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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
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Senate candidates keep distance from Sanders

If nominated, our Senate candidates in a majority of states will have to distance themselves from Sanders. From AZ to NC to GA and throughout the heartland- Sanders will be toxic. In fact, my guess is we will have Democrats opposing AND railing agianst Democratic socialism. That will be awkward

Where is my party? We have surrendered

As a lifelong Democrat, granted I'm only 47, and veteran of national, state and local campaigns for 25 years in the southeast, my party is at a crossroads that I fear won't recover. Moderates, especially older folks in our party are dismayed. A Democratic Socialist as our nominee, especially one that, along with his raging surrogates, have spent years disparaging our beloved party. We are not fucking Democratic socialists. 2018 and 2019 showed us that moderate candidates win races in the South and Middle America. The party is becoming coastal. Bernie Sanders and his ideas are noble, appealing to some but not realistic. His resume is laughable on a good day. Hes been running for office his entire life becoming a millionaire at the tax payer expense. He literally has no accomplishments outside politics. No career. When he wasn't running for office he was running around supporting actual socialists and being an agitatir. He objected to serving. I'll support him because I loathe Trump. However, has not goung to win a GE. As i talk to fellow operatives from Florida to GA to NC, they agree and are more worried that we will lose Seante and House races.. The over 65 demographic is gone for us. Gone. The sad thing for our party is once a Democratic Socialist is our nominee we become the face of Democratic Socialism. To think, I thought we were Democrats. Forget national polls. Sanders will get a lot of votes on the coasts. He will surrender Florida, GA, NC and AZ to Trump. He will face an immediate 700 million ad blitz that will, using his own words, paint him as an actual socialist and embolden the other side to come out in droves. Ignore my argument. I don't care. My sources are on the ground, in competitive states working thier asses off. Bernie Sanders can not win a GE and watch our Senate chances evaporate and House seats collapse. I'm saving this post and will repost the day following the election- if my party nominates a Democratic Socialist.

Bernie Sannders resume isn't very impressive.

Bernie likes to rail agianst the rich. Many of which worked, created companies and employ people. What has Bernie done? I'm unable to find any relevant career or work history. He literally has been running for office since the early 70s. He supported Socialist candidates for President on several occasions. in early 70s. Yes, actual socialists. That aside, what has he done? Is being a career politician a positive? Has he ever employed anyone? Created anything? He's worth a cool 2 million. Owns 3 homes. Has the tax payer subsidised his entire fortune? Hey thats cool but what are his accomplishments outside politics? These are all general election narratives. If I'm missing any relevant work history- please opine. I'll vote for him and support him like hell but his life will be under the microscope.

Bloomberg and Bernie

has found it easier to take over the DEM Party than run as an Independent. Quite shocking.

Those terrible billionaires some love to rail against

Jeff Bezos just committed 10 billion to address climate change. The effort will fund scientists, activists and nongovernmental organizations. In 2018 he donated 2 billion to organizations that help homeless families.

Gloves off Mike!

for weeks, our candidates have went after Mike. He has focused on Trump, gave millions to down ballot candidates and stayed above the fray. The vicious attacks have continued. Mess with the bull and get the horn. Mike has every right to now- defend himself and point out the general election problems with candidates like Sanders. Go get gem Mike

My party is on the verge

of nominating a Democratic Socialist, not a Democrat. In doing so, will lose the general election, lose house seats and forever label our party as Democratic socialists. It will be something we will pay for at the ballot box in middle America. Are we Democrats or Democratic Socialists? There is a difference. Sanders has made a living disparaging Democrats. It's about time we call him out. My guess is its about to happen ten fold. Sanders will be a electoral disaster.

Bloomberg taking shots from candidates

As he spends hundreds of millions going after Trump, helping candidates across the country, registering voters and taking on the NRA. It's sad, divisive and risky. Once the field dwindles he has every damn right to use his fortune to fight back. He hasn't but should. He's focusing on the enemy as they all should be. My guess he will eventually get sick of the sucker punches and lay several hundred million on his opponents. He has tons of opposition research on Sanders specifically.

Breakfast at VFW and primary chit chat

Small sample but telling. I had breakfast with about 40 vets this am. All over 60 and a mix of political persuasions. I'm in a rural area, 45 min west of Nashville. I conversed with 3 vets at my table. All were Democrats from way back. All 3 said they would support any candidate except Sanders. In fact, all 3 said they would write in Biden or Mayor Pete ( I found the Pete answer surprising in this rural, strongly evangelical town but they like his military service). One of the men became visibly upset when talking about Sanders. This demographic, right or wrong, associate Sanders with Cold War socialism. My guess is this opinion is widespread.

Texas Democrats worry about Sanders ticket

“Sanders is a complete disaster and Warren is a complete-disaster-lite,” said Texas-based campaign consultant Jeff Hewitt, who has been working in Democratic politics since he served on Clinton-Gore’s campaign team in the 1990s. “At the end of the day, most of us want to win.”.
" There is overall uncertainty which is growing. The real fear for Texas D’s remains Sanders," Bill Miller, a longtime Austin lobbyist who has worked with both Democrats and Republicans, said of a Sanders ticket. “'We’d be fucked' — that’s what they’re saying. The drain at the top goes down to the bottom.”
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