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House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said Sunday no one is going to defund the police

"We can restructure the police forces, restructure, reimagine policing," he added. "That is what we are going to do. The fact of the matter is, the police have a role to play. What we have got to do is make sure that their role is one that meets the times, one that responds to these communities that they operate in."

Protesters across the country have rallied behind a call to defund police departments following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and others. But top Democrats on the Hill have spoken out against those calls.

"The fact of the matter is, this is a structure that has been developed that we have got to deconstruct," Clyburn told host Jake Tapper. "So, I wouldn't say defund. Deconstruct our policing."

Great message to the country from the Honorable brother Clyburn. A message to the sinister plot to so radicalize this issue and help Trump.

Not defund police REFORM THE POLICE.

We don't need this hard-headed militancy. Something the tabloid press wants so they can have a political horse race and get ratings.

We don't need ratings but a slam-dunk victory of Joe Biden over Trump.


A word to the street wise. Stop fighting cops.

There was a time as a tough hard-headed youth growing up in Newark NJ where, I kid you not, 5 minutes when I would leave my house at most ten a police car would ride up on me and say Pullover. I would be rousted and checked. It was like clockwork and I mean literally every day.

Now I wasn’t a major criminal but also not a saint or none of us were growing up there in one of the worst hoods in the country…Newark were good boys. The ones who survived like me were lucky.

But you know, we had sense. No one would fight a cop. Maybe run but no fighting cops, it’s a stupid thing to do. Even resisting arrest violently is something we never did back in the day.

Brothers ITS NOT KOOL!

Even Mafioso know better than fighting cops and if you’ll notice most of the brothers shot by police aren’t gang members, just petty criminals at worse. Most of them.

The point is any real gang member or even hardened gangster knows not to fight a goddam cop. Its no way you can win.

That's why rarely do these cops actually kill a real gangster? Gangsters are trained to know better than fighting a cop

Now I know people will say. Hey, don’t blame the victim.

But someone has got to school these young brothers to cease and desist fighting or resisting cops on the street.

I have to tell the young guys.

Chill on fighting cops for your own good.

Well have fewer incidents like Atalanta

And know in no way is meant to justify bad cops

Morbidly, COVID 19 is Trumps only hope to win

One thing I noticed about this forum in the month or so I've been here. And it is many people don’t want to deal with particular issues of self-reflection.

So here goes it—an ugly truth.


Has it dawned on some people that at 30 thousand deaths a month COVID can kill enough black folks and people inclined against Trump just to get him over in a few swing states?

We already know black folks are affected much more than white people.

And thousands of Liberal minded and black people are running around in the streets with an infectious deadly disease rampant.

Don’t think Trump’s people haven’t thought of this

And may have deliberately riled up the left so they can get the virus.

I hope I’m wrong.

But remember Trump won those Midwest swing states by only thousands of votes.

Trump bugging out over bad poll numbers planning to fire Kushner

The liar and idiot in chief is jealous of Kushner’s press and mad at him over his sinking poll numbers

Any time Jared is in the papers, Trump complains, 'We have to get Jared back to New York!'" a Republican who had discussions with Trump told Sherman. "This is typical with him and Jared."

But behind the scenes, Trump has raged over his tanking voter support and "mulled taking oversight of the campaign" away from Kushner, according to Sherman.

Trump's so delusional he's calling his friends so they can confirm his delusion the polls are wrong.


"He's asking people to agree with him that the polls are biased," a Republican briefed on the calls. said. "But no one is telling him what he wants to hear." 
Trump on Monday tried to counter polls showing him down big to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by tweeting a memo by notoriously wrong pollster John McLaughlin which claimed that they had undersampled Republicans.

Trump's going crazier

Large corporations FINALLY taking action against racism on Gamer sites

It looks like another benefit from the racial consciousness that is a ramification of the George Floyd murder by a cop is that big companies like Microsoft, XBOX, and Playstation are cracking down on racists gamers who have harassed minorities and women for a long time under the sponsorship of many of these companies.

This is particularly bad in light of the fact that children are prevalent on game sites and don't need to be exposed to such poison.

It’s about Mil Grau, a Brazilian youtuber and streamer who often uses his social media and video game content to launch messages racists, sexists, homophobes, sexists And trasphobs. Several users have publicly exposed these facts and the issue has transcended so much that Xbox decided to take drastic action.
Xbox Brazil’s own profile Twitter had already made public his disengagement with Mil Grau. “The content of the Mil Grau does not reflect our core values of respect, diversity and inclusion. We have already asked you to remove our brand from your channels and the rest of your social networks,” the tweet of the platform said.


Shame on Microsoft, Xbox, and PlayStation and the others for sponsoring this racists slob for so long.

Youtube and a gamer site called Twitch also banned him

Expect to hear the right-wing hypocrites complaining about censorship

The Biden Agenda of Progress and Hope

Number one: rescind practically everything Trump has done: such as relinquishing the Iran nuclear agreement. The tax cuts for the rich need to be repealed. All the cuts Trump made to SS, Medicare, and Medicaid, and Food stamps and ALL other social programs he cut are to be restored.

...Immediate acts: Global warming programs restored, SCOTUS maintenance, Judges appointed to counteract Trump’s right-wing judges he appointed. ATTENTION TO CIVIL RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS, VOTING RIGHTS, ABORTION RIGHTS, POLICE REFORM, back to a respectable foreign policy, Raise taxes on the rich--ONLY, AND GIVE SOME RELIEF TO STUDENT LOANS.




And do the Dreamers act completion that Obama was doing before the evildoer Trump got elected.



Restart the relationship with Iran to restore Obama’s nuclear agreement.

Slowey, try to restore a working relationship with China[ economic and security issues] and Russia[ nuclear weapons reduction and security]

Attempt to settle Afghan war
Cease operating in Syria

Restore relationship with allies without provoking Russia

Try to restore ME peace talks

Try to decrease Defense budget and

…Restore nuclear weapons reduction talks

I know Ive forgoten some things so anyone here is welcome to add their issues

Biden Doesn't Support Defunding Police, But Trump Is Trying To Tie Him To The Idea Anyway

Since the emergence of calls to “defund the police” at protests across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death, President Trump and his campaign have attempted to tie former Vice President Joe Biden to the radical policy, even after Biden’s campaign said he doesn’t support such a move.


Stay moderate Joe don't let this blatant attempt to help Trump get traction.

In the end, Trump's ONLY hope is to rile up the lefty radicals and have them get traction on their politically suicidal ideas.

In four days, Trump has tweeted that Biden supports defunding the police five times, such as tweeting on Friday that “Biden wants to Defund the Police!” based on a tweet supporting the measure from Brian Fallon, a former Obama administration staffer who doesn’t work for Biden.

Trump’s reelection campaign doubled down on that assertion on Monday, with Communications Director Tim Murtaugh telling reporters, “Joe Biden's campaign has managed only a feeble no comment on the story,” and asserting “silence is agreement. By his silence, Joe Biden is endorsing defunding the police.”

Trump's job approval falls amid racial unrest, while Biden jumps to 14-point lead The CNN poll repor

Now that's what I like to hear.


President Donald Trump’s overall job approval rating dropped 7 percentage points over the past month, according to a new survey released Monday that also shows him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by a 14-point margin ahead of November’s general election.

The CNN poll reported that only 38 percent of respondents approve of the “way Donald Trump is handling his job as president,” while a majority — 57 percent — disapprove.

Trump’s approval rating — his worst in CNN polling since January 2019 — has diminished considerably since May, when 45 percent of Americans said they approved of his job as president. His disapproval among Americans has increased by 6 percentage points, from 51 percent in May.

Biden doesn't have to do anything but standard Liberal talking points and denunciations of the Liar in Chief Trump and he will win big.

The right-wing will rile up racial tensions

Just so Trump can say: see look, white folks, the radicals have taken over civil-rights and are coming for your suburbs.
If you don’t think that can be used to get Trump back in then your naïve.
Read up on Cointelpro and Operation Gladio

I myself posted an OP saying Biden on paper is a win unless something happens.

Now if we ever get over this present protest over Brother Floyd then there may be a deep state right-wing attempt to further rile up the country so much that God knows what will happen.

Trump is so bad that I doubt this can be used like many GOP candidates (Bush and Nixon) did in the past: scare enough white folks they put Trump back in. Right now, Trump thinks the only way to win ( is scaring white voters) that’s why he started this I the law and order candidate that goes back to Nixon and George Bush racist days.

I don’t want to left and civil rights groups to get too far out on all these protests and give Trump any room to lie and propagate such fear that he can win again.

He does not have to scare the whole white electorate just a few in Pennsylvania, Wisconson, Ohio, and Michigan.

They've already started to malign groups and slander them and do violent acts in their name such as Antifa.

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