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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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The mental health wave

If self isolation measures continue the months my guess is there will be a huge uptick in suicides and mental health issues. Isolation is bad enough but lose of income, severe financial troubles and hopelessness will be a real problem

Justice Democrats

are not tram players. I have zero respect for any of them. They are not Democrats

infectious disease expert on MSNBC

Michael T. Osterholm is an American public-health scientist and a biosecurity and infectious-disease expert. He just said this will go into next year and without a vaccine, we will probably have to adjust lour lives to it. He said you can't simply shut down major cities for 6 months. He said it will flare up in various places and in different parts of country and have to be addressed as such. He did say they feel immunity will eventually build to it and it could become seasonal like flu.

My bet is there will be a virus treatment before a vaccine

For those saying this will last 6 plus months

if your right, there will not be an election in Nov. If there is, turnout will be low, it will be riddled with lawsuits and probably end up in courts.

close schools and kids are out and about

I'm wondering if it's a wash. If you think these kids are at home, with parents, baking cookies, just waiting it out like a Norman Rockwell painting- your wrong

As I self isolate and read apocalyptic posts,,,

How about some optimistic damn facts. There are 380 million people in America. The overwhelming majority won't die in the hallway of an overcrowded hospital. Right now, cases are still low enough we could fit them in a high school gym. We will come out of this. Yes, economic harm will be very bad but we will survive with our health. Nothing is guareented in life and if you come out a bit less financially secure- that's a blessing in itself. Now, I'm not downplaying the virus. Hell.....I'm self isolating myself but in a week where it's doom, gloom and Armageddon we can always put things in perspective.

Chinese wet markets

Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious diseases. He has said for decades that most of these viruses can be traced back to Chinese wet markets.

What if we can't slow it?

Will it simply pass through the population, kill alot of people and remain around until immunities make it less transmissible and fatal as in the flu? Who days we will be able to slow it?

Wal Mart this am waa not bad. Supplies were ok.

Gym wasn't crowded so social distancing was easy. Now, I " work from home" --- aka, vacation.
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