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Member since: Fri Sep 13, 2019, 12:45 AM
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White supremacists/Nazis control US immigration policy.

Let that sink in.

Aren't you just REASSURED that this Nazi creep has the ear of the President?

The Reich-wingers have been calling us crazy or worse when we make Nazi comparisons.

They’re gaslighting us, because the comparison hits so close to home for them that it might as well be at their front door.

Nice to see that a former Breitbart reporter saved the receipts re: Stephen Miller!

“(Katie) McHugh told Hatewatch that Breitbart editors introduced her to Miller in 2015 with an understanding he would influence the direction of her reporting. For that reason, and because Miller would have regarded her as a fellow traveler of the anti-immigrant movement, McHugh sometimes starts conversations with Miller in the emails, seeking his opinion on news stories. Other times, Miller directly suggests story ideas to McHugh, or tells her how to shape Breitbart’s coverage. Periodically, Miller asks McHugh if he can speak to her by phone, taking conversations offline.

“What Stephen Miller sent to me in those emails has become policy at the Trump administration,” McHugh told Hatewatch.”


Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't a coup just happen in Bolivia?

Because that's what it smells like to me.

Re: the Burisma investigation: "But after Ukrainian prosecutors refused to provide documents needed"

Britain’s Serious Fraud Office, an independent government agency, specifically forbade Mr. Zlochevksy, as well as Burisma Holdings, the company’s chief legal officer and another company owned by Mr. Zlochevsky, to have any access to the accounts.

But after Ukrainian prosecutors refused to provide documents needed in the investigation, a British court in January ordered the Serious Fraud Office to unfreeze the assets. The refusal by the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office to cooperate was the target of a stinging attack by the American ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, who called out Burisma’s owner by name in a speech in September.

“In the case of former Ecology Minister Mykola Zlochevsky, the U.K. authorities had seized $23 million in illicit assets that belonged to the Ukrainian people,” Mr. Pyatt said. Officials at the prosecutor general’s office, he added, were asked by the United Kingdom “to send documents supporting the seizure. Instead they sent letters to Zlochevsky’s attorneys attesting that there was no case against him. As a result, the money was freed by the U.K. court, and shortly thereafter the money was moved to Cyprus.”


Joe Biden and others wanted to fire a prosecutor who was NOT investigating Burisma.

How was Joe Biden, as Vice President of the United States, in going out of his way to help get this terrible Ukrainian prosecutor fired for not investigating corrupt oligarchs and companies INCLUDING BURISMA - how was that supposed to help his son, who sat on Burisma’s board at one point?

Joe Biden did the right thing knowing that he and his son would come under scrutiny, knowing that this could potentially hurt his own political career. He did his job, unlike that terrible prosecutor (and unlike criminals and hacks like Trump, Barr, Giuliani, and Congressional Republicans - among others). That’s the bottom line.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Trump's Republican lapdogs: Three examples, three Senators, three opponents in the 2016 primaries.

Historical context for the thread title:

The unpleasant sound Bush is emitting as he traipses from one conservative gathering to another is a thin, tinny "arf" -- the sound of a lapdog.

- George Will, 1986, https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1986/01/30/george-bush-the-sound-of-a-lapdog/9322b0c0-c006-4709-99fc-4283fcb35ea8/

Remember: all three of these men HATED Trump in 2015-2016:



And, a pinned tweet:


Trump: JUMP!
Republican Senators: HOW HIGH?

Arf! Arf! Arf!

Nixon resigned because Republican leaders told him that he would be impeached AND convicted.

Enough Republicans in Congress back then had the moral conscience, or at the very least, a sense of political self-preservation and an actual desire to salvage their historical reputations, to eventually reject Nixon.

Of course, it helped immensely that there was no FOX News and that the Republican Party hadn’t been utterly taken over by far-right ideologues, vicious demagogues, partisan hacks, corrupt assholes, or various combinations thereof.

Republicans back then - enough of them, at least - had shame. But Trump, McConnell, and others are so shameless, so cynical, so utterly devoid of moral conscience, that they have given today’s Republican politicians cover to be political and moral cowards.

Real profiles in courage there.

Trump is a white nationalist because he hates Obama and WN is politically useful as a GOP politician

Trump hates Obama, thus he wanted to be President so he could destroy Obama's legacy.

How do you set yourself up to do that? Adopt, promote, and publicize the language and conspiracy theories of the most vulgar and racist of Republicans in the "We have a BLACK President, by God!" era. And if anyone knows how to opportunistically adopt and publicize vulgar shit, it's Donald Trump.

Trump is a master of media manipulation (see: his whole career), and he knows how to sell racism (see: The Central Park Five) and his own brand (see: his business career) as well as his self-aggrandizing public image as a "savvy businessman" (see: The Apprentice). And he's such a narcissist and sociopath that the more he lies, the more he believes his own lies, his own self-delusions - specifically those delusions that flatter him in the eyes of the masses, his own reflective mirror of self-promotion.

When Trump looks in the mirror, he sees his own self-created delusion. I am firmly convinced of that. He's clinically incapable of reflection, and his brain wouldn't know the difference between truth and hyperbole, let alone honesty and being a painfully transparent asshole and con man ("He says what's on his mind! He tells it like it is!" Please.).

Trump wanted to be President or at least, pretend to be President. At the very least, he wanted the publicity from a presidential campaign and the opportunity to profit off of it (which he's gotten, certainly with the power of the office of the Presidency), he wanted a Trump Tower in Moscow and Trump Towers all over the world, he wanted the RESPECT of the upper classes that he was both so obviously part of yet so painfully aware of how most of his own class, especially in his native NYC, DESPISED him (the "elites", as it were). He wanted Manhattan high society to stop laughing at him and rolling their eyes at him, because - like all narcissists - , he's a petty, self-obsessed, thin-skinned, utterly vain shell of a human being.

Going back to the thread title: Trump is not a "True Believer" white nationalist like Steve Bannon or Stephen Miller, because Trump only believes in his own bullshit. At most, he is a casual and crass racist in the vain of an old white man from the Outer Boroughs of New York City, the kind that says racist shit and subscribes to racist stereotypes but doesn't have anything close to a coherent "ideology" like a committed white nationalist. At the same time, Trump is - again - such a sociopath and narcissist to the point that he doesn't care that so many white nationalists love him, because white nationalists hate Obama, and Trump hates Obama, and the Republican base that Trump has used and abused like a true cult leader hates Obama, so that's all that matters.

The disturbing thing about Trump's white nationalist politics is not that he cares for white nationalism, but that he doesn't care and only parrots and promotes their shit because it helps him politically and personally. The bottom line for Donald Trump is Donald Trump's own bottom line. And that same Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. Needless to say, this is all horrifying.
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