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Member since: Fri Sep 13, 2019, 12:45 AM
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A tiny number of people have billions of dollars; billions of people have a tiny number of dollars

And this is individually.

Doesn’t this strike you as kind of...ironic?

Good reason to be skeptical, but the actual indictment is new. And he still hasn't been able

to form a new government.

So the prospects for him actually leaving office for good (and going to prison) have improved, though granted, still not certain.

Oh he will. He's very exposed re: Bibi crimes, and Ivanka and Jared even more so.

And of course, there’s Sheldon Adelson, who’s not just Trump’s biggest donor, but one of the biggest donors to Republicans in general and likely the single wealthiest and most prolific donor to extreme pro-Israel/Israeli Far Right causes, including all the illegal settlements.

There are a lot of people who have a lot to lose if/when Bibi is locked up and the full extent of his crimes and corruption are exposed, and their overlap with important Republican figures and people in the Trump administration, including the President and his family, is pretty fucking yuge.

Bibi Netanyahu indicted! (One of the Trump-Kushner crime family's closest friends!)

Israel's Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced Thursday that he was indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Netanyahu has previously denied any wrongdoing and has said he is the victim of a politically orchestrated "witch-hunt" by the media and the left.

It comes while Netanyahu is serving as Israel's caretaker prime minister after he failed to cobble together a government last month.

Netanyahu had hoped to pass legislation that would prevent him from being indicted but has been unable to do so because he failed to form Israel's next government following the Sept. 17 election.


I’ll never forget the blatant disrespect he showed President Obama (with the close cooperation of the Republican Congress of course), how he did his best to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal, or the ways in which he interfered on Trump’s behalf in the 2016 US presidential election (it wasn’t just Russia!), or the blatant Islamophobia he stoked in both Israel and the United States (and Europe) even as he cozied up to Saudi Arabia (!), the UAE, and the brutal military dictator Sisi in Egypt, the extreme white nationalists he also cozied up to in Europe (Viktor Orban in Hungary, for example) - not to mention, the white nationalist-infested Trump administration here in the US - and, of course, the ways in which he used the Israeli Far Right to his own shameless, cynical political advantage as he expanded Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories in defiance of international law, the “Jewish nation-state” law, all the ways he made treatment of Palestinians worse, the media crackdown he intiated in Israel, the open indulging in far-right conspiracy theories regarding George Soros (!!!!) and other “self-hating Jews”, all of the ways he has made Israel worse off as a country.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, back in the 1990s, Bibi absolutely exploited and stoked the anger and hatred against then-Israeli PM Rabin after the signing of the Oslo Accords - and Rabin was assassinated by a right-wing Israeli extremist. Rabin’s own family holds Bibi at least partially responsible.

The indictment couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

I was reading Bob Woodward's "The Last of the President's Men"; the Nixon-Trump parallels are eerie.

The mercurial personality, the mood swings, the incoherent speech, the meandering rants, the contempt for the free press, the obsession with “leakers”, the pettiness, the vindictiveness, the overall criminality and depravity of mind and lack of morality or ethics.

The keys differences being: Trump says/tweets in public what Nixon only said in private (though the White House tapes are a great record of his true mendacity), and Nixon was a Machiavellian schemer of the highest order, which served him well in foreign policy in particular - his one real passion as President. Trump, meanwhile, is more like Reagan without the eloquence, or Dubya without the folksiness, in terms of intellectual curiosity (or lack thereof). And the parallels with Reagan in terms of being an aging celebrity whose White House is often in turmoil, whose Cabinet is often at loggerheads, and whose own cognitive abilities are increasingly questionable as time goes on are almost too easy as comparison.

But ultimately, Nixon is the closest parallel to Trump here, and that is truly frightening.

Curious, innit, that both Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh would vote to overturn Roe.

I find nothing in either man’s biography that would lead me to believe that they ought to recuse themselves from ruling on women’s reproductive rights and women’s rights to control their own bodies.

I hope they get Rudy to testify. He'll simultaneously be witness, defendant, and defense attorney.

What’s not to love?

They don't even respect themselves, since "off the record" (and on it, before Trump won)...

...a lot of these Republican enablers in Congress admit that they loath Trump and recognize he’s a dangerous narcissistic clown.

But they’re way too craven and cowardly - they’re afraid of being called out by a Trump tweet, getting death threats from Trump cultist supporters, and being primaried by someone more willing to consistently kiss Trump’s ass than they are.

Real profiles in courage, eh?

Remember when House Republicans kept voting to repeal ACA, then under Trump, had to scramble...

...because over six years (2011-2017), they had neglected to come up with any so-called “replacement” bill?

You’re seeing that same kind of real House Republican genius on display in these impeachment hearings.

Republicans aren't sending their best to Capitol Hill, folks. Exhibit A: Steve Castor.

WTF was he talking about?!
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