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Member since: Fri Aug 16, 2019, 03:40 PM
Number of posts: 811

Journal Archives

Europe- Lights Out

Hereís Europe covering the UFO song Lights Out. It features the legendary hard rock guitarist Michael Schenker. Still shredding guitars in his 60ís.


Sad Bruce Dickinson news

Bruce Dickinsonís estrange wife Paddy Bowden died two weeks ago. They split in November after 29 years together. Paddy and Bruce had three children together who are heartbroken.


Sorry for your loss Bruce

Armed wannabe warriors protect stores


I donít have an issue with people protesting stores, but you donít need a gun to do it. And I donít want these clowns getting comfortable strutting around with their AKs and fashionable military gear in public.

Jerry Sloan Utah Jazz coach and player has died

I loved his passion for the sport. He was a hard nose player that left it all on the court.

He lost his battle with Parkinson.

Which band would you most like to see perform live

If you could see any active musical artist or band post-virus who would it be? Iíd pick Tool. Saw them once at 93 paloza and thought they the best band that performed day. There new album is epic.

How can you deal with people this irresponsible

Just got notified that staff member tested positive for Covid-19 at assisted living facility my mother lives at. I was told this person was going around visiting friends and family like normal times. They had a huge list of people they had been in contact with. Some people just donít get it and the rest of us have to suffer the consequences.

Gun discharged in Richland Walmart

A man had gun fall out of his coat pocket and fired a shot when hitting the floor, yesterday afternoon. Responding police said the man was legally carrying the the weapon and released him with charges.

Iona hires scumbag Rick Pitino

Pitino gets third chance to show he isnít the unethical POS he has been in the past. If Rick was as good of a coach, as some say he is, he wouldnít have to cheat.

Is it too early to point out how flawed

the republican - libertarian philosophy of government is? Their philosophy of a small decentralized federal government fails during a national crisis. Or should we wait until the emergency is over to point this out?

Jimi Hendrix was born 11-27-42

If anyone cares. The Voodoo Child
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