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Miguelito Loveless

Miguelito Loveless's Journal
Miguelito Loveless's Journal
August 5, 2020

A question that must be asked... and answered.

Assume all goes well, and Trump, despite all his efforts is sent packing, and in January is dragged, kick & screaming, out of the Oval Office. The country now has a sane leader, who (hopefully) sets about undoing all Trump has done, and implements a rigorous program of de-Trumpification of the government.

The question that then must be answered is:

How do we prevent the next Trump?

Mechanisms, laws and even a Constitutional amendment(s) MUST be enacted to prevent any president from abusing the office as Trump has done. Failure to do so just means the Republic limps along until the next Trump gains power due to our slave era electoral system (and yes, the EC MUST go).

We have just seen that our prior system of "traditions" and even "checks & balances" failed utterly to remove a president who was a crook, a racist, materially incompetent, mentally incompetent, and a Russian spy. Thus, we need to fundamentally change our laws to take into account the last four years of destruction. We need protection from a government where the legislature, the executive, and to some degree, the judiciary became instruments of oppression and criminality. Even when elements within these branches tried to do the right thing, they were crushed and replaced with ruthless, soulless loyalists.

So, your thoughts please.

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