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Member since: Tue Jul 16, 2019, 08:08 AM
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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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I have watched Midway 2019,

this Trump Era 3 times in the last 24hrs and for the life of me, I saw not one brown face, whether African-American cooks and/or service personnel cleaners, cleaners of captain's quarter, helping in the Mess, mopping up the puke from drunken sailors etc. Not even an honourable mention of Doris 'Dory' Miller who while untrained manned an anti-aircraft gun and fought back, he had watched and figured it out, eh? Not one Japanese-Hawaiian face either. Nor the intense racism they faced during the Pearl Harbor attack and afterwards. Yeah, yeah this was about the great American victory of the white race over those pesky Japanese at Midway. Which turned the tide of the 2nd WW and that saved America to continue it's the racist march to the present day where the POTUS is openly a racist and a mass murderer. But NOTHING ELES MATTERS except the victory in this entertainment paean to white supremacy, right? Breath. It's just entertainment, with yeah maybe a few small oversights, but just entertainment, right?

Folks after Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and a list longer than your arm of unarmed and usually innocent of any felony African-Americans murdered by modern-day lynch parties led by the badge and gun authority holder, no more will I ignore or minimize just how deeply ingrained racism is in the American culture/psyche. Folks enough of American racism and hatred now led by this POTUS that openly disrespects black and brown Americans, kidnaps brown children and cages them to be forever separated from their parents. Nothing much in the MSM these days though about that human rights violation. Whether intentional or unintentional. Unintentional mentioned, did I forget to say, because of deeply ingrained race hatred in American culture? And MSM's need to minimize the race hatred in America.


I will leave it alone, observation(s) over. Stay safe and have a good day now ya hear?

trump and the republicans are afraid

of Tik Tok, not America or the bright shining hope America has, its young voters who are AWARE AND AWAKE to the BS the republicans are shovelling

half cocked

and totally irresponsible for any POTUS much less this potus

Just a question

I failed to see Bernie Sanders or AOC at the funeral of John lLewis. Were they not invited?

herman cain and his

devotion to the republican party can be traced here and probably to other 'incidents' as well given he was a black republican following a wanna-be dictator. And yes, what that person yelled to him at that restaurant in Harlem was true. Except now he's a dead 'uncle tom' because his thin skin like his presidents' thin skin, got him killed. I won't shed a tear either.

because corporate CEO's

are mainly conservative, sometimes fascist/sociopaths like trump, I am not surprised at this article

all I know is

the reporters never follow up their questions with fact. Sure mr. president whites die at the hands of the police, but how many are killed for being in the wrong place at the right time in a so-called exclusive neighbourhood, his father lived there, with a murdering psychopath calling himself the 'neighbourhood watch' knight watchman? How many for jaywalking, sir? How many for selling one cigarette at a time on the streets and after repeatedly telling the cops, "I can't breathe" while dying in a chokehold? How many die while not resisting, unarmed with a knee on the neck for 8 to 10 minutes while repeatedly telling the police officer(s), because some store owner calls in a report of fake money being used, alleged? How many shot in the back unarmed for a busted taillight? How many 11 year old white children are shot while playing with a toy gun in some park? And shot 1.5 seconds after the police car stopped? How many after being purposefully banged around inside the metal interior of a police wagon? How many for being arrested for not using a turn signal and for basically talking back to a white police officer and being found the next morning hung in her cell?

How many generations have white families been terrorized, shot, burned, hung in American locales all over the country, the south specifically, by the 'knight riders' in their white sheets? How many white families faced 'Jim Crow' for many generations right up to this day in its many insidious and today subtle forms. How many white women are shot 10 times in a 'soft target' alleged drug raid? How many LICENSED gun-carrying white men after telling the police officer I have a weapon-gun-am armed are shot anyway? All the police officer has to tell IA is he, she was afraid for their lives and they walk after successfully pulling tee trigger...the rest of that statement I have heard. And IF dismissed, the murderer usually has been able to migrate on to other municipalities to return to the streets as a racist murderer under cover of a badge. Or back out on their city streets under cover of badge and gun after receiving a slap on the wrist reprimand?

Generation after generation all the way up to the current racist, fascist calling himself potus.

I had my problems

with the Southern Baptists when I was a religious man. They started me researching American Christianity and the history of the Native-American genocide, slavery, segregation and the term "sub-human as the Southern Baptist see African-americans specifically

I'm not going to let this part of the story

die either

found this


here's America at work providing Americans who are POC with unvarnished and open white supremacy.

Ms Taylor has rumours swirling around her murder concerning a "gentrification" project in her area

Mr Walker defending his home against a perceived threat is the same as Philando Castile.

I would like to know the racial makeup of the kill squad going after Ms Taylor.

But no matter, this is America today, yesterday and forever. And yes based on historical precedent, I can say this. African-Americans are easy targets for the racist LEO's in more ways than one.
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