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Open letter to so-called progressives Part I

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the Good!”

The so-called progressives in the mainstream who hate ordinary liberals and always want progressive perfection or bust are ironically one of the greatest enemies of progressive causes in this country because their antics often are responsible for electing Republicans who invariably commit severe harm to the ordinary middle class and lower middle class and poor Americans.

While they are presently undermining the (what should be an easy election of Joe Biden) by trying to pin rape on him, unjustifiably, since this case is very, very weak. Obviously, they're hoping for Biden to collapse and get their man Bernie in on a sneak trip.

Parenthetically, before I proceed, I just want to remind us of the profound horrors of another Trump election... And it appears the same elitist radical so-called progressives actually desire a Trump victory which will lead to the following: Decades of a right-wing SCOTUS, the destruction of Obamacare, the further neglect of the global warming crises, the further inflaming of a war with Iran, Trump will further enflame racial divisions, further indulge in sectarian nationalism in foreign affairs, further cut taxes for the rich and neglect the environment, cut more food stamps, section 8 cuts, Social Security cuts, Medicare cuts, and all manner of social, infrastructure, and humane causes setback for decades as well continue his deadly bungling of the coronavirus pandemic crises to the detriment AGAIN of the poorest and most vulnerable Americans that the liberal tradition of the Democratic party, although not perfect, has done sterling work overall in spite of virulent opposition by the GOP.

Not to mention the very real possibility of the eradication of abortion rights, set back in minority voting rights, the plight of the immigrants, the further building of that wall of Trumps, the lessoning of LGBT rights. Indeed, one can go on and on about the human tragedy that another term of the GOP presidency of Trump will bring about. Do these rigid, doctrinaire dogmatic " progressives" understand the utter enormity of this terrible possibility? I think they do not!

These so-called progressives would risk all these suffering inducing policies for the sake of their own political egos! To the extreme detriment to ordinary Americans. Who are NOT millionaires and must live under the GOP destructive antics if Trump is reelected?

If you consider these mainstream so-called progressives such as, for example, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian from TYT, and many others you see they always want the impractical( non-electable) perfection of a radical progressive even though it often leads to the election of a regressive Republican to the massive detriment to poor and middle-class Americans.

Look at them. They all are millionaires, belief or not or pretty close, indeed a person like a Susan Sarandon who wouldn’t vote for Hillary will NEVER lose her food stamps, or lose her Obamacare, or her section 8, or have to worry about getting her Medicare, Medicaid or social security cut and many other programs the poor and middle class will suffer when a GOP president enters the White house. No, her net worth is surely in the millions, as is Michael Moore, as is Glenn Greenwald, as is, believe it or not, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of the Radical young Turks and most others or at worse their upper-middle-class and never have to worry about being exposed to the treacherous policies of Republicans. No, they can afford with their millions in the bank to waste their vote on a radical they well know, the left of the center political base in America isn’t going to vote in office.

Part II Dem presidents have done great jobs

If we look at the recent GOP presidents and the recent Dem presidents, we can see a stark difference. Sure, the Dems aren’t 100 percent perfect progressives but compared to the destruction GOP presidents do to the average American, they are 1000 times better and the record bears this out.

look at the utter destruction of our society GOP presidents have wrought: Ronald Reagan with his tax cuts for the rich from 70 percent to about 30 percent was the beginning of the end of the great economic expansion of America after WWII and the end of the rising wages we had up until then.

Then we get Bush whose war on drugs was a war on minority peoples while at the same time under Reagan and Bush they peddled cocaine in the black community so their counter-revolution in Central America could be financed. It was called Iran-Contra.

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both performed admirably for the average American and tried to maintain that safety net Republicans always try to gut. Under Bill Clinton who raised taxes on the rich, we had an economic boom as in comparison to the weak economy under the first George Bush. Barack Obama, although not perfect, nevertheless saved the American economy and delivered on Obamacare in a grueling 8-year war with the backward Republican party. The important thing is these Dem presidents didn’t try to wreck the progress made by the Democratic, moderate and practical progressive liberalism as we know the GOP president will ALWAYS try to do as Trump has done and will continue to do.

Look at George Walker Bush, Ralph Nadar, and his ego just had to run so we had the holocaust of the Iraq war and it’s over a million dead Iraqis and thousands of US troops. As well, the 2007-8 economic depression brought on by the GOP economic philosophy under the bungling Bush.

There is no way this would have happened under Albert Gore. But no, the perfectionist wing of the progressive radicals always wants perfection to the detriment to the REAL poor, needy, and middle-class Americans, who under the GOP presidents usually elected because of “progressives” like the ones I mention who NEVER suffer like ordinary Americans.

It boils down to them being Taliban-like rigid political dogmatic irrational elitists.

In other words, put simply, they do more damage by far than any political good. They lack the simple insight of self-reflection and criticism into the reality of political exigencies. In other words, they lack political intelligence or worse--political morality.

Sure we won't have that progressive nirvana some people want since the political reality at a time doesn’t dictate an election victory for extreme progressivism we all ultimately want but we have great to good Dem candidates who, again, although aren’t perfect, are and have always fought for the social progressive programs we all benefit from that are always at risk when Dems lose because of the rigidity of a philosophy that doesn’t understand the wisdom of this timely aphorism:

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the Good!”

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