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Keiko Matsui - Moon over Gotham


This is why don't give companies litigation protection

WA Farm Fined $2 Million After 2 Workers Died From Coronavirus

After compiling their findings, the department has issued Gebbers Farm Operations, LP in Brewster more than $2 million in fines. Investigators say it's one of the largest workplace safety fines in state history.

"Gebbers made it very apparent to investigators they had no intention of following the rules as written regarding temporary agricultural worker housing and transportation," L&I Director Joel Sacks said.

L&I began to investigate the farm after they received an anonymous tip from a farmworker. That worker reported that someone at the farm's camp had died of COVID-19, alleging that the farm management not only didn't test the other workers for the coronavirus, but split up the workers who shared a cabin with the deceased, forcing them to bunk in different cabins with other workers.

Another caller told L&I he was concerned that "hundreds" of workers at Gebbers had COVID-19, including himself. He reported that farm owners did nothing to help the sick and "left them in their cabins to die," according to L&I.


Julian Lennon - Hold On


The Darkness - Everybody Have A Good Time


Dan Fogelberg - As The Raven Flies

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