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Member since: Fri Aug 16, 2019, 04:40 PM
Number of posts: 786

Journal Archives

Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Walking Through Syrup

NAD’s “Are You Normal” recording is absolute gold.


The Thorns - I Can't Remember


Joe Satriani - Big Bad Moon


Let's Go Beavers!

Continue the Pac-12 domination of this years tournament.

Beavers keep on rolling

With a 80 - 70 win over Ok St. to advance to the Sweet 16.

Oregon St next game is against Loyola

Filter - The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)


Tubes - Don't Want To Wait Anymore

Here’s my Covid fatigue song.


Faith No More - Sunny Side Up


The hits keep coming for Tim Eyman.

Washington AG Bob Ferguson wants an additional $2.8 million in legal fees from Tim Eyman

A month ago, a judge ruled the veteran initiative promoter and conservative activist has been a years-long, egregious violator of state campaign finance law, fined him $2.6 million and barred him for life from participating in the financial aspects of political campaigns. Now the bill for the court case is coming due.

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson wants an additional $2.8 million in legal fees and costs, after his lawsuit against Eyman dragged on for nearly four years due to what Ferguson called Eyman’s “cost-inflating, frivolous, obstructive and defiant litigation tactics.”


Gruntruck - Above Me

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