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Member since: Thu Sep 12, 2019, 11:45 PM
Number of posts: 380

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Trump is still lying about being better than the "scary black President." Sad!

Trump is not merely petty, mean-spirited, and corrupt. He's evil.

As evil as any human being can be, I’d argue.

This is moral clarity. We have an evil figure with unbridled power, supported by disgusting career-saving cowards and fanatical cultists. Call it what it is: evil.

I’m not afraid to name it.

Note the constant, vicious attacks against "the Squad" - especially the trope that they're "dumb."

Silly young women of color, out of their depth, don’t know what’s good for them, talking too loud and too much, rudely challenging capitalism and warmongering and speaking out of turn; shouldn’t they just shut up and know their place?

Dismissing the intellects of women and people of color, brought to you by the party of real geniuses like Donald Trump and his family and cronies and the highly knowledgeable Republican electorate.

Here's to the Unholy Trinity of Evil that is most important for Trump.

Mitch McConnell, William Barr, and Vladimir Putin.

Special place in Hell, etc.

Republicans laugh at our lack of power. And they see us as vermin, as scum, as Satanic evil.

Think Mitch McConnell doesn’t enjoy being a soulless and shameless partisan hack? Think Trump doesn’t feel more empowered and free to be a fascist dictator, or close to dictator? Think the billionaires like the Koch network and the oligarchs from Russia, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere aren’t feeling better than ever about looting the country?

And don’t get me started on the cultists and goose-steppers who make up the Republican voter base...

The ONLY thing we can do now is fight like hell because our world depends on it. You don’t negotiate with people who will stop at nothing to destroy you. We have to bury them before they bury us.

I concur, Ms. Speaker.

I concur.

I think it's a good thing that the Afghan veteran is home. But this was cheap.

The mistake Nixon made was he kept his criminality and bigotry secret. Trump brags about it openly.

And on an hourly, Tweet-vomiting basis. And with the help of FOX and Fiends, Republican Congresspeople and Senators - who are to a person, less popular among Republican voters than Trump is - are cowed into falling in line (that is, if they are not part of Trump’s conspiracies themselves).

Trump, unlike Nixon, figured out that if you commit crimes and voice the vilest of bigotries overtly and shamelessly, and constantly hold rabid Nuremberg-style rallies like a fascist cult leader, you can get away with anything.

“When you’re a star they let you do it..”
“I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and wouldn’t lose a vote!”

Trump is getting away with it. Our only hope of salvation is in November.

On nights like this I hope there's a hell.

I don't think Republican Senators are going to grow spines or consciences anytime soon.

But that’s just me.
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