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Protests can cause catastrophic setback for controlling COVID19

I hate to be the bearer of bad news and I hope and pray this isn't going to happen but health officials are warning against these protests

It's being overdone IMO.

And the words of the experts seem to back that up.

Within the last few days, careful social distancing has been overturned by demonstrations against social injustice — as thousands of Americans congregate in cities across the country protesting the death of George Floyd.

The large gatherings, infectious disease experts said, could cause a catastrophic setback for controlling COVID-19 in the U.S. as cities and states try to reopen.

I know its a great cause but there should be some consciousness about this for activists.

Eric Garner's daughter( whose father Earl Garner was murdered in NYC ) even said on the radio today that she wouldn't go to one under the circumstances of COVID SPREAD.

She advised people to go home, vote, join an activist cause( I'm in MOveon.org), and if you do go wear a mask.

Its unfortunate in NYC hundreds arrested are in danger. They take their masks and leave them in jeopardy for hours.

Wisdom must prevail here not emotionalism IMO.

The cops likely wont be convicted

They should be sent up for a long time maybe 25 to life IMO but the chances of them getting convicted, if we are to go by past examples is very small.

At best a jury might give them a manslaughter conviction.

This might be Rodney King all over again and then there will definitely be another explosion.

Just don’t depend on a conviction even though we have it on video

After Rodney King, the worse murder of police on an innocent black man was the murder of Amadou Diallo in NYC in 1999 who was shot over 40 times by 4 white cops and they got acquitted of 2nd-degree murder, not even convicted of manslaughter.


I hope their convicted, they damn sure should be, but in America I doubt it.

Police in NJ join peaceful protest

People march peacefully with police during daytime protests in N.J. towns

A day of peaceful protests continued in a few New Jersey towns on Tuesday as demonstrators gathered to call for an end to police brutality after the death of George Floyd last week.

A mid-morning march was held in Toms River where police walked alongside residents from a shopping center on Route 37 down to the Ocean County courthouse, chanting “I can’t breathe,” according to video from the scene.

Further south along the Jersey Shore, people gathered in Somers Point and marched toward Ocean City over the 9th Street Bridge Tuesday and ended at the public safety building where police officers spoke to the crowd, took a knee with fellow protestors and joined them in a nine-minute moment of silence.


This is how it should be done. No fighting the police, no violence, no overturning cars, just Americans exercising peacefully their inherent right to protest

I'm proud of the Garden State...New Jersey.

Conservative Icon George Will Urges November Sweep: Vote Out Trump, All GOP Enablers

Longtime conservative commentator and columnist George Will says voters must do more than reject President Donald Trump in November. They need to vote against his Republican “enablers” too ― especially in the Senate.

In a column published in The Washington Post, Will talked about how Trump once urged police not to be “too nice” when making an arrest.

“His hope was fulfilled for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on Minneapolis pavement,” Will wrote, referring to the police killing of George Floyd, a Black man whose death set off a wave of protests and unrest around the nation.

Will, who quit the Republican Party in 2016 when it became clear Trump would be the party’s candidate, said the underlying problems behind the nation’s unrest predate this presidency and will still be with us when he’s gone.

“The measures necessary for restoration of national equilibrium are many and will be protracted far beyond his removal,” Will wrote


Will reminds how the evildoer Trump advocated police brutality, so he as president is responsible for much of the climate that incites this crime in Minnesota

Use this energy to register people to vote in massive numbers unlike ever in the US and vote out the GOP enablers of this reprobate Trump...This foul, vile, evil wretch of a man.


I’m a 911 conspiracy guy but am not of the crazies but this protesting may be used to help Trump by sinister unseen forces.

Therefore, these well-meaning protests Need to CHILL THE F___ OUT!

Sure, we all want to get justice but believe me, this can be used by the secret team to cause untold damage and help Trump tremendously.

Sure, that’s a conspiracy theory but if you don’t believe there are right-wing forces inside of power centers who will use this to tweak attitudes your naïve.

Protest until your blue in the face, it's GOOD, GREAT, BUT the burning and killing can be used to help Trump or a lot of the violence can be an op to turn the nation around and have sympathy for mad dog Trump.


Bernie's ideologues are crying the blues

Bernie world descends into disarray


What are they crying about? Perhaps they should STOP being elitist crybabies and just support the defeat of Donald Trump. Then we can sort out the differences in allied political partners.

Thousands of his former volunteers publicly warned him that their organizing networks are on the verge of falling apart since he dropped out of the presidential race five weeks ago. Ex-aides fear that the precious data they collected on his supporters, which could be used to elect progressive candidates and oust President Donald Trump, is going to waste.

Many of Sanders’ allies were demoralized by what they saw as Our Revolution failing to live up to its potential after his first presidential run. Now, in the wake of a second unsuccessful campaign, some fear they’re witnessing a repeat of the 2016 wreck unfold in real time.

There is already discord over new organizations that have sprouted since Sanders dropped out last month. Several progressives are incensed over a super PAC that longtime Sanders adviser Jeff Weaver created to help elect presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, seeing it as a betrayal of the Vermont senator's opposition to big-money groups.

I always said many of Bernie’s supporters were elitist snobs who really don’t care much about the utter damage Trump has done to the poor, middle-class Americans and the world. Such as when he cut food stamps, attempted to destroy Obamacare, section 8, ruin the environment, ignore global warming, stack the SCOTUS with right-wingers, cut SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and cut taxes on the rich, and be responsible for thousands of American dead in his despicable COVID 19 response.

THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH...and their bickering over a lost cause!

These things above neither Biden, Hillary nor Obama, or the average liberal Dem WOULD EVER DO. But many of them have a rigid, doctrine attitude like a Communist Bolshevik and always harm the poor when they end up helping to elect radical right-wingers just because their precious ideologue didn’t win.

Join the Biden Train and defeat this generational evil in Donald Trump and stop worrying about dogma and rigid doctrine.


If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet, New Study Says


Japan and other Southeast Asian nations have done relatively well in comparison to the terrible way the Trump administration has done combating COVID19. This is another example of their success versus our failure.

It sounds too good to be true. But a compelling new study and computer model provide fresh evidence for a simple solution to help us emerge from this nightmarish lockdown. The formula? Always social distance in public and, most importantly, wear a mask. If you’re wondering whether to wear or not to wear, consider this. The day before yesterday, 21 people died of COVID-19 in Japan. In the United States, 2,129 died. Comparing overall death rates for the two countries offers an even starker point of comparison with total U.S. deaths now at a staggering 76,032 and Japan’s fatalities at 577. Japan’s population is about 38% of the U.S., but even adjusting for population, the Japanese death rate is a mere 2% of America’s.

It's not a guarantee but the evidence points out, in the whole scheme of things, masks work and could and still can be a great tool in defeating the virus.

This comes despite Japan having no lockdown, still-active subways, and many businesses that have remained open—reportedly including karaoke bars, although Japanese citizens and industries are practicing social distancing where they can. Nor have the Japanese broadly embraced contact tracing, a practice by which health authorities identify someone who has been infected and then attempt to identify everyone that person might have interacted with—and potentially infected. So how does Japan do it?
One reason is that nearly everyone there is wearing a mask,” said De Kai, an American computer scientist with joint appointments at UC Berkeley’s International Computer Science Institute and at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is also the chief architect of an in-depth study, set to be released in the coming days, that suggests that every one of us should be wearing a mask—whether surgical or homemade, scarf or bandana—like they do in Japan and other countries, mostly in East Asia. This formula applies to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence (occasional mask refuseniks) as well as every other official who routinely interacts with people in public settings. Among the findings of their research paper, which the team plans to submit to a major journal: If 80% of a closed population were to don a mask, COVID-19 infection rates would statistically drop to approximately one twelfth the number of infections—compared to a live-virus population in which no one wore masks.

On this, Trump isn't 100 percent to blame because the MSM in America didn't at first advocate wearing masks universally until very late. Though now he is, as usual, adapting foolish measures in relation to masks. Now his own administration is littered with COVID 19 positive test results, a dangerous situation that could have been avoided had the stubborn, hard-headed Trump adapted to the new situation.

ALL of the experts including the Trump advisers failed us on this one. Earlier the mainstream medical experts were afraid masks would be so rare the health care workers would be deprived so they ( wrongfully IMO) sent out messages that advocated NOT for us to wear masks.

Now that the COVID has spread so perniciously they realize masks, as they worked so well in Asia, should be adapted here as well. This study seems to back that up.


Trumps worse Trait

Trump's worse attribute, believe it or not, is not his ignorance, though that is a huge issue of course, but actually his tendency to deceive others and his affinity to self-deceive-- inner lying to himself. Like a child when they ignore reality and indulge in fantastic wishful thinking.

This is not a psychological analysis but one that deals with one of human nature's worst moral attributes---self-deception and the ability to deceive others.

Trump is a master at not only self-deception, which the horrible response to this pandemic indicates, but the ability to like a master conman deceive others who are as psychologically weak as he is.

Anyone who still believes in this despicable human being, Donald Trump, is either a victim of Trump's innate conman deceiver or themselves morally bankrupt or psychologically crippled because Trump is a moral barometer of who has some sense--those who see his evil for what it is-- and those who have no sense—moral, perceptive or psychological--as his supporters on any level manifest.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this tendency to self-deceive would likely one-day spell disaster for many and hoped we could get through this evil man’s time as president without being bitten by this inner lying and self-deceiving nature of this kind of twisted human being he is.

Unfortunately, came COVID 19 and all of Trump's deceptive qualities are active and have caused untold damage.

All we can do is fight this massive ignorance and his clueless followers who as the scriptures say:

Give power to the beast!

Why Democrats will win in a landslide in 2020

The primary reason the democrats should have a massive electoral landslide in 2020 is the fact that during the time of national peril, economic or natural disasters, the people know in their hearts Republicans don’t give a damn about human beings and added to that is the demonic and horrible actions of President Trump, which can be correlated to the horrible and demonic acts of president Bush in 2008 and why Obama crushed the GOP candidate at the time, John McCain... The Obama election in 2008 is a prime example of this political phenomenon.

People know when we are in dire straights as we are now, the GOP is absent of human compassion and empathy as they always are (even when things aren’t so drastic) as it is in this pandemic. As they are displaying little interest in saving ordinary human lives and only supporting their masters: the billionaires, millionaires, and merchant wealthy class.

Therefore, there is little doubt that not only will Biden crush Trump but likely the Dems will sweep the senate and the house unless some sinister, dastard theft takes place such as in 2000 and 2004.

That’s is unlikely since only when the election is close can the GOP steal it as they did in 2000.

So, the only hope of Trump and his morally depraved party is some deep, sinister, plan to steal the election.

Indeed, this idiot and egomaniac, Justin Amash, who claims he hates Trump so he will run on the Libertarian party may be a part of a plot to derail Biden but I doubt that person can get any votes and may in-fact take votes away from Trump, in theory, since he is a conservative, libertarian fanatic.

So in the light of Trump's demonic state and the general consternation of his horrible ongoing response to the COVID 19 pandemic, if everything stays on par, the Dems should have a massive win in 2020.

Open letter to so-called progressives Part I

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the Good!”

The so-called progressives in the mainstream who hate ordinary liberals and always want progressive perfection or bust are ironically one of the greatest enemies of progressive causes in this country because their antics often are responsible for electing Republicans who invariably commit severe harm to the ordinary middle class and lower middle class and poor Americans.

While they are presently undermining the (what should be an easy election of Joe Biden) by trying to pin rape on him, unjustifiably, since this case is very, very weak. Obviously, they're hoping for Biden to collapse and get their man Bernie in on a sneak trip.

Parenthetically, before I proceed, I just want to remind us of the profound horrors of another Trump election... And it appears the same elitist radical so-called progressives actually desire a Trump victory which will lead to the following: Decades of a right-wing SCOTUS, the destruction of Obamacare, the further neglect of the global warming crises, the further inflaming of a war with Iran, Trump will further enflame racial divisions, further indulge in sectarian nationalism in foreign affairs, further cut taxes for the rich and neglect the environment, cut more food stamps, section 8 cuts, Social Security cuts, Medicare cuts, and all manner of social, infrastructure, and humane causes setback for decades as well continue his deadly bungling of the coronavirus pandemic crises to the detriment AGAIN of the poorest and most vulnerable Americans that the liberal tradition of the Democratic party, although not perfect, has done sterling work overall in spite of virulent opposition by the GOP.

Not to mention the very real possibility of the eradication of abortion rights, set back in minority voting rights, the plight of the immigrants, the further building of that wall of Trumps, the lessoning of LGBT rights. Indeed, one can go on and on about the human tragedy that another term of the GOP presidency of Trump will bring about. Do these rigid, doctrinaire dogmatic " progressives" understand the utter enormity of this terrible possibility? I think they do not!

These so-called progressives would risk all these suffering inducing policies for the sake of their own political egos! To the extreme detriment to ordinary Americans. Who are NOT millionaires and must live under the GOP destructive antics if Trump is reelected?

If you consider these mainstream so-called progressives such as, for example, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian from TYT, and many others you see they always want the impractical( non-electable) perfection of a radical progressive even though it often leads to the election of a regressive Republican to the massive detriment to poor and middle-class Americans.

Look at them. They all are millionaires, belief or not or pretty close, indeed a person like a Susan Sarandon who wouldn’t vote for Hillary will NEVER lose her food stamps, or lose her Obamacare, or her section 8, or have to worry about getting her Medicare, Medicaid or social security cut and many other programs the poor and middle class will suffer when a GOP president enters the White house. No, her net worth is surely in the millions, as is Michael Moore, as is Glenn Greenwald, as is, believe it or not, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of the Radical young Turks and most others or at worse their upper-middle-class and never have to worry about being exposed to the treacherous policies of Republicans. No, they can afford with their millions in the bank to waste their vote on a radical they well know, the left of the center political base in America isn’t going to vote in office.

Part II Dem presidents have done great jobs

If we look at the recent GOP presidents and the recent Dem presidents, we can see a stark difference. Sure, the Dems aren’t 100 percent perfect progressives but compared to the destruction GOP presidents do to the average American, they are 1000 times better and the record bears this out.

look at the utter destruction of our society GOP presidents have wrought: Ronald Reagan with his tax cuts for the rich from 70 percent to about 30 percent was the beginning of the end of the great economic expansion of America after WWII and the end of the rising wages we had up until then.

Then we get Bush whose war on drugs was a war on minority peoples while at the same time under Reagan and Bush they peddled cocaine in the black community so their counter-revolution in Central America could be financed. It was called Iran-Contra.

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both performed admirably for the average American and tried to maintain that safety net Republicans always try to gut. Under Bill Clinton who raised taxes on the rich, we had an economic boom as in comparison to the weak economy under the first George Bush. Barack Obama, although not perfect, nevertheless saved the American economy and delivered on Obamacare in a grueling 8-year war with the backward Republican party. The important thing is these Dem presidents didn’t try to wreck the progress made by the Democratic, moderate and practical progressive liberalism as we know the GOP president will ALWAYS try to do as Trump has done and will continue to do.

Look at George Walker Bush, Ralph Nadar, and his ego just had to run so we had the holocaust of the Iraq war and it’s over a million dead Iraqis and thousands of US troops. As well, the 2007-8 economic depression brought on by the GOP economic philosophy under the bungling Bush.

There is no way this would have happened under Albert Gore. But no, the perfectionist wing of the progressive radicals always wants perfection to the detriment to the REAL poor, needy, and middle-class Americans, who under the GOP presidents usually elected because of “progressives” like the ones I mention who NEVER suffer like ordinary Americans.

It boils down to them being Taliban-like rigid political dogmatic irrational elitists.

In other words, put simply, they do more damage by far than any political good. They lack the simple insight of self-reflection and criticism into the reality of political exigencies. In other words, they lack political intelligence or worse--political morality.

Sure we won't have that progressive nirvana some people want since the political reality at a time doesn’t dictate an election victory for extreme progressivism we all ultimately want but we have great to good Dem candidates who, again, although aren’t perfect, are and have always fought for the social progressive programs we all benefit from that are always at risk when Dems lose because of the rigidity of a philosophy that doesn’t understand the wisdom of this timely aphorism:

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the Good!”

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