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Member since: Tue Aug 6, 2019, 12:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,316

About Me

Expat Michigander living in the middle of England.

Journal Archives

Just started my first germination since 2003

Double grape auto - sprouted!
ESL auto - still waiting…

10 weeks of nurture await. Wish me luck!
Posted by Layzeebeaver | Fri May 7, 2021, 06:16 PM (6 replies)

Michael Collins silent appreciation thread

He was an amazing person and astronaut. He was happy to play his role. He wrote a beautiful autobiography.

May our memories of him and his life’s accomplishments inspire generations to follow.

just had a blue tit smack into the back of our house (Instantly dead)

Looks like it broke its neck. It was quite a thud.

So I wrapped it up in newspaper, popped it into a ziplock, and placed it in the freezer.

Called the local taxidermy guy just out of town. £130 to mount it up.

At least the bird will have an after-life.

Need to find a nice glass dome.

Considering we counted 95 blue tit landings in an hour during the RSPB Birdwatch last season, I can suppose there is still a healthy population.

In honour of Matt Gaetz...

Presented here (and with a bit of cringe)...


The turd has left the building!!!

Time for a celebratory drink! Opening the Bollinger now...


I just bought a couple Trump website names just for the hell of it...


on the web domain registry.

cost me $24 for the next 12 months

I consider this guerrilla warfare.

Any thoughts?

UK here - ready to go...

We've got our tracking spreadsheet ready, a fresh bottle of Botanist Gin, a cracking fire on in the stove, and all our Michigan based friends connected via WhatsApp, BBC, ITV and on-line sources queued up...

We can only hope for a good evening and a good result.

Best of luck to us ALL!
Posted by Layzeebeaver | Tue Nov 3, 2020, 07:42 PM (6 replies)

Just received my Mail-in Ballot

It took 6 days to arrive here in the U.K. mailed from Birmingham, MI.

Curious if there are other Michigan ExPats voting from overseas and what postal lead-time they have seen so far.

Filling out my ballot tonight and then off to the Royal Mail tomorrow!

Human sex drug trafficking (huh?)

From Kim G. Speech.

What the hell does that mean or imply?

Did anyone else pick up on this?

Well, Postal Sorting System is broken, but...

... The Postal Inspection System seem to be working rather well.

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