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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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Service workers are so screwed

These people make up a large portion of our economy. The inability to work for longer than a couple weeks will be devastating. You will see food insecurity, the inability to pay utilities, rent, ect. They are hustlers. They kmow the govt isn't going to help them short-term. I know many and some are already planning on going to neighbouring states to work if it comes down to it and some will take thier kids with them. Although necessary in some areas, the idea that someone can sit at home, unpaid for a few weeks, nevermind a month is a fantasy. The economic damage coming will dwarf 2007.

There will be an airline bailout

unlike you have never seen when this subsides

Beer supply robust

You can keep your bread and pasta, I'm happy the beer supply is robust. I know a buddy that bought 14 cases. If I'm working from home I need 5-8 daily. Over months of death, destruction, rationing and economic collapse, a cold beer will be a treat

Isolation in America

I'm not optimistic after a few days of reading various posts on here. I think there is both over and under reaction to steps that should be taken or how it would work here. Hand washing, working from home, school closings, social distancing may not work. If not, then what? Do we tell everyone to stay inside and close everything for rest of year? Most of our infection clusters are in several larger metropolitan areas. Should those places be isolated and locked down now? These predictions aside, what makes us think it can even be slowed and still not simply work it's way through the population, kill lots of people and then simply be a flu like virus we have to deal with indefinitely- even after a vaccine. I'm surprised people, with means, are not fleeing hotspots like NYC and Seattle into middle America where population density is sparce. I'm not in panic mode, take proper precautions and follow my state health directives but I'm not sure I have faith in even those. The economy will be finished for years to come. When older people, especially, are able to come out of thier homes and move freely they may have nothing left financially. Self isolation while watching your nest eggs evaporate may to much to bear for some

If stores close

how do people eat, get meds, ect?

I went to gym today. - reporting as ordered

It was a YMCA in a more rural area. It was not crowded but a decent crowd. The staff were wiping down continually and I wiped before and after workouts. I kept plenty of distance from others and got a good session in. I'm working from home next two weeks, avoiding most social functions and that alone, will probably be the death of me.

Riddle me this

Why does this virus seem to be spreading so fast in first world countries? You don't hear as much about Latin America

Trump and puffy eyes

Jokes aside, he looks awful. His face is puffy. His eyes are so baggy that it's unlike anytyhing I've ever seen. The last week his face has become more bloated.. I know Presdidents age prematurely but his appearance last few days is shocking.

Coronavirus and spring

What a bad time to suffer from seasonal allergies. I commute into the city (Nashville) via bus. As usual this time of year, lots of coughing, ect on bus. In this part of country, half the city is coughing, ect. Bad timing.

Bernie thinks he is head of some revolution

He's not. He's getting steam rolled. Hey Joe - FINISH HIM
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