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Jirel's Journal
Jirel's Journal
January 15, 2020

The Robert Hyde story is important - but not for the reasons most people are talking about.

DU and social media are on fire this morning about the Robert Hyde story, talking about how the Dump administration was involved with stalking and maybe even putting a hit on Marie Yovanovich via Rethug PR guy and wannabe CT congressman Robert Hyde. Half are talking about his communications with Team Rudy, and the other half are complaining that this isn't the top story of the day. But all this chatter is missing perhaps the only ultimately important issue - the mentality of Team Rudy and, by extension Team Trump.

For the probably 3 people who haven't heard this part of the story yet, Hyde was dragged out of Trump's Doral roach motel for a psychiatric hold for 9 days in May 2019. The details can be found at:

This was likely an acute psychotic episode, shortly after his stalking and "hit job" communications with Lev Parnas in March/April 2019.

While some people are putting this together to mean that Hyde was actually having Yovanovich followed, etc., then had a breakdown, possibly fueled by his cloak and dagger misdeeds in Ukraine, this is at least somewhat outlandish. In all likelihood, Hyde was already having issues with reality 1-2 months earlier.

Of course it all needs to be investigated regardless of Occam's Razor. HOWEVER, these are the important issues that are being lost in the noise:

1. Hyde is RIGHT NOW running as a Republican for the 5th district House seat in Connecticut. He is being backed by the Rethuglican Party. Absent even knowing all the rest, the Rethugs are trying to get a dude elected who recently spent 9 days in a psych ward with paranoid delusions that the Secret Service was hacking him, and the Doral landscapers were actually there to monitor/harm him. Only after he made a much more public idiot of himself in December 2019 with a repugnant tweet about Kamala Harris, did a few Rethug politicians suggest he end his campaign. What does this say about the GOP?

2. Whether or not the information and comments Hyde was feeding to Team Rudy in March 2019 was all a fabrication of a busted brain, Team Rudy kept him on the team, and was acting at least in part through him and based on that information. Rudy is a former federal prosecutor. He know damned well that language like "They will let me know when she’s on the move… They are willing to help if you/we would like a price....Guess you can do anything in Ukraine with money… what I was told," is an invitation to commit a crime. Legitimate actors, especially ex-prosecutors, would have immediately triggered to that kind of language. An honest one would have reported the communication to the FBI and immediately cut ties. A somewhat less honest but competent one would have immediately cut him loose for being an overly talkative and incompetent goon, and told him never to contact him again... and by the way, forget the political aspirations and any help you might get from us YOU DUMBF***. That Team Rudy just kept running with this incompetent, dangerous, possibly nuts guy speaks volumes about Team Rudy, and of course Team Rudy's bosses. RUDY is the one who needs a lot more investigation.

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