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Member since: Fri Aug 16, 2019, 03:40 PM
Number of posts: 857

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Pantera - Planet Caravan


Rainbow - Death Alley Driver


Tool - Chocolate Chip Trip


Drummers should appreciate this and Brian Eno fans.

Utopia - Caravan


WA Sec of State candidate Tarleton: 'Our voting rights are under attack'


“We have had a game changing scenario since 2016, and I’m running because our voting rights are under attack. I’m running because our elections have been under attack since 2016. And then here we are in 2020, and now Trump is attacking our election,” she said.

“So as a former senior defense intelligence analyst, I take it seriously when you have both attacks happening — one from the outside, one from the inside. You better take it seriously,” she added. “Don’t ever take it for granted that we will always have our democracy here.”

“And then the final warning was when our secretary of state got a letter July 31 from the post office saying, ‘Oh, by the way, don’t count on your mail to deliver your ballots,'” Tarleton added. “And what was her response? Invite Trump to come to our voting by mail. That’s not a plan.”

Sade - Kiss of Life


Deftones - Passenger


Bob Robertson, legendary voice of WSU Cougars, dies at 91


Bob Robertson, the legendary former voice of WSU Cougars football, died Sunday at his home in University Place. He was 91.

Robertson called WSU football games for 52 years, first as play-by-play announcer from 1964 to 2011, then as an analyst beginning in 2012. Just as well known as Robertson was among Cougar fans for his voice was his signature way of signing off: “Always be a good sport. Be a good sport always.”

Bob had a lot of love for sports, athletes and people. I’ll miss hearing your voice on Fall Saturday afternoons.

John Lennon - Working Class Hero


Twenty One Pilots - Car Radio

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