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Jirel's Journal
Jirel's Journal
June 9, 2023

Happy Pride Month, Candace Owens!

For those who enjoy just a bit more schadenfreude with their morning coffee, Candace Owens just got partially demonetized by YouTube for her anti-trans videos. YouTube had previously said that misgendering did not violate its community guidelines, but it has now changed its tune.

YouTube said that it demonetized several videos on conservative pundit Candace Owens' channel for violating its monetization policies on hateful and derogatory content, which the company said may apply to instances of misgendering or deadnaming.

YouTube does not publicly list any policy on misgendering but said in a statement that it considers deliberate misgendering as potentially violative of its monetization policy on hateful conduct.

On the Candace Owens Podcast channel Monday, Owens said YouTube gave her “an option to delete every video that I’ve ever done pertaining to gender in which I have accurately gendered someone” — referring to instances in which she’s used pronouns not preferred by trans individuals. Videos in which Owens misgendered individuals were considered “hateful conduct” by YouTube, according to Owens in a segment in the episode titled ‘I Have An Announcement To Make.’


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