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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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Party meeting rural town #2

Rural county 30 min outside of Nashville. We elected some young 20 something officers tonight. 85 people showed up. Had a speaker from Atlanta, GA. Biden is popular here. Consensus is Sanders can't win. Mayor Pete had good amount of support. The gentleman from Atlanta thinks GA might be in play. It will be hard. He said Sanders absolutely would not win GA, Biden was best shot. Bloomberg wasn't brought up. Not much enthusiasm for any candidate but a lot of enthusiasm to beat Trump. Pete has an unusual amount of support given Demographics here.... until next time

A valid Bill Kristol tweet

Dear Democrats🙋‍♂️,
Just spitballing here. Maybe take a pass on the 78-year olds—a billionaire with NDAs, a socialist, and an ex-VP who’s lost a step? And maybe not the 38-year old small-city mayor or the liberal Harvard prof? Maybe the Midwesterner who resembles Dem 2018 winners?

Bernie endorsed and campaigned for an AZ

governor that lost by 20pts. A moderate AZ candidate won her Senate race by 2points. Just an idea of the non coat tails a Democratic Socialist will have in states we need in 2020.

New Quinnipiac state poll released minutes ago

Trump up by 7-11 points agianst all D's in Wisconsin. All D's up in PA by a few but Biden does best. All D's up 3-5 in Michigan. Nate Cohn thinks WI may not be competitive anymore

"The best known socialist in America"

Is a millionaire with 3 houses" . My favorite quote of The night. Add the fact that our presumptive nominee hasn't ever had a career outside of government- moderates should hammer this home. We need a Democrat representing our party. Not a man that has disparaged us for years. Pete. Biden. Amy. Mike. Someone carry they touch please before Trump gets another 4 years.

Stents for all!!

That debate was a nightmare. I saw some old men, angry, talking over people, flailing thier arms,yelling and basically taking it to each other instead of Trump. Pete is calm and steady, Warren was on point, Bloomberg can't debate and Bernie is condescending and has to stop yelling. Good night for the GOP. I'll vote for the nominee but is this all we got? Man I miss Bill and Barack

per Wasserman

"Relevant fact: in 2016, Hillary Clinton won more votes in western PA outside the city of Pittsburgh (631,120) than she won in the entire city of Philadelphia (584,025).

Yes, Dems still have plenty of room to fall in western PA...and good luck running on a fracking ban there."

Hey Mike. Don't apologize for being rich

Americans, by in large, don't hate wealthy people. If you work hard, create a business or product and become rich, that's noble. It's American. Mike Bloomberg, via his companies, employee 20,000 people. That's a lot of jobs, insurance for families and economic stimulus. Mike has employed more people than anyone on stage. Mike donates millions to 32 charities that help a variety of causes. Mike has done more to take on the NRA, register voters and help elect Democrats in tight races than anyone on that stage. It's a valid debate to ask some of the candidates what they have done, accomplished or succeeded in. Several have done very well. Others are life long career politicians that have never produced, employed or paid somonenes insurance premium. Some have literally made millions sucking off the tax payer teet. Politics aside, most Americans give credit to hard work and success. Most think life long DC insiders are the problem. So, if they go after Mike's Bloombergs wealth, My guess is he will explain his life story and Americans won't hold it agianst him. As a party that has embraced inherited wealth as with the Kennedy's- earned wealth is equally as valid. There seems to be a creeping section of our party that simply hates wealthy people. Bashing rich folks is not a winning strategy.

NPR/Marist poll 2/19

28% of Americans have a fav view of socialism. Half of Democrats have unfavorable view. Suburban voters have unfavorable view 61-22%. 1 in 5 Democrats or Independents who lean Democratic state they will not vote for anyone other than thier preferred candidate. 12% of Sanders supporters will not vote if Sanders isn't the nominee.


In 1970 we picked up seats. In 1972 we picked a left wing candidate, McGovern, to face a very unpopular President Nixon. We lost many, many seats. History will repeat itself if our party nominates Democratic Socialist
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