (“achievement-typical”) and those who apply to no selective institutions (“income-typical”). We show that income-typical students are not more disadvantaged than the achievement-typical students. However, in contrast to the achievement-typical students,
income-typical students come from districts too small to support selective public high schools, are not in a critical mass of fellow high achievers, and are unlikely to encounter a teacher who attended a selective college.

We demonstrate that widely used policies—college admissions recruiting, campus visits, college mentoring programs—are likely to be ineffective with income-typical students. We suggest that effective policies must depend less on geographic concentration of high achievers.


The Uyghur camps. The lockdown of Kashmir. The Muslim travel ban (among many other things)

Courtesy of the world’s three largest countries, respectively. And I haven’t even mentioned Israel and the Palestinians, or Myanmar, or the rise of fascist Islamophobia all over Europe, or the many dictatorial regimes of Muslims that persecute and kill their own people or others, whom are also Muslims (Exhibit A: Saudi Arabia in Yemen and its campaign against all Saudi dissidents and activists).

For anyone looking within the theological teachings contained within the Koran or various Hadiths for clues to “Radical Islamic Terrorism” in the 21st century - to say nothing of the millions more Muslims who are angry, frustrated, resentful, and fearful - you’re looking in the wrong places.

Information warfare is being waged upon us by enemies of democracy both foreign and domestic.

They will use everything against us in this election.

They’ll sow division and discord. They’ll make personal attacks and tell lies and half-truths. They’ll make things up. Make us more suspicious and frustrated and angry and upset and paranoid. They’ll even make us feel like we’re losing touch with reality.

They’ll promote controversial candidates who don’t have a chance at winning, knowing full that we’ll react. The creation and exaggeration of internal conflict and mutual distrust is precisely the point. The petty back-and-forth over third-party candidates, who to vote for or not voting at all - anything to turn our diversity of backgrounds (in every sense), experiences, thought, and worldview as voters of the Democratic Party, that makes us who we are, that rightly celebrated diversity that represents this country’s people - they’ll take that precious diversity, and weaponize it against us.

And make no mistake: whomever wins the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 will face the full force of this effort, and it will be directed at us (Democrats) as much as anyone. Think of the issues and policies that are most important to you. Think of what makes you really angry or upset. I guarantee you that the foreign and domestic enemies of democracy have already learned how to weaponize it against you.

Instead of “out of many, we are one” it will be “out of many, there is no ‘we”.” That’s always been the goal - the ongoing project of dividing this country (and others) against each other for the political and personal benefit of a transnational crime syndicate. That division isn’t targeted at just white against persons of color, Republicans against Democrats, etc. No, the REAL focus for these vultures and has criminals is dividing progressives and liberals, leftists and left of center people, against one another, most especially within Democratic politics.

We must be more vigilant than ever - all of us!

Rep. Cummings's stand against Trump wasn't separate from his work for his constituents.

They were one and the same.

Rep. Cummings, perhaps more than anyone, was uniquely positioned to grasp just how much the anti-democratic and autocratic assaults of the current administration - and the Republican Party that backs it - are intertwined with the attack on voting rights (and other rights and the very lives) of the poor and working classes of this country, beginning with and most harshly toward people of color. Cummings, a black man and sharecropper’s son himself who represented Baltimore, understood this on a very PERSONAL level.

The INEVITABLE corollary of a President or any other leader who is above the law is that the rights and resources of the People, especially the most oppressed and marginalized already, are robbed by that undemocratic, anti-democratic leader’s subversion of the law for his own personal, corrupt gain.

How can we have a democracy of any sort when “our” President and his party and cronies are only accountable to their fellow criminals - foreign and domestic (Putin, among others, being notable among the former)?

Furthermore, is it really any coincidence that these same deeply corrupt, criminal leaders are not merely subverting and undermining democratic institutions, but the very demos itself - that is, We the People?

We are being stripped of our power and resources so that Trump and his family and their friends and backers in the Kremlin and elsewhere can be above any law, any accountability, anything that would remotely reign them in. Representative Elijah Cummings understood that as much as anyone.

Rest in Peace, Congressman. The only way to honor you is also the only way to save ourselves, our future, that of future generations, and that of the planet itself. In other words, to continue and expand on your work, as long as it takes. I hope and I pray that we can all do that.

A silent thread for Elijah Cummings.

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