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Member since: Thu Jul 11, 2019, 10:13 AM
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Romney criticizes Trump's endorsement of MTG

Republicans in disarray! IMHO, we need to focus as much attention as we can on strife within the Republican party.


Lies of a feather flock together: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s nonsense and the “big lie” of a stolen election.

Republican Jewish Coalition Statement on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Good statement.

EDIT: Adding to say that I love seeing Republican in-fighting


No organizing resolution in the Senate yet

Could someone explain why we do not have an organizing resolution in the Senate yet?


The Senate adjourns until Monday afternoon. Senate Majority Leader Schumer made no mention of any agreement with Republicans on the organizing resolution. So - GOP Senators are still in charge of committees at least into Monday.

FYI, AOC now on Twitch. About 300,000 watching :)


Interesting: Mark Zaid representing a senior Capitol Police officer

Wonder what this is about?

My firm (w/support from @wbaidlaw) is rep'ing senior @CapitolPolice official to ensure client can lawfully reveal to appropriate oversight authorities, incl Congress, all they know abt #insurrection events of Jan 6, 2021.

We look forward to working cooperatively w/agency.


Senate will likely vote today on Rand Paul's point of order on legality of impeachment

This vote will fail, but it will be very interesting to see which Republicans vote with Democrats:

The Kentucky Republican plans to raise a point of order with the Senate parliamentarian Tuesday afternoon, just moments before senators are set to be sworn in for Trump’s second impeachment trial. His attempt is certain to fail, but the final tally could foreshadow the possibility that Trump will be convicted, which requires support from two-thirds of the chamber.


Manchin apparently says he doesn't support nuclear option on organizing resolution

If this is actually true, then we have lost. The only option will be to agree to Mitch's demands that Democrats rule out the legislative filibuster for two years.


Dems have a mini-nuclear option at hand: They could end the filibuster on organizing resolutions (not the legislative filibuster) now.

says this would end McConnell's blockade.

But @Sen_JoeManchin tells me he will not agree to that either:

Here's my exchange with Sen. Manchin. He says he won't support ending the filibuster even on organizing resolutions.

I asked him about the fact that McConnell isn't letting Dems take over the majority. His answer is Schumer/McConnell have to work it out:

Even Claire McCaskill says Schumer should exercise the nuclear option now

EDIT: On Rachel Maddow's show it was announced that the Senate will move forward with adopting an organizing resolution. It appears Mitch may have caved, but we should also see what the organizing resolution says.

Original post below
Claire McCaskill is not my favorite Democrat. However she said something on Nicole's show today that I have been saying for days: Schumer should get Democrats to exercise the nuclear option on the Organizing Resolution:

The practical problem is that Chuck Schumer doesn't have 50 votes to change the rules on filibuster. He doesn't have the 50 votes. And McConnell knows it. So this is going to create an impasse until --- What I think needs to happen --- This is just my two bits. I think Chuck needs to use the nuclear option to change the rules to allow the organizing motion to be privileged, and therefore it doesn't need 60 votes, like reconciliation like a few other things. Because if Mitch McConnell is not gonna allow them even to organize the Senate, then they gotta rap him on the knuckles hard. And while they may not have the votes to blow up the filibuster right now, I think they would have the votes to let the Democrats take over the chairmanships they earned. So that to me is the way forward. In my opinion, the sooner they get at it, the better.

Two minute warning to the White House press briefing

There are many places to watch live. Here is one on YouTube:

DOJ IG will investigate attempts to alter the result of the election!

New: The DOJ inspector general's office has announced an investigation "into whether any former or current DOJ official engaged in an improper attempt to have DOJ seek to alter the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election."

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