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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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Youth isn't turning out and that's bad for Democrats

Youth vote is terrible disappointing so far per MSNBC. Never ever put your faith you people voting.

Sanders new senior policy advisor

Philip Agnew's Twitter profile shows him wearing an "Anti Capitalist" sweater. Bernie sure knows how to pick em. These guys couldn't win a national action if you gave em Ohio as a head start.

Railing on rich folks isn't winning strategy

It has its place but it's a losing strategy. Always has been. You would be surprised how many people admire some rich folks- especially those who earned it. Sanders sounds like a broken record at times. Let's be honest. Sanders is rich. He made his fortune without ever really working for a living. He made his as a career politician via the tax payer. Now, Joe did too but Joe is talking about reasonable policy issues that are feasible given the make up of Congress and beating Trump. He isn't solely running agianst the class he and Sanders are part of. Not all wealthy people are bad. I'm seeing it first hand here in Nashvile. Sanders makes valid points about money and its control on DC but it's a losing damn message in an election.

Val Demmings for VP

Keep your eye on this woman. She's tough as nails and a popular African American congressman from a swing state- Florida. She is from a swing district in Orlando too. Her life story is one from rags to becoming Orlando's first female police chief. Her lead role in the Senate impeachment hearings was quite impressive. I dont think Biden will pick another Senator or anyone he shared the debate stage with. This woman is tough as they come and very popular in Florida. A law and order VP would be a nice contrast to the GOP ticket. She is apparently a favorite of Schumer.

Andrew Gillum says Bernie is finished in Florida

and tells David Axelrod Biden so crush him due go his Castro remarks. Let's hope Joes goes for the knockout punch in next couple of weeks. We are finished if Sanders gets the nomination. I'm growing tired of his dissing our party and leaders.

Bloomberg conversation with a Mike operative this am

Gut feeling from this guy is that Mike will drop out after Michigan, endorse Joe and offer his checkbook going forward. Mike is planning a massive ad blitz agianst Trump in summer and fall that will be separate from our nominees campaign.

Sanders/Castro 2020?

Julián Castro could add youth

In the words of James Carville

"look, Bernie needs to realize that our parties two biggest constitutes, educated women and African Americans, just arnt into him"

Biden winning AA, college educated and suburban vote

72% of black voters supported Biden in AL

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